Super Duper Asheville Model Call {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

A brand new year calls for brand new photography challenges. Challenges I welcome with open arms and am so excited for, it is going to be ah-mazing! I have enrolled in some continuing ed for Studio 828 and will need your help! Listed below are needs I have for models in the coming months for assignments for the class. I’ve already started on some of them, which you will be seeing very soon. In the meantime however, please see below for upcoming needs. If you’re interested in modeling for us, please send a recent snapshot (cell phone pics and selfies are totally okay!) with your contact information: email, phone, etc. to

Also, please forward this link to your family and friends and anyone you know that may be interested,

What is provided for a model call:

  • Professional photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography in studio in Asheville’s R.A.D.
  • Gallery viewing of all of your edited imagery
  • One matted 8×10 fine art print of your choice from your session
    • Additional artwork may be purchased from your session at a 10% discount from our regular rates within 7 days ofyour in person viewing
      • Detailed pricing menu available upon request
    • Purchase is in no way required

Requirements of Models:

  • Signature for a model’s release for promotion by Studio 828 Photography
  • Arrive with hair and makeup for your session (Professional styling can be added for $150)
  • Wardrobe for your shoot* (We have a few odds and ends in the studio but we ask that all models bring a selection of outfits. We can always narrow down after you’ve arrived.
  • A fun and happy attitude


Models Needed: *Please note that the dates listed are relative. If we can schedule your shoot within 10 days of the date listed, that is fine.

Please note that the highlighted sessions are still in need of models. Please get in touch today if you’re interested in shooting with us.

  1. Feb 2:
    1. Two women:
      1. BOOKED one any race, age 30-55, up to 5 outfits ranging from casual to black tie
      2. one dark-skinned African-American woman, age 25-40, up to 5 outfits, preferably dresses and gowns or monochromatic outfits
  2. Feb 9: BOOKED One woman, any age/race, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  3. Feb 16: BOOKED One woman, age 15-25, any race, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  4. Feb 23: Three couples: male and female as well as same-sex couples welcome
    1. age ranges 25-30BOOKED/30-40BOOKED/40+, 2 outfits; one casual and 1 dressy with a suit jacket if male
  5. Mar 2: BOOKED One woman, age 35-45, 2 outfits; one casual (t-shirt and jeans) and one of your choice
  6. Mar 9: One woman, age 50+, 2 outfits; one casual, one black tie
  7. Mar 16: Three women (2 shoots):
    1. BOOKED One woman, age 30-40, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
    2. BOOKED Mother-Daughter team:
      1. Daughter age 16-25
      2. Mother age 35+
      3. Wardrobe: 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy. Consider complimentary color palettes when planning your session.
  8. Mar 23: BOOKED Two Women (2 shoots): ages 30-40 and 50+, wardrobe range from casual to black tie
  9. Mar 30: 2/3 BOOKED Three Women (3 shoots): The Curvy Gals! I don’t care if you’re kinda curvy, really curvy…the whole point is to shoot them curves girl! Let’s do it! age 25-65, 3 outfits from casual to dressy
  10. Apr 6: BOOKED 4 models, one shoot ages 35-50. casual and monochromatic/dressy. We’ll be shooting 2’s, 3’s and 4’s
  11. Apr 13: BOOKED two families, two shoots, any age group welcome, complimentary color palettes, indoor*
  12. Apr 20: three models, three shoots, any age group/race welcome, casual to dressy.
    1. Must arrive clean face and hair and do makeup (or have styled) in studio.
  13. May 4: BOOKED three models (3 shoots), ages 14-19, wardrobe casual to dressy
  14. May 18: three models (3 shoots), age 35+, wardrobe casual to dressy – 1 Shoot still available
  15. May 25: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), any age, corporate wardrobe. We’ll be focusing on the corporate headshot only.
  16. Jun 1: BOOKED one model, age 30-40, casual wardrobe for an outdoors shoot
  17. Jun 22: three models (3 shoots); age 50+, wardrobe upscale casual to dressy
  18. Jun 29: BOOKED two models (2 shoots); age 30+, light colored/ethereal wardrobe
  19. Jul 6: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), age 18-35, three outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  20. Jul 13: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), age 25-40, wardrobe for beauty shot only (so comfortable pants and a few different necklines/textures)
  21. Jul 20: BOOKED four models (1 shoot), ages 30+, wardrobe upscale casual to professional
  22. Aug 3: three models (3 shoots), male, ages 25+, professional casual – 1 Shoot still available