What kinds of Women DO Boudoir Photography? {Asheville NC}

What kind of a woman DOES a boudoir photography session?

I always find it a bit like a secret education when a client asks me that question. The answer is simpler than you think it is. The answer is, “Women”. Now before you get upset at such a broad response let’s take a look at the types of women that book their boudoir session with me:

  • Young Professionals: Young women in their late 20’s and early 30’s with a career path that want to get their extra sexy sultry selves in pictures while they are in their prime.
  • Brides: Usually as their private bridal gift to their husband-to-be (Always well received)
  • Mothers: At any age, mothers can always, I repeat ALWAYS use an afternoon where they are taking care of themselves instead of anyone else. Being a mother is certainly a rewarding experience however, find me one that doesn’t spend the majority of her waking time taking care of everyone but herself. Go ahead, I’ll wait here while you flip through your mental rolodex. Maybe your friend was always the super hot, always put together, never-a-hair-out-of-place kind of gal. Then she got married, had a child (or two) and now when you see her you can’t quite put your finger on it but something is different. Oh yeah, she has gotten less than 5 hours of sleep every night over the last year, shes in her tracksuit and has a backpack for a purse. These women shine the absolute brightest and all it takes is a few hours, pampering by professionals and maybe a glass of wine. 🙂
  • Any woman in need of a confidence booster. Any. Whether you are 25 or 55, curvy or thin, sometimes ladies, sometimes we just a need a little attention and some solid proof that we are vibrant and alive.

Ladies, glamour is glamour is glamour is glamour. The boudoir experience IS the means to the end result. I must admit, I have never, NEVER had an unsatisfied boudoir client. Almost every woman comes in, a little nervous and unsure of herself and we get her into hair and makeup and she relaxes a little but is still a little unsure of what to expect. Once we are in to her second outfit for the shoot she is feelin’ great! Once we are finished with the session, she’s getting back into her regular wardrobe and standing taller and her smile beams! Most women email a time or two throughout the week while I’m editing film just to check in on their photography. They’re already so nervous and excited waiting for their boudoir photography package seems like a million years! So ladies, I ask you what woman does NOT want to feel like a supermodel? Aren’t you worth a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to feel like a million bucks?


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