What Will I Do with My Pictures? {Asheville Beauty Photography Experience}

So, after my viewing and ordering session with Jesseca the other night, and the giddiness has worn off a little…I’ve placed my order and one of the main questions that has been swirling around in my head (even before we met) has been “What will I actually DO with my imagery?”. I will have twelve beautifully mounted prints…of just me. It isn’t like I can hang them all together…that would just be weird. 😉

I get this question a lot from my clients as well so, I thought I would touch on it here this morning. So, let’s dial it back a bit. Why did I do the session to begin with?

  • First and Foremost: As an experiment for my own business. How does the way I operate Studio 828 compare to another wonderful photographer focusing on women’s portraiture in my own market? What can I do to give my clients an even better experience with my company?
  • Personally: I’m 37. There is no time better than now to invest in MySelf and create a legacy capturing me as I am today. Next year, in five years and twenty years I will have wished that I had before my hair is completely white and teeth are no longer mine that I had taken the time and the monies to invest in Me.

So, of course I will hang a series of three in the studio I haven’t quite found yet (but it is coming and I cannot wait to find the perfect space! No worries though ladies, we currently operate in a private event space by appointment). I’m sure I will be gifting a few away to my parents and family, and one super sexy image to my husband (because, Duh! He would love it!), one or two to display in my living room and then the rest? I’ll be keeping for me. I am grateful for me, for my life and the wonderful new chapter that is beginning to unfold after years of being lost in translation. I have two amazing businesses that are embarking a high gear, a wonderful husband that loves me and a beautiful community to call home. Whether or not I choose to keep them in a beautiful folio box or find new homes for each print…they are of me, they are mine and, selfish or not they have captured me, as I am today. Are they beautiful? Yes. Do I wish I was thinner/less wrinkled/less…not 25? Haha, of course I do, but you know what? Every last bit of it is me. This was a project not only for my business but also, as I’ve come to learn from my experience that it was an investment in myself. I am at an amazing crossroads and I deserve to document all of the hope and inspiration that is yet to come. I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for my future. That is the Why AND the WHAT I will do with it. I will cherish it, every last moment.

What will you do with your imagery?



asheville beauty photographer
Another beautiful preview from my beauty photography session with Jesseca

Are you considering a beauty or boudoir photography session in Asheville or Sarasota? I would love to shoot for you! Get more info today!



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