Restructuring our Photography Pricing {Asheville Photographer}

As a photographer, there are thousands of products that we can provide for our clients. With that in mind, I have always tried to offer a number of options for our photography clients here with Studio 828 Photography. However, in reaching more of you every day and discussing options and your goals for your sessions I am finding that there are far too many options to choose from within our own pricing structure as it is today. That is why we are restructuring our photography pricing here in-house.

Don’t fret, we aren’t getting more expensive (I could feel your heartbeat raise from here). We are however going to streamline our offerings to the most popular and simplify our menu. This way it will be easier for you to make decisions within your individual photography budget. Whether you are shooting for your family, or booking a boudoir or beauty session we can hit the target on your artwork needs right off the bat!

Are you considering a photo session in 2014? I would love to shoot for you! Email today to get more information

I hope everyone is getting ready for a beautiful and dare I say almost spring-like weekend!





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