Celebrate your empty nest, celebrate You {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

I was stopped behind a school bus this morning when it dawned on me…how many Asheville Moms are wondering what the HECK to do with their time now that their kids are FINALLY off to college? Oh I know, they’re still going to work but the weekends are a bit quieter and their gasoline tanks are staying fuller for longer, the sound on the television is way lower and there is no one screaming “MOOOOOM” at the top of their lungs sixteen times a day.

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I know some of you are reading this with young children on your laps and enjoying every. single. second of it. And, by all means you SHOULD! Every moment in your life with your children is precious. One thing a mother said to me once was; “I love being a Mom. I’ve loved every second of it since they were born. You know what else? This Fall I realized that I love being a mom from 400 miles away too.”

Of course she does! Why wouldn’t she? Well, Moms, I’m here for you. Why don’t you and I get together for a beautiful portrait session to celebrate you getting your children off to college?! It is an ah-mazing accomplishment! A wonderful time in your life! Truly! Let’s celebrate your empty nest. Let’s celebrate You.


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Asheville portrait sessions with Studio 828 Photography are a wonderful experience. We include a private studio setting with professional hair and makeup and a portrait session where you are the star. Do you need help deciding on what to wear? Gather your favorite outfits and bring them with you! I will personally help you choose the best outfits to wear for your photo shoot. You will leave feeling like a million dollars and wha better way to celebrate You?

Get in touch to inquire about your photography session in Asheville today. Call Cat directly at 828-275-9932 or email Cat@Studio-828.com

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I am a Photographer {Asheville NC}

Why do I love what I do? Why am I enthusiastic? I am a photographer. I primarily shoot beauty and boudoir portraiture for women. I also shoot portraiture for families and contract up to ten weddings per season. I love what I do. I love that I can truly show you over the course of a day exactly how bright your own light can shine. I love that this experience brings joy and self-love to each of my clients. I love that we laugh. I love that I am able to provide this amazing experience for each of you. Giving that gift to you, it brings ME joy. That is why I love what I do. That is why I am happy to get up in the mornings. That is why I love being a photographer here in Asheville. Below are some images from shoots I’ve had over this summer. Each and every one of these women inspire me. They inspire me to be a better person. They inspire me to be a better photographer, to WANT to master more of my craft. I cannot thank you enough.

Mad Love,


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