Restructuring our Photography Pricing {Asheville Photographer}

As a photographer, there are thousands of products that we can provide for our clients. With that in mind, I have always tried to offer a number of options for our photography clients here with Studio 828 Photography. However, in reaching more of you every day and discussing options and your goals for your sessions I am finding that there are far too many options to choose from within our own pricing structure as it is today. That is why we are restructuring our photography pricing here in-house.

Don’t fret, we aren’t getting more expensive (I could feel your heartbeat raise from here). We are however going to streamline our offerings to the most popular and simplify our menu. This way it will be easier for you to make decisions within your individual photography budget. Whether you are shooting for your family, or booking a boudoir or beauty session we can hit the target on your artwork needs right off the bat!

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I hope everyone is getting ready for a beautiful and dare I say almost spring-like weekend!





What Will I Do with My Pictures? {Asheville Beauty Photography Experience}

So, after my viewing and ordering session with Jesseca the other night, and the giddiness has worn off a little…I’ve placed my order and one of the main questions that has been swirling around in my head (even before we met) has been “What will I actually DO with my imagery?”. I will have twelve beautifully mounted prints…of just me. It isn’t like I can hang them all together…that would just be weird. 😉

I get this question a lot from my clients as well so, I thought I would touch on it here this morning. So, let’s dial it back a bit. Why did I do the session to begin with?

  • First and Foremost: As an experiment for my own business. How does the way I operate Studio 828 compare to another wonderful photographer focusing on women’s portraiture in my own market? What can I do to give my clients an even better experience with my company?
  • Personally: I’m 37. There is no time better than now to invest in MySelf and create a legacy capturing me as I am today. Next year, in five years and twenty years I will have wished that I had before my hair is completely white and teeth are no longer mine that I had taken the time and the monies to invest in Me.

So, of course I will hang a series of three in the studio I haven’t quite found yet (but it is coming and I cannot wait to find the perfect space! No worries though ladies, we currently operate in a private event space by appointment). I’m sure I will be gifting a few away to my parents and family, and one super sexy image to my husband (because, Duh! He would love it!), one or two to display in my living room and then the rest? I’ll be keeping for me. I am grateful for me, for my life and the wonderful new chapter that is beginning to unfold after years of being lost in translation. I have two amazing businesses that are embarking a high gear, a wonderful husband that loves me and a beautiful community to call home. Whether or not I choose to keep them in a beautiful folio box or find new homes for each print…they are of me, they are mine and, selfish or not they have captured me, as I am today. Are they beautiful? Yes. Do I wish I was thinner/less wrinkled/less…not 25? Haha, of course I do, but you know what? Every last bit of it is me. This was a project not only for my business but also, as I’ve come to learn from my experience that it was an investment in myself. I am at an amazing crossroads and I deserve to document all of the hope and inspiration that is yet to come. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for my future. That is the Why AND the WHAT I will do with it. I will cherish it, every last moment.

What will you do with your imagery?



asheville beauty photographer
Another beautiful preview from my beauty photography session with Jesseca

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Part Two of My Personal Beauty Photography Session {Asheville Beauty and Boudoir Photographer}

I had my viewing and ordering session with Jesseca last night for our beauty photography session. Eeeep! I don’t know if you follow the Studio 828 Photography Facebook page, but I even posted how I was more nervous for the viewing than I was for the session. How crazy is THAT?! It never even dawned on me that my clients may feel the same way.

By the way, if you missed the first segment of this experiment, you can read about it here.

I remember feeling fairly awkward at the session itself. Perhaps that is why I was a little nervous to actually SEE the images. I can only imagine what she didn’t show me. Hahaha! Outside of that though, I think the imagery looks amazing! We all have our insecurities. You do. I do. When you are working with a photographer, it is important that they understand what they might be. We aren’t mind readers. Generally when we meet, I can tell with body language what you may or may not be uncomfortable with about your body. These are intimate sessions. If it is something obvious (a scar or tooth stain, etc.), I may even come right out and ask you how you feel about X, Y or Z. It never is to be rude. The point of not only your beauty or boudoir photography session but, your lifelong imagery on the whole make you feel beautiful. These sessions should never be taken lightly. You’re giving yourself your permission to embrace your beauty, as you are today. You are meaningful and should document that sincerity of Your Life.

At any rate, so we met last night and she had bubbles and a delicious brownie to indulge in while we watched my video. One thing from a client experience standpoint that I am taking away from this whole thing is tangible proofs. Wow!

For those of you that don’t know, photographic proofs were originally printed on paper that faded quickly. It was for the client to see the imagery and “proof” it before publication and enlargement. Today the proofs certainly don’t fade as they used to but they are printed at an off-size and lower resolution. Lemme tell ya! An online gallery has got nothin on pictures in hand. Period. Jesseca offers the proofs (for a nominal fee) as a take home from the viewing. As a client, this had a HUGE impact on me.

photography proofs, beauty photography session, asheville beauty and boudoir photographer
Decisions! Decisions!

As you can see here, there is quite a bit to choose from. Long story short, I kind of have a pretty big bill. 🙂 While yes, it is a business expense it is also an investment IN myself. Once I receive my folio collection from Jesseca, even if I send one to each of my parents and one for my husband and keep the rest in a beautiful box under my bed, it is a gift I leave from me. A gift that showcases me at an amazing time in my life with not one but two budding businesses, happily married before all of my teeth fall out and my hair turns completely grey. It is my legacy, however simple. I will be making monthly payments for my artwork but in the meantime I have this box with all of the imagery we looked at last night. I got to leave with something in hand and that was above and beyond more than rewarding. You can bet I will be implementing this for each of my clients here in Asheville from this point forward.

Now, as I mentioned I am on a payment plan so it will be a few months before I will be able to really Wow you with the imagery from my session with Jesseca. Know this. She is wonderful and I could not have chosen a better photographer for this experience. Thank You Jesseca.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday! Don’t forget to smile!

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Haha, I was just talking with Jesseca last night about how I try to keep on top of my blog, but in reality it looks like I have missed almost all of February! Gonna have to check back in with my schedule a little more regularly. 😉 Apparently I didn’t have as many posts ready as I thought I did.