28 Days to Gorgeous Challenge {My Personal Journey}

I can already tell that I’m going to enjoy this challenge and the support in the private Facebook group seems to be almost effervescent! So, how’s it going?

Day One: The first challenge was interesting. I was asked to define “beauty”. I was a little stunned at first because as a beauty portrait photographer I didn’t have a concrete definition just flowing out of me. So I thought for a bit about what beauty MEANS to me and came up with the following:

“In a woman beauty is confidence and owning exactly where she is in that moment. Beauty is awe-inspiring. Beauty is eloquence and grace.”

Day Two: 5 Words…So, if you only had 5 words to describe yourself, what would they be? It seems like a simple exercise until you really sit down to do it aaaaaand, no negativity. Self hate IS NOT ALLOWED.

  • strong
  • committed
  • passionate
  • ambitious
  • daring

Now, take that list in, whatever your list is…and then use 5 words to describe the self you WANT to be. Your future self. Should the words be the same? Should they be different? Personally, I think this sort of intention definition is important. Really break it down for you, down to the shoes you’re wearing and the relationships you have in your life. Actually, I think I’m over-thinking this one a bit HOWEVER, I’m finding in my own personal journey that defining that future self, see them in your mind, that transformation develops that person as a goal in your life. What is that person like? What does she value? What are her strengths? What are her weaknesses?

  • generous
  • inspiring
  • passionate
  • eloquent
  • committed

Day Three: Three people I find truly beautiful

It could be anyone. For me I chose women I admire; in profession, in family and in the famous Hollywood genre. These woman have struck me with their inner beauty and generosity and for one, her statuesque grace and beauty. I’ll be keeping their names to myself for now. I know how I see them. How I recognize their beauty is through their nature and their actions as well as their physical makeup.

Day Four: People watching. I LOVE people watching!

  • My gas station attendant had the clearest blue eyes, like prism and ice clear!
  • I love the part of my job that allows me the opportunity to find beauty in every single one of my clients. My client yesterday was truly beautiful. Giving herself permission to embrace her own beauty with kindness and a life following her purpose. That kind of light simply cannot be simulated, not ever and I love it!
  • I haven’t run into anyone else in a couple of days (that I didn’t know anyhow) but there was an actress on a tv series that I love to have on in the background while I edit. I still cannot place what else I know her from but she has beautiful red hair, a sultry voice and though I don’t know her name or what else I’ve seen her on I’ve always found her to be so stunning!

Day Five: Eye contact.

I can see how this challenge might push the boundaries for some. For me personally, I’m an eye contact kinda gal. I make it a point to not only catch someone’s gaze but especially so when I’m thanking them, saying hello/goodbye, giving a compliment, etc.

Day Six: Do something for someone else

I’m actually incorporating this into my life more and more, or trying to anyway. Whether it’s buying coffee for someone behind me in line, planning a surprise get together, even leaving all my silver in the penny pot at the gas station. I love the way it makes me feel to do something simply out of wanting to make someone’s day. It’s a bonus if I have the opportunity to see their reaction but most times I don’t and that’s okay. I know I’ve given a little universal fist bump to someone who deserved it, and that’s all that matters.

Day Seven: Do something for me. Erin recommended a new lipstick or a pedicure (both of which I love btw) but I chose a different route. I opted to spend a day enjoying some me time. I went out with a couple of friends for a late lunch (really we’d planned to go tubing but…well, we’re a little special sometimes and didn’t quite have it together), a couple of beers and came home to a nice long nap on my couch. Exactly what I needed and I gave myself permission too. It isn’t often that I give myself an opportunity to really relax. If I’m shooting, I’m shooting. If I’m not shooting I’m probably setting up blogs for the coming weeks, meeting with clients for consultations or reveal sessions, designing new marketing pieces and campaigns, out meeting new people who I can connect with to see how my services might benefit them and the list goes on. It was nice to disconnect from my work ethic for just a few hours. I started day eight with fresh eyes.



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