The Femme Frames Valentine’s Boudoir in Asheville {Asheville Boudoir Photography}

Hello ladies! Boy! My inbox has been all a flutter for Valentine’s Day events! OK, so the Sarasota event is January 20th which I am crazy excited for! Spending a week at the beach? I mean, ensuring amazing luxury experiences for each and every one of my beautiful clients!!! haha! In all seriousness though, for you lovely Blue Ridge mountain ladies, I have a situation that only YOU can address…

Currently the next Femme Frames event scheduled for Asheville is February 24th. However, I’ve noticed a LOT of traffic here on the  blog and have had a few inquiries for a boudoir event so that you lovelies can have your albums and prints to use as Valentine’s gifts. Hey, I’m game if you are!!! How does January 27th sound?

Sooooo, if you ARE interested in booking a Femme Frames appointment, please DO email as soon as possible so that I can lineup my team and reserve a suite at one of our exclusive luxury hotels here in Asheville. Let’s get pretty!!!

Studio 828 Photography Boudoir Website

necktie boudoir-asheville-valentines day boudoir photography-asheville


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