Giroux Family Photos {Asheville Family Photographer}

Studio 828 Photography had her one year anniversary in March. This of course had me pretty excited! You know what else had me jumping up and down? When my very first clients called on me to do their annual family pictures!!!

Megan called on me and we discussed how she wanted something a little different from the setting we had last year (At Fletcher Park in South Asheville) and we decided upon shooting at City Plaza downtown. Laila had plenty of room to run and play (yep…she’s running and movin and groovin!), we had a few tree settings and the beautiful new stage and auditorium to shoot with also and the list goes on.  In other words, plenty of options!

Laila was too fun (and fast!). Of course this year, she was a little more cautious of me than last year (she loved her some Cat last year) but we had fun. She even did her Shaun T jumps and a little planking with Mom at the end of the session. By the way, if you are thinking of amping up your exercise routine and eating a bit healthier, Megan is your Go To Girl! She is a personal coach with Beachbody and has access to amazing workouts, great recipe tips and is quite friendly. She won’t just sell you something and leave you to figure it out on your own. Go ahead, get in touch! She’ll be right there with you with motivation and she’ll hold you accountable when you fall a little behind.

OK, without further adieu, the Giroux family!

Laila gets very excited when you even mention Shaun T. She loves working out with Mom & Dad...even at TWO!
Laila gets very excited when you even mention Shaun T. She loves working out with Mom & Dad…even at TWO!

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Laila from our first shoot in the Spring of 2012
Laila from our first shoot in the Spring of 2012



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One thought on “Giroux Family Photos {Asheville Family Photographer}

  1. Cat- Thank you. You’re so sweet and this just had my eyes swelling a little. You are by far our favorite photographer and we are honored to be able to have you help us create family memories. Anyone who works with you will beyond blessed with your great work! Xo Meg

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