Free Beauty Appointments for Cancer Survivors!

Ooooh what a great way to start my Monday!!! I have made a wonderful connection here in Asheville and just have to share it! I have met one Ms. Katie Fisher, a stylist from Aubergine Salon in downtown Asheville. We connected via a group on the one and only facebook and she was reaching out to run a promotion for pampering sessions with breast cancer survivors. I immediately reached out to see if we might team up!

If you have read the Studio 828 Pay it Forward campaign, you already know that I offer free mini portrait sessions to cancer survivors so why not team up with another member of the community to really make a difference?! I can’t think of a reason not too. At any rate, we met up this morning at a great local coffee shop, The Dripolator (one of my faves!) to iron out the details.

“What are the deets, Cat?”

So glad you asked!!! We are offering beauty appointments with a haircut and makeup application alongside a free mini portrait session on Mondays. Originally we had discussed booking these appointments during the month of October (breast cancer awareness month) but after talking decided that we should just make it a Monday thing! Sure, October needs the recognition to help bring that awareness to every community but that certainly doesn’t mean that those recovering in March shouldn’t have the same opportunity to feel great about themselves!

So, if you are interested or know of someone who is a survivor and could really use a boost to remind them of how they really are amazing, get in touch!!!

Katie Fisher ~ Aubergine Salon (828) 484-9112

  • Aubergine Salon – 32 Broadway Street, Suite #240 Asheville,N.C 28801


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