Emerson’s FIRST Birthday {Asheville Family Photographer}

Can I just take a moment to mention how it just makes my heart smile when I see that people actually VALUE photography? I don’t say that to raise anyone’s ire, or even toot my own horn, but to point out how in most cases photography is considered a luxury. This thought process stems from the thought that there will always be more time, shoot on another day, etc. What I love about these particular clients is that they LOVE capturing these precious moments with their (very soon-to-be) one year old son. They get so excited about upcoming shoots and bringing plenty to work with in props and his wardrobe.  They do this because this time IS very dear TO them. They know that if they don’t document it now, there won’t BE a later. Can you tell me the last time  you looked at YOUR son or daughter and thought to yourself  “Wow! They grow SOOOO fast!” They sure do…

So, without further adieu, Mr. Emerson (& Mom and Dad too)

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An image from our first photo shoot in 2012 when Emerson was ittle-bittle!
An image from our first photo shoot in 2012 when Emerson was ittle-bittle!


Studio 828 Photography, Asheville Wedding Photographer


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