The state of my photography business reflects the state of Me {Personal Post from an Asheville Photographer}

I was reminded this weekend about how the state of my photography business reflects the state of me. It is funny how that sometimes slaps you in the face isn’t it? Well, for me it does. I don’t really know why it surprises me sometimes. Haha. The way I have found it to work is that when I am excited and happy and creating, my business is in the same phase and when I am frenzied, feeling depleted and all over the proverbial map…yep, you guessed it, so is my business. I hate to admit it, but the latter has been the case for a few weeks.

This morning I took a few minutes to remind myself to center and focus on the wonderful opportunities that are right in front of me. I am taking on a super fun shooting project to let my soul breathe a bit (more on that below), I am sketching out a new painting for a very dear friend and I haven’t painted in years! I am looking for a new studio space to house 828, and have a few great prospect meetings coming up, shooting again for my very first photography clients this Friday, designing albums like crazy (they really are our number one seller) and by the first week in May they will all be in-house and ready for delivery to some very patient and happy clients!

So, what happened? If I’ve been so blessed with work why have I felt so out of sorts? Because I have been dividing my time and energy between my two businesses and they are both in critical stages of growth. My dear friend Tiziana put it so perfectly in a conversation we were having a few weeks ago. She just looked at me and said “Honey, giving birth is HARD!.” I laughed at the time, but it is so true.

828 is at this beautiful and exciting phase wherein I have built a reputation for the company where I place a high priority not only in the final product, but also in service for my clients. However I am moving from the phase of “part-time on a wing and a prayer” to that of full-time photographer and alongside that comes the need for tweaking in my work flow. To put it mildly, there are some adjustments I am having to make, details to address logistically and a plan to implement. This morning I realized that I have been so frenzied because I have been winging the plan instead of carefully thinking everything through and mapping it out…the crazy part, I LOVE planning! No really! Timelines, checklists, the whole shebang…I’ve just been so distracted with everything going on in business number two and making sure that work flow there is prioritized I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants with my passion business, Studio 828 Photography.

That being said, my personal goal this week is to focus on that growth. To make myself a priority so that I may care for my proverbial children, my businesses. Those children are both at exciting crossroads and I need to honor that for each of them. Where’s that notebook? I need to start mapping out that plan!



Personal Shooting Project:

MODEL CALL: Looking for a few models for a sisters style shoot. I need models of all shapes and sizes, REAL women. Not that I don’t love models, we create beautiful imagery together but for this project, I need women that embrace and reflect the reality of womanhood. I’m looking for curvy, thin, athletic, shy, pretty, awkward, long hair, short hair, short, tall. Let’s run the gamut ladies! I shoot for everyday women and this project needs to showcase that beauty!

This shoot is scheduled tentatively for June 14th or 28th. If you are interested, please email with a brief introduction and a recent pic. Phone pics are totally ok, I just need to be able to see your lovely face and body type. ALL applications will be considered. In return I will provide two digital images and a printing release to each model for their time.



3 thoughts on “The state of my photography business reflects the state of Me {Personal Post from an Asheville Photographer}

  1. I love that you share personal insights like this! Many times photographers only show all the exciting, busy, and successful parts of their story which often times makes aspiring ones feel like it will never happen for them. It’s important to show hard work pays off and this is a great example of that. Congratulations on becoming full time! I wish you the best of luck!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much! Your kind words are incredibly generous and appreciated. Having a photog in New York comment on my blog is pretty inspiring. Had a HUGE win today too! Moving in to my new official studio space. The entire process gives me pause and little girl giggles all at once. Thank you for your encouragement and have an amazing week!!!


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