Thoughtful, Loving & Inspiring {Portrait Photography in Savannah, Georgia}

So, my Mother is kind of amazing. No really! Just bear with me…I was a pretty terrible kid growing up and, by terrible I mean…well I won’t bore you with the details. We’ll just say I was a “difficult child”. Anyhow, she has been more than supportive of me and my endeavors to branch out into entrepreneurship. I might even dare to say she is even proud. So, when she asked if I might take pictures of her…how COULDN”T I?

A little to know about my Mom. She isn’t your typical 9-5’er. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of our paths as adults. Career choices, who we choose to spend our lives with, and so on and so forth. Up until a few years ago I just assumed her choices were the same as the rest of the world. Job to make money, raise her kids, pay the mortgage, etc.

One day I had a slight epiphany.

My mother doesn’t do much of anything without her participation having some kind of purpose. Over the years she has been an oncology nurse, a grief counselor, and a minister to name a few. Not to mention she raised my brothers and I and is now a grandmother to my brother’s three terrific kids .

Anyhow, I would like to honor her now. Right here in this post. For all of her efforts in raising me, for all of the difficult decisions she has had to make over the years, for how much faith she has in me and in life. Thank you for bringing so much light to us all Mom! I love you!

black and white beauty headshot-portrait-savannah glamour
thoughtful portrait-church grandmothers are beautiful geri nelson-i love my church-mom-grandmother st thomas church-isle of hope-sitting in prayer minister portrait-in thought savannah portrait-prayer-deacon st thomas chapel-isle of hope-spiritual portrait dancing-backyard pictures


One thought on “Thoughtful, Loving & Inspiring {Portrait Photography in Savannah, Georgia}

  1. I am quite overwhelmed. Thank you, my precious daughter! I wish I had been all those lovely things you have said about me – humbling to say the least. And thank you for leaving out the darker side of me! You are right about one important thing – I do love life and have faith that all shall be well. I have the most amazing children, and grandchildren. My daughter and two sons have grown into strong, intelligent, kind and generous adults – in spite of the challenges along the way of having such parents as we!

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