Happy Engagement Season!!! {Engagement Photography Session Contest, Asheville NC}

All the new year.  While everyone is jumping into their resolutions, cleaning up from the holidays and panicking over their credit card bills…it is ALSO Engagement season. The majority of wedding engagements happen over the holiday season. So…to kick off engagement season, Studio 828 Photography is offering a contest! YAY Contests!

The Prize: FREE Engagement Session

“Oh My Gosh! My boyfriend and I/my best friends just got engaged!” What a great idea!

OK Cat, so how does this work?

Phase One

  1. Leave the most romantic engagement story in the comments section of the blog below, tell me why YOU should win! Feel free to send me pictures, the whole nine yards (Cat@Studio-828.com)
  2. Go over and LIKE the Studio 828 Photography Facebook Page – it’s cool, the facebook page won’t bite you
  3. Share the facebook page on your facebook wall telling everyone on your friends list that you’re trying to WIN a FREE Engagement photography session and they should like the page too

Phase Two

  1. On January 12th, I’ll choose the top 3 favorite engagement stories (YAY! Romance!) and post them here on the blog
  2. We will collect votes (via the comments section on the blog) until Saturday January 19th. This means that everyone should blog, tweet, instagram and facebook to rally your friends and family to vote!
  3. The winners will be announced January 21st to win the FREE Engagement Photography session here in Asheville THIS Spring!

OK…so let’s get this show on the road! Did you get engaged over the holidays? Looking for a photographer to handle your engagement pictures? Let the world know! ENTER the contest!!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Engagement Season!!! {Engagement Photography Session Contest, Asheville NC}

  1. Oh my goodness! Well, I had extended the contest a couple of weeks to entice more of you lovely newly engaged couples! As it happens Ken & Sara are the winners! (insert happy, magical, triumphant music here!) Congratulations K&S! I’ll be in touch to discuss the logistics and everyone, keep your eyes peeled for the great images we put together on our session!!!

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