Empowering Teens to Be Their Best

That’s right folks…you are half way through your kids’ summer season of freedom. And for you high school senior parents, you know what that means…about $300 on senior pictures for your kids, PLUS prints! That’s okay though, I have you covered!

I am adding a new component to my photography business. I am now offering a teen empowerment program. Discover your inner beauty. Unleash your Awesome. (Yeah, I’m still working on the tag line).

Recently I was reading yet another article about photoshopping and body sculpture editing in magazines, etc. etc. from Darling Magazine when I started remembering what it was like growing up. {Oh and for the record, that is definitely not me below}

darling magazine-photoshop-too far
Image courtesy of Darling Magazine

I was always the weird, almost-fat-but-not-quite-skinny girl from age 5 until probably 16 or so.  I started coming into my “own” around 15 and still to this day have some issues I should probably “talk to someone” about but I’ve grown from all of it. Its made me the person I am today. I remember constantly looking to others forms to admire and always feeling second best.

Then at 15 I begged and pleaded for my parents to send me to modeling school.  Oh yeah, you’d better believe it! Let me tell you, after 6 weeks of my dad driving me to Tampa (an hour away from my lovely little Sarasota) every Saturday I was suddenly finding myself, my beauty DID exist. I wasn’t actually the girl who would never be ANYMORE, I was the girl who shined, had confidence.  That kind of empowerment was amazing.  Suddenly I wasn’t scared of anyone with a sidelong glance. I could talk to boys without throwing up, I could go shopping without feeling like I wasn’t good enough for the fun stuff! I learned so much in that six weeks!

  • Posing beauty headshots and full length for a camera
  • How to “find the light”
  • Runway walk
  • Apply makeup tastefully
  • Communicate succinctly

All of these little things led to me embracing me talents and learning so much more about myself.  You tend to dismiss a lot of yourself when you have those blinders.  When you take them off…The world is host to so much more!

Skip ahead a few years – I would like to incorporate a teen beauty program with 828.  A beauty program that empowers young women to embrace their flaws and differences. Not shield them from the world.  As with that picture above, I find the woman on the left so much more intriguing and fresh and beautiful than the Barbie doll someone made her on the right (YES! That is the SAME person!). I would actually recognize her as a woman with character whereas her Barbie version looks like just another doll. I am glad these young teen girls are standing up against the popular magazines.  It means that girls today are smarter than we were. That they’ve recognized that what they read and look at and aspire to each day is false and they are doing something about it. They make me proud to be a woman, for the women they are becoming. Bravo ladies. Bravo.

So keep your eyes peeled and check in often while I build that beauty baby. Be sure this blog will be the place to be.

In the meantime, I’m gearing up for on site senior portraits this fall. Normally $200, but if you mention this blog post only $150 for the session fee, and includes an 8×10 and 10 edited images from the session. Remember, school starts in just six weeks!


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