Athena’s Nightclub, Studio 828 Photography and Belvedere Vodka Walked Into A Bar…

On Thursday I was asked to cover a Belvedere vodka sponsored annual bash at Athena’s in downtown Asheville! I have only seen a small handful of parties with such a well dressed guest list. Here are a few highlights! Do you have a photographer for your holiday or New Year’s party? Get in touch, a few dates are still available in December.

Hey, That's ME on the left!
Hey, That’s ME on the left!

belvedere-nightlife in avlasheville-nightlife-athena's-downtownathena's-belvedere vodka-asheville-eventchris davis-asheville-athena's-birthday bashgourmet hors de vours-asheville chefsathena's-danceclub-belvedere vodka-asheville partyathena's asheville-birthday bash-nightlifebelvedere vodka-athena's-athena cermak-corporate event photography

sabrina sprinkle-michelle ventura-asheville-athena's nightclub-belvedere vodka


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