Holiday Gift Tip for the Gentlemen {Sarasota Boudoir Photography}

Are women my target market? Absolutely. Does that mean I should exclude the gents? Absolutely NOT! Guys…are you having trouble finding that perfect gift for your best gal? Your wife? I’ve got your back. Sure, we all love jewelry, of COURSE we do we are women after all. What else is there? You got her heart-shaped everything for last Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s AND her birthday! Enough already!!!

Sarasota Boudoir Event Advertisement
Limited Appointments available. Email for your appointment today.

How about treating your leading lady to a Boudoir Photography Experience?  The Femme Frames.

“Hmm Cat, I don’t know…”

It is a win win guys!

“How’s that?”

Simply put, for this holiday treat her to a real experience. A boudoir photography experience in Sarasota provides her with:

  • a supermodel afternoon
  • pampering in an upscale hotel suite in Sarasota
  • professional hair and makeup application
  • a professional photography session so that SHE is the Star!
  • reminding her how sexy, amazing and powerful she is! Let’s reignite her confidence! Maybe her confidence has been  lacking a bit because the holidays are running her over like a train? the kids have been insane-o-town? she’s working two jobs? (insert any number of reasons here)

Maybe you need a few reasons why it might be a good idea for the experience to be FROM you?

  • Perhaps you’d like a few sultry images of her by Valentine’s Day (See, your holiday gift keeps on giving!)
  • What might the reaction be from her towards you knowing you gave her such an amazing and empowering experience? (I’ll let you ruminate on that one for a minute)
  • Wrapping this gift is easy…Her appointment card fits in an envelope

Guys, go ahead make an appointment for her. There are only a few left as it is an extremely exclusive event. Feel free to check out a few images and the details for the boudoir photography event in Sarasota here. Email Cat to snag Your woman a spot on January 20th, 2013.


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