Honoring Mom for Mother’s Day {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

What DO we get Mom for Mother’s Day?

Whether your Mom is getting ready to BE a Mom, IS a Mom or is the Mom OF a Mom why not treat her to a portrait session? Not just any portrait session either. Look, anyone can go to the park and snap some photos with their phone. It used to be you could even roll into a Sears or a Walmart and get a quick style family portrait made on the cheap. Those days are gone. Even the big guys came to terms with the fact that it simply wasn’t a profitable enterprise.

Shouldn’t your gift to her for Mother’s Day be one wherein she is treated like a queen? Where she is given a makeover, a glass of wine and treated as though she is the only woman in the world? Or perhaps double up on a makeover and shoot WITH your Mom? When was the last time (be honest now) where you AND your Mom had a picture together?

smiling-mothers day - handmade earrings-grandma-beauty-headshot
Love you mom!

I’m guilty of it too. I just had a session with my Mom in January and did I think to set up the tripod and shoot us both? Of course not, never even crossed my mind.

I wish I had.

Your mother gave you life. Hey Dads, she did after all have a little something to do with bringing YOUR children into the world. Do you think maybe for an afternoon you might watch them to let Mom out for just a little “ME time”? You may even want to schedule a sitter so you two can head out for date night afterwards…I’m just sayin.

So, THIS Mother’s Day let’s all make a pact with ourselves to get a real portrait with Mom this year. I’ll make the same promise too. I will even post it up here on the blog!

Thank YOU Mom. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be the person I am without you in my life.

In fact, to honour mothers everywhere I will offer my clients a double makeover and portrait session (that’s right, a mother/daughter session – or sisters – of BFF’s – whomever YOUR favorite mother is) for 50% OFF. That is professional hair, makeup AND a photography session for TWO people. In fact, I will also include $100 towards prints and artwork too. That is a $450 Value. Is that value worth giving your Mom an amazing memory she’ll cherish forever? I will honor up to 10 double photography sessions at this discounted rate before June 15th so feel free to call me or email to schedule your consultation. Don’t worry, your consult is simply so we can chat about your vision for your session. This way I can tailor your session specifically to you. Feel free to call 828.275.9932 or email Cat@Studio-828.com.


studio 828 gift voucher - asheville mothers day promotion
Studio 828 will honor 10 double photography makeover/photography sessions at this discounted rate before June 15, 2013. Call or email Cat to claim your gift today. Cat@Studio-828.com

mothers day - before and after glamour - avl portrait photography


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