WNC Artisans Abound!

I had the pleasure of shooting for a local artisan here in WNC yesterday afternoon. She had invited several of her girlfriends over for wine and to maybe even model her wares. While some women were reluctant at first we ended up convincing them it was for the greater good of the beautiful handmade items she wanted to have photographed. Great job ladies!!!

They’re beautiful Barbara! I hope your show goes wonderfully this weekend!

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What kinds of Women DO Boudoir Photography? {Asheville NC}

What kind of a woman DOES a boudoir photography session?

I always find it a bit like a secret education when a client asks me that question. The answer is simpler than you think it is. The answer is, “Women”. Now before you get upset at such a broad response let’s take a look at the types of women that book their boudoir session with me:

  • Young Professionals: Young women in their late 20’s and early 30’s with a career path that want to get their extra sexy sultry selves in pictures while they are in their prime.
  • Brides: Usually as their private bridal gift to their husband-to-be (Always well received)
  • Mothers: At any age, mothers can always, I repeat ALWAYS use an afternoon where they are taking care of themselves instead of anyone else. Being a mother is certainly a rewarding experience however, find me one that doesn’t spend the majority of her waking time taking care of everyone but herself. Go ahead, I’ll wait here while you flip through your mental rolodex. Maybe your friend was always the super hot, always put together, never-a-hair-out-of-place kind of gal. Then she got married, had a child (or two) and now when you see her you can’t quite put your finger on it but something is different. Oh yeah, she has gotten less than 5 hours of sleep every night over the last year, shes in her tracksuit and has a backpack for a purse. These women shine the absolute brightest and all it takes is a few hours, pampering by professionals and maybe a glass of wine. 🙂
  • Any woman in need of a confidence booster. Any. Whether you are 25 or 55, curvy or thin, sometimes ladies, sometimes we just a need a little attention and some solid proof that we are vibrant and alive.

Ladies, glamour is glamour is glamour is glamour. The boudoir experience IS the means to the end result. I must admit, I have never, NEVER had an unsatisfied boudoir client. Almost every woman comes in, a little nervous and unsure of herself and we get her into hair and makeup and she relaxes a little but is still a little unsure of what to expect. Once we are in to her second outfit for the shoot she is feelin’ great! Once we are finished with the session, she’s getting back into her regular wardrobe and standing taller and her smile beams! Most women email a time or two throughout the week while I’m editing film just to check in on their photography. They’re already so nervous and excited waiting for their boudoir photography package seems like a million years! So ladies, I ask you what woman does NOT want to feel like a supermodel? Aren’t you worth a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to feel like a million bucks?

Lake Lure Inn and Spa – A Goal for this Wedding Photographer {Asheville NC}

I have been researching local wedding venues…Oh dear. Let me first just remind you, interweb reader how amazing the Asheville area truly is! There are so many wonderfully romantic, beautifully lit wedding venues here. Indoor, outdoor, farm, luxury, we have it all nestled here in these Blue Ridge mountains. One I have come across in particularly is the Lake Lure Inn and Spa.

wedding venue-lake lure inn and spa
Image courtesy of LLI&S official website

As it was built in 1927, their mission seems to fit with the time period of the estate itself. Seems to hold that grace and integrity oftentimes over-looked with newer venues. You see, one of the things vendors (at least I do anyhow) try to ingrain in their bridal clients is not only do we want to help you realize your vision for your wedding day but also, give you YOUR day alongside a memorable and romantic event. Lake Lure Inn and Spa wants to ensure that not only are they looking forward to the event itself, but they are your partner from day one. That really chimes with me (insert bells here).

You see, because Western North Carolina is such a wonderful destination location for weddings it also give newly engaged couples MANY options. From coordinators, to florists, bakeries, wedding photographers and venues. So much so that it can be quite overwhelming. As it is your wedding, you really need each of your vendors to extend themselves into being available for more than just signing on the dotted line and treating you like cattle. YOU are the reason we are in business. Right from their home page, their offer to you (the bride/groom) is this: “Here at the Inn, we believe that every Bride should be given the personalized attention that she deserves, not only on her special day, but throughout the entire planning process.  Our Event Managers understand the intricacies involved in organizing a Wedding, and would like the opportunity to show you what makes the Inn and our attentive staff so distinct.” 

That paragraph alone had me sold! Let alone their website images…just breathtaking! Please, take a click on over to their site. Look around! They might just be the perfect fit for your special day! I know I am looking forward to shooting there soon enough!!

With Love & Beautiful Views!

xoxo Cat

NC Mountain State Fair & lil Love to Boot! {Asheville NC}

Mitch and Jake are two of my most favorite people in Asheville! We’ve been friends for a long time and when we decided to enjoy the NC Mountain State Fair I couldn’t pick a better venue for their portraits! They’re both full of life, humor, a little whimsy and fun! Here are a few images from our jaunt to the Western NC Ag Center.


Holiday Boudoir Photography {Marathon, Asheville NC}

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a supermodel?

Well now is your chance! On Sunday November 11th, 2012, I will be hosting a day of boudoir photography sessions. Surprise that special someone in your life (holiday gift perhaps?) with an album that is meant for their eyes only. I guarantee they will love it and will consider it the best present ever!

Follow my Pinterest to see what kind of boudoir inspires my boudoir photography

Your boudoir photography session will begin with the complete pampering session of professional makeup application and hair styling. You’ll probably want to make plans to go out that night because you will look absolutely gorgeous after these designers work their magic!

Your boudoir photography session will take place at a posh Asheville hotel suite (details to come upon reservation) and includes up to 3 outfit changes. Bring 3 of your favorite sexy outfits, lots of accessories including high heels and jewelry. You can get as creative as you want and bring props such as a guitar, cowgirls boots and cowgirl hat, masks, etc. Whatever you would like!

There are 3 packages available for your session:

Package I: $325.00 – 1.5hour session, Pro Hair & MUA (Makeup Artist), 1-8×10″ print, 10 professionally edited digital images at web resolution and a password protected online gallery (for ease of sharing with friends and family, should you so desire)

Package II: $400.00 – 1.5hour session, Pro hair & mua, 1-11×14″ print, 1 mini album, 15 images at web resolution and a password protected online gallery (for ease of sharing)

Package III: $525.00 – 1.5hour session, pro hair & mua, 1-11×14″ print, 1-mini album, 20 edited images at web resolution AND the same images also included at high resolution with a personal printing license to reproduce these images up to 5×7″

The investment is payable via paypal to Cat@Studio-828.com

To book your session, email me at cat@studio-828.com or book online from my website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Boudoir FAQ

1. Do you retouch/airbrush the photos?
Yes. Every single photo that you order or that is in your product (album, prints, etc) will be retouched and edited. None of us are perfect, and we could all use a little help! The faces that appear on the cover of magazines all have retouching. Believe me, now that I know how to use Photoshop, I don’t look at magazines the same anymore. In real life those women look just like us, blemishes and all!

2. All of the women I see in boudoir photos look so perfect and skinny. I am not skinny or perfect in any way and I’m worried my pictures won’t look that great.
Just as I said above, no woman is perfect outside of the Photoshop world. I shoot women of ALL shapes, ALL sizes and ALL ages. Boudoir is truly for everyone. Every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in it’s own way and when you walk into your boudoir session, you’ll begin to feel like the supermodel you truly are. So whether you are young and in the best shape of your life, have had a baby and have stretch marks, or are seeing places starting to sag, a boudoir session is for you. You will feel amazing afterwards!

3. I’m so nervous and have no idea how to pose for these types of photos! Help! 
I will guide you every step of the way. I don’t expect you to know how to pose and how to position yourself. I will tell you exactly what to do, where to look, where to place your body and what expression to give me. You will not ever be left hanging and I promise you will have SO MUCH FUN. Every woman walks in nervous and walks out feeling confident and beautiful! The most common line I hear is “That wasn’t so bad! I actually had a blast!”

4. Do you have any tips/advice on on what lingerie I should bring?
There are so many styles of lingerie out there. Depending on your style and taste, the sky is truly the limit on what you decide to wear for your boudoir session. If I had to recommend one thing that flatters all body types it would be corsets. And always wear heels! Overall I just recommend bringing the type of lingerie that your man will like the most.

5. Do I really need to get my hair and makeup done?
Yes, absolutely! It looks stunning in the photos and it will help you feel your best – which will result in better photos.Part of your investment includes having these professional hair and makeup artists on site and if I were you I would plan on going out afterwards because you will look and feel amazing!

6. How many photos will I receive?

That depends on the package you choose. Your photos will be posted in a password protected online gallery. You will then choose your complimentary 8×10 print of your favorite shot. These images can be turned into additional prints, a custom designed album or you can purchase the ability to download all of the photos from your gallery.

7. How long will it be before I get to see the gallery?

Editing images from these marathons can be somewhat daunting however you can expect to receive the link to your gallery within 7-10 days of the shoot and an prints you order within 14 days of the order. I am offering a 10% discount on print credits for any prints or merchandise ordered within 48 hours of your initial gallery invitation.

8. Will you be posting my almost naked self up on your website or blog? Don’t know if I am comfortable with that…

You do not have to worry one little bit. I respect each and every one of my clients and would not dream of posting their boudoir images without a model’s release.

Thank you so much for checking out the Boudoir page here on the blog! I’m really excited about November and I cannot imagine a better gift for your special someone!!!

Much Love & Lingerie,

xoxo ~ Cat

Wedding Season 2013 for Sarasota Florida!! Woo Hoo!

Autumn is right around the corner, I can feel it. Yes, it is still quite warm outside, the ac is still on but the leaves from my silver Maple are already falling in my front yard. “Crunch, crunch, crunch…” as I walk. On her way…it is very exciting.

This also calls for the tail end of the wedding season here in Asheville, North Carolina and (drum roll please) where I amp up my contacts with new photographers and wedding planners in southwest Florida so that I may participate in some weddings on my favorite beaches and waterfront homes (can you say Ringling Museum or Crosley Manchine? Siesta Key?) in Sarasota Florida and of course, the surrounding areas.

When I discuss these plans with my family we all get a little giddy. Normally, I may get an opportunity to go home briefly once every couple of years however this coming year is a bit different. Of course, as a photographer and one who LOVES to travel you make yourself available whether it is in your home state of NC or perhaps Las Vegas or even Morocco! Can you imagine the photographic adventure? Oh MY! However, those lovely travelling wedding clients can be few and very far between. They are, shall we say a very special, select group of clientele. Most people in today’s wedding market are highly budget conscious and find it simpler to hire a photographer who KNOWS the venues and area they are marrying in. Of Course there are advantages to hiring a local! {That is for another blog post I think.} My point is, in adding Florida (and maybe even Georgia) to my regular stomping grounds I am not only helping to enrich a wedding experience for my clients with my perspective and artisnal craft but I am doubling my own quality of life and extending my regular service area.

So, if you know of anyone planning to marry in southwestern Florida (Sarasota, Naples, Tampa, St Petersburg, etc.) feel free to pass on my information – 828-275-9932. I am offering some really great discounts on the first five Floridian weddings booked in 2013! $1000.00 for 4 hours of coverage and a personal printing license on images up to 5×7″ but that can only be applied to the first FIVE contracts signed for Floridian weddings in 2013!

And by the way, Thank you for keeping up with the blog posts!

Wedding Bells in Asheville and Sarasota!!!