What is it that sets me apart from other Asheville photographers?

What is it that sets me apart from other Asheville photographers? Well, there are several reasons however, I’m enumerating top three I hear most often from my Asheville photography clients. This reasoning is what makes my service to you different from the service you might find with other Asheville photographers. That being said, it is not to say that other area photographers do not provide great service and/or product. There is so much talent in the WNC photography market and I am regularly in awe at the beautiful work so many of us provide.

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Your work doesn’t change who the subject is. It clarifies it. The body, while amazing, isn’t the beauty “in the pictures. It’s the smile and personality that’s captured in a moment of a woman feeling confident in her own skin.”- Hannah McCue, Asheville Professional
  1. “You made it seem so relaxed at our photo shoot! I had so much fun with you!”
    1. Every single client that I consult with is nervous and excited. They all have concerns and jitters.
      1. This is what comes up once we have made the choice to value ourselves and book a makeover and photo shoot. Maybe in the beginning, it even seems narcissistic? Perhaps superficially that might be the case. Personally, I find value in photography because we ARE valuing ourselves. We are teaching our daughter(s) that it IS important to value their own self too. We are creating a legacy for and with them and that artwork is priceless.
    2. We address these concerns ahead of time. We have a personal consultation either in person or via Skype with each and every client that books a session with us. These consultations are perfect because it gives us an opportunity to discuss the details of your shoot;
      1. what to wear, any physical limitations that you have so that I can tailor your posing map to you, how you would like your hair and makeup designed for your session, etc. All of these things help you to be prepared for your photo shoot with us and in turn, help to eliminate that uncertainty.
    3. At your photo shoot we’ll take your before picture, and I’ll go through the wardrobe you brought along with you to complete your posing map. You’ll go straight into the hair and makeup chair with our fabulous stylist. We’ll all laugh and chat, we’re women, we can talk about anything! From that point, we’ll move through your photo shoot. I’ll give you direction and coach you from pose to pose and in just a bit, you’ll even feel comfortable in front of my camera (no, really!). We’ll laugh and shoot for all of your beautiful outfits with your vision in mind.
    4. Following your session, as I recommend with every client MAKE PLANS to go out. You are going to feel beautiful, promise.
    5. Look, I am a very relaxed person. I am not easily shaken and I have designed our service to translate that strength to each of my clients. I love ripped jeans and t-shirts and I love flip-flops. Does that mean that I don’t love a $300 pair of boots and leather pants? Not at all! I love dress up and style! However, it is my job to ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be in front of the camera and that means that you too, must feel comfortable.
  2. My artwork 
    1. I am constantly striving to learn new techniques and master my craft. I do this by taking courses from industry leaders and constantly raising the bar for posing and my technical abilities and my business. Will you find similar posing with other Asheville area photographers? Probably, with some of it I’m sure you will. There is traditional and modern posing and I am not the only photographer that is regularly working to improve her skills and service. To believe that, well, it would be insane. What I can say is that my artwork is from my heart and I truly believe that translates to each of my clients to tell their story and create their legacy
  1. Empowerment
    1. There is real value in personal empowerment. Isn’t empowerment just some newfangled sales tactic and something I read about in memes on social media? Not even a little bit.
      1. Have you ever experienced power in your own self? Have you ever put yourself in the forefront of your day? Ahead of the hubs, the kids, the errands, the to-do list? What is your purpose? Is your purpose to work your 40 hours, workout, feed/dress/deliver/pickup your children, cater 3 meals, coach, and take only enough time to brush your teeth and sleep for 6 hours and hope for the best? Or is your purpose to do all of these things and teach your children that valuing yourSELF is paramount to your ability to caring for anyone else. That is empowerment. To realize your own self and the value you bring to the world as a mother, friend, wife, care-giver and woman.
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Feminine empowerment

Are you considering a photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography? We would love to photograph you. Reach out for a personal consultation. 828-275-9932


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