Beautiful Portraits with Wildflower Bridal {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

Wow! Remember my last post where I explained how coming to your photo shoot prepared with outfits that you love is paramount to an amazing photo shoot? It is soooo true. Margaux is such a perfect example of this! Before her shoot, we emailed back and forth about ideas and she even took cell phone snapshots of outfits she had in mind for her photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography. I had a blast shooting for Margaux and her wonderful style beams through in her imagery. Thank you Margaux!!!

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Photographer’s Assistant: Anita Bryant

Hair & Makeup: Daisy Chavers, Love, Daisy

Model: Margaux Shrager, Wildflower Bridal

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Preparing for your Photo Shoot {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

“Preparing for your photo shoot? What do you mean? I thought I just washed my face, showed up with a few outfits and you work your magic with professional hair and makeup?” Yes. That is kind of true. The other side to that coin is that, the more you are ready for your photo shoot with your outfits, getting your nails done, and shaping those eyebrows..girl it makes a world of difference! Remember, the images we will create with you are images that you will have for a lifetime. Don’t you want to make the best of that? Create such a lovely heirloom?

Many clients have a few different needs with their pictures. Not only do they need updated head shots for their professional branding, but also, they’re looking for beautiful images of themselves in their favorite outfits. We do indeed play dress up! We can even take it a little farther with some beautiful, floor-length tulle skirts or sequined dresses I have available in the studio. That being said, what do you have in your own wardrobe that runs the gamut of style? Professional outfits, a beautiful dress or gown, casual sweaters with jeans, gorgeous draping tops, scarves and the list goes on.

A beautiful example of this is from my client Spencer. She did an absolutely beautiful job of preparing for her session and brought at least ten outfits with her. When she arrived, we went through those outfits together and picked five beautiful pieces for her photo shoot here in Asheville. After her professional makeup by Zack Russell from Makeup at the Grove Arcade, she looked absolutely stunning and her session went beautifully! See for yourself!

preparing for your photo shoot - set mapping - 5 outfits

Isn’t she gorgeous? Gah!!! We paired her clothing against several beautiful backdrops, fixed her hair in both up and down positions to create a different feel for each set of images and she knocked it out of the park! Some images have a softer, more feminine feel, some more professional for her work and others more casual for a lovely keepsake portrait. Thank you Spencer. I absolutely adored shooting for you!

beautiful - portraits - avl - photographer in asheville

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Makeup: Zack Russell, Makeup at the Grove Arcade

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