Wedding Season 2013 for Sarasota Florida!! Woo Hoo!

Autumn is right around the corner, I can feel it. Yes, it is still quite warm outside, the ac is still on but the leaves from my silver Maple are already falling in my front yard. “Crunch, crunch, crunch…” as I walk. On her way…it is very exciting.

This also calls for the tail end of the wedding season here in Asheville, North Carolina and (drum roll please) where I amp up my contacts with new photographers and wedding planners in southwest Florida so that I may participate in some weddings on my favorite beaches and waterfront homes (can you say Ringling Museum or Crosley Manchine? Siesta Key?) in Sarasota Florida and of course, the surrounding areas.

When I discuss these plans with my family we all get a little giddy. Normally, I may get an opportunity to go home briefly once every couple of years however this coming year is a bit different. Of course, as a photographer and one who LOVES to travel you make yourself available whether it is in your home state of NC or perhaps Las Vegas or even Morocco! Can you imagine the photographic adventure? Oh MY! However, those lovely travelling wedding clients can be few and very far between. They are, shall we say a very special, select group of clientele. Most people in today’s wedding market are highly budget conscious and find it simpler to hire a photographer who KNOWS the venues and area they are marrying in. Of Course there are advantages to hiring a local! {That is for another blog post I think.} My point is, in adding Florida (and maybe even Georgia) to my regular stomping grounds I am not only helping to enrich a wedding experience for my clients with my perspective and artisnal craft but I am doubling my own quality of life and extending my regular service area.

So, if you know of anyone planning to marry in southwestern Florida (Sarasota, Naples, Tampa, St Petersburg, etc.) feel free to pass on my information – 828-275-9932. I am offering some really great discounts on the first five Floridian weddings booked in 2013! $1000.00 for 4 hours of coverage and a personal printing license on images up to 5×7″ but that can only be applied to the first FIVE contracts signed for Floridian weddings in 2013!

And by the way, Thank you for keeping up with the blog posts!

Wedding Bells in Asheville and Sarasota!!!



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