Jake and Mitch’s Asheville Wedding {LGBT Wedding Photographer in Asheville}

While many states in the US have started legalizing same sex marriages, North Carolina has yet to cross that threshold.  These two WONDERFUL human beings stepped up to the marriage license plate (no pun intended) and were among the first to be passed along TO the Attorney General’s office from the Asheville Register of Deeds in October of last year. A great step for Southern Equality and the LGBTQ family here in the south.

In May of this year, they went to New York and were legally married in the big apple but really wanted to celebrate that union with their close friends and family. On July 12th, they met that goal and renewed their vows with friends and family here in Asheville. If I hadn’t been so busy taking pictures, I may even have cried.  Gentlemen, it was an honor. Thank You.



PS – One of my FAVORITE pictures of the two of you. I couldn’t resist ❤

Two men at ferris wheel

And, without further adieu, I give you the handsome couple!

#JakenMitch Wedding Video

Wedding Venue: Asheville Art Museum

Wedding Reception Venue: Blue Kudzu Sake Company

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Entertainment: Asheville Wedding DJ, Mitch Fortune Productions

Officiant: Mikel Doucette

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