Glamour Event Announcement and a bit of a Personal Post {Asheville Beauty Photographer}

modern beauty group headshots
Glamour marathon event August 25th. Email for your appointment.

Hello Ladies!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! You know why? Because I’ve decided it is time to plan my bi-annual Asheville Glamour Marathon event. You know what that means for you? It means professional beauty, a photo shoot, a day to feel truly wonderful about yourself and do it all with a savings of around $500! (Give or take)!! There are seven appointments available for Sunday August 25th. Get in touch to reserve your time today.

I am often asked WHY I shoot beauty portraits. Glamour or boudoir, either one. For my clients, I suppose at first glance it seems like such a self centered thing for a woman to do. It isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do for you to begin with, getting up in front of a camera let alone to spend a few hundred dollars to have it done. For myself as a photographer, I could just shoot families and weddings and call it a day. In fact, a lot of my income is from just that, but I choose to shoot for women because these portraits are special.

My answer is deeply rooted, however the long and short of it is this; I grew up as somewhat of an underdog. I was always tall, and always overweight. I struggled with this for years. From kindergarten through my freshman year in high school, I even had a bit of a nemesis. There were cliques of course, the popular girls, etc. But this one girl seemed to make it her life’s mission to target me. Day in and day out for 10 years I was told that I was ugly, that I was fat, that noone would ever like me etc etc. As a child, these things are terrible. These opinions (while to adults are subjective and meaningless) to a young girl shape the way she believes in herself, the way I believed in myself.

Fast forward to 15, I had changed schools. I spent the summer after my freshman year rebuilding myself. I was tired of being the underdog. I was tired of being ridiculed. I wasn’t going to take it any longer. I lost weight. I smiled. Suddenly others were beginning to take notice of my transformation as well. I was getting…attention? This was new to me. I was even lucky enough to enroll in a modelling program in Tampa. This program was of course, a girl farm essentially but it taught me how to walk runway, how to apply makeup (without looking like I’d just discovered makeup all at once) how to dress appropriately, general etiquette in social situations (I’m a bit of a bull in a china shop). At the same time I had also discovered an extracurricular theatre program. You guessed it…a drama kid. The long and short of it is that these two programs simultaneously helped shaped my adult self. They taught me how to shine without shame.

On my very first photo shoot as a “model” I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. After a few minutes of being shy and awkward something happened. There was s shift in my consciousness. I became aware of myself, every slight movement. I knew where the camera was, everything was fluid, my gaze to the camera was more intense (not in an angry or weird way…it was just…more present? I think Tyra refers to it as a “smize” haha!)and the photographer was reacting to me, ME! I know it seems silly, but at the time it was more than just a compliment that this professional photographer was sharing energy with me. He was practically a rockstar in my book. He was moved by me and my actions. I was on top of the world! “Holy Crap! Am I Really Pretty?!” It was at this moment that I realized that I could like myself. I could be confident IN myself. I wasn’t that terrible accident that she had spent so many years accusing me of being. Eff her!

That transformation has stayed with me ever since. For the last twenty two years, I can recall that time in my life with amazing clarity. How seeing myself through someone else’s lens was paramount to developing my own inner strength and confidence. I am eternally grateful for having had such an opportunity. It has truly shaped the woman I am today. THAT is why I shoot beauty sessions. To bring that wonderful feeling to each and every one of my clients. Whether you are 15 or 75, we ALL need a time in our lives to truly FEEL beautiful. Being a part of that transformation with you brings me true joy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re interested in investing in yourself, to realize your beauty shoot me an email. I would love to shoot for you. The end result will make a wonderful gift to yourself, to your special someone or as an heirloom for your one day grand children. Remember, you will have these images in two years and still in thirty. Don’t you want a true memento showcasing how beautiful you are, right now? Want to make it a photo date with your mother, sister, bff? We can do that too! No worries!




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