Teen Empowerment through Modeling {Asheville Teen Photographer}

Shooting for young women is ALWAYS some of my favorite photography work. As a young woman myself I was a part of a youth theatre and education program, The Source Teen Theatre) and it was here where I learned that knowledge and performance are amazing tools for the youth of our society. Allowing tweens and teens to discover their own light brings about such amazing transformations both in imagery and in their own person.

Do you remember being in middle and high school? Do you remember the drama? The bullying? The cliques? There is so much happening in a teen’s life and oftentimes, these young adults can feel powerless, and lost in the crowd. By giving these young people an opportunity to stand out and star in their own performance, you give them the power to not only be involved in the vision for their shoot (preparing their outfits and communicating their own dream of being photographed) but, you are also trusting them to be that star. When you trust your kids, they learn that they can trust themselves and their own instincts. It is absolutely incredible to watch that transformation take place. You can see it as their confidence grows during the shoot.

Last summer was the last time I had an opportunity to shoot for a young woman so I am sooooo grateful Shelby and her Mom found me! While I do require that a parent/guardian be on set for any shoot with a client under 18 years of age, I think Shannon was just as excited as her daughter! We had so much fun on set and her pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for reminding me how incredible it is to shoot for teens.

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Hair and Makeup: Wendy Ballance, Blush Asheville

Model: Shelby Bramlett

beautiful portraits of teens - soulful - asheville photographer empowering teens through photography in Asheville with Studio 828 Photography stunning portraits of youth in Asheville and WNC - teens - portraits portrait photographer Cat Ford-Coates captures grace and beauty in all of her teen clients in Asheville Age appropriate modeling for tweens and teens in Asheville NC


Are you considering a photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography? I would love to shoot for you! Please, shoot me a line anytime.




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