Looking for 828 Senior Brand Ambassadors {Asheville and Sarasota Senior Photography}

Studio 828 Photography is on the search for upcoming seniors of 2014 & 2015 in WNC & southwest Florida. Are you a good fit?

“What is a Senior Brand Ambassador?”

  • Male or Female Student of all shapes, sizes, nationalities, and interests
  • a student living in Asheville and Sarasota metro areas
  • A high school junior or senior that can represent Studio 828 Photography to their peers
  • a student actively involved not only in school but in extra curricular activities and their community
  • someone with an active facebook account
  • someone with character and outgoing personality to represent Studio 828 Photography with their classmates and peers

“What are some of the benefits of being a Studio 828 Photography brand ambassador?”

  • Senior models participate in up to 2 on location photo shoots, for free
  • 828 SBA models receiveĀ discounts and other incentives towards their senior print collections
  • 828 SBA models also receive designer model cards with images from their modeling session(s), to distribute among their friends and peers. For every model card redeemed 828 SBA models receive credit towards their print collection and cash (cold hard cash, ladies and gentlemen)
  • 828 SBA models receive digital images for email sharing and facebook posting to promote Studio 828 Photography

“How does Studio 828 Photography make their selection of ambassadors?”

  • personality, personality, personality!
  • participation in extra curricular activities and clubs
  • how eager the candidate is to BE an ambassador & spread the word about Studio 828 Photography
  • how much the candidate appreciates the 828 Style of photography

This program is pretty great! Our ambassadors gain experience in modeling, how to pose, help their parents with a break in the cost of their Senior photography print collections, earn extra money for themselves, and have a lot of fun! Fill out the form below. Tell us why you are the perfect, crazy awesome best ambassador Studio 828 could choose! We will be in touch!!!! You can also email Cat@Studio-828.com to answer the same information, ask any additional questions you might have, or pass along to your parents should they have any questions also.

By submitting this information you agree:

  • that your parents will be contacted
  • that a parent MUST be in attendance for each photo shoot
  • that all credits earned will go towards your final Senior print collection with Studio 828 Photography

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