Documenting the Rise of Asheville’s Newest Wedding Venue {Asheville Photographer}

I was introduced to Frances from some clients of mine about two weeks ago…Well, I should back up. Initially, Frances was hosting a barn raising event for her new sustainable living farm where they have gardens, bees, chickens, and more. She and her husband Jeff had decided that their end game was to get out of the city for a while and live…you guessed it…On a FARM!

At any rate, she had already booked a photographer to cover her first real event on the property so she wasn’t in need of my services. However, a few weeks later she discovered that to really handle her marketing professionally and appropriately she needed someone to help her lay the groundwork with photography. To shoot the property, to shoot HER (for speaking engagements, for some beautiful portraits etc.) for images on her own website and the list goes on. We met for lunch one afternoon (Thanks to Corporate Impressions) and the outline for the project was complete! You will be seeing quite a bit of Franny’s Farm on the blog and the website over the coming weeks so get ready for beauty, get ready for plaid and get ready for family!! Also, if you’re in need for a beautiful outdoor, intimate setting for your wedding this is IT ladies and gentlemen!

Also, she is hosting a benefit for Asheville High School’s 4H program on June 8th from 10am – 10pm with live music (from one of my personal favorites Mister Pierce Edens), farm animals, crafts and fun!!! You should definitely join us!

Our first installment on the Franny’s Farm Project, a little Beauty goes a Loooong Way! Meet Frances.

Makeup & Hair: Wendy Ballance from Blush by Wendy Ballance

farm owner headshot - asheville photographer - cowboy hat headshot for speaking engagement - frannys farm asheville farmer - classy blonde - frances tacy - candid candid moment with franny of frannys farm asheville beauty and business owner - professional photography in asheville starting a wedding venue - exciting - beautiful photography chaise lounge - modern beauty in asheville beauty portraits for professionals - asheville glamour classic beauty - modern glamour photography - asheville photographer


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