Christy’s Bridal Photography Session {Asheville, NC}

The newly married Christy S. is the most un-bride bride, arguably ever! When organizing her vendors for her wedding her main goal was to just be done and get on with the wedding! Then, a few weeks before her wedding, she realized that maybe she should do something extra sweet for her parents for the occasion. This is when she found me, through a mutual friend and we decided to shoot some bridal portraits for her family. Her (now) husband is originally from Sarasota, Florida too! My old stomping grounds so of course, I call it kismet!

Since she and her husband were trying to adhere to the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride, in full regalia before the wedding we even had to be a little sneaky but we made it happen! The day she was doing her trial hair and makeup run (via Beauty Parade in West Asheville) two weeks before the big day, she and I met up at downtown Asheville’s Grove Arcade and wandered around taking pictures. Everything from a really beautiful full length pose with trees to a really cute image at an ice cream cafe.

I had a ton of fun with you Christy!!! Congratulations on your Wedding!!!!

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It’s Like She’d Never Been Out on a Weekend Before {Asheville Photography}

We wandered amongst the movers and shakers of Asheville’s social and creative elite as though we were supposed to be there. the turnout for the citizen times scene launch partyThe Asheville Scene launch party. My camera seemed to stay steady and light in my hands (which I was more than thankful for) and B and I moved throughout the rest of the evening enjoying downtown Asheville they way most people do on any given Friday. It was exciting and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Wandering around downtown Asheville felt like I was misbehaving somehow. We left the launch party and found ourselves a few stories above street level enjoying a glass of wine at the Sky Bar. What a GREAT bar. I don’t know why I don’t schedule meetings there more often. Every table is intimate, the views are amazing. It was terrific!young man portrait at sky bar in asheville


Following the Sky Bar we hopped to a couple places before we finally landed at the Emerald Lounge.

E-Lo was like a reunion. A bar I managed had a long running Open Mic night for probably 3 years every Tuesday. It was my favorite night to work. If I could turn back time and only bartend one night a week, I would in a heart beat! The room was always full of friends in music and craft beer and whiskey and…Black Shiny Shoes. E-Lo was full of almost every one of those cats! And most of them were playing the show that night. Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work and Johnson’s Crossroad. I was sad we missed Johnson’s Crossroad but got there just in time to get this image and realize I should put my camera away.

Thank You Asheville. I had a lovely evening!

You can find a gallery for the images from the Asheville Scene Launch Party at Image Asheville’s official website.