Wedding Photography Special {Asheville Wedding Photography}

Ladies and Gentlemen…We are in the thick of engagement season here in Asheville, North Carolina. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…Ladies…are you ready to tell Beyonce’ he DID put a ring on it?! I thought you might be. So, in the spirit of Cupid Studio 828 Photography is offering  newly engaged couples a 50% discount on our wedding packages.

“What? Cat, did you just say HALF OFF?”

You bet your bippee I did!

Go ahead, head over to the Studio 828 Photography website. Take a look around. There are portrait and wedding galleries a page dedicated to frequently asked questions, a page dedicated to my boudoir events (brown chicken brown cow!) and more. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions or to see if your wedding day is available on our calendar. I love documenting your wedding. The laughter, the tears, the kisses…incorporating architecture into each of those special moments…

We will honor all contracts booked before March 1st at these discounted rates. Happy Marrying!!!




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