“Oh, you’re not photogenic? You hate being in front of the camera?”

I hear all the time, “I’m just not photogenic.” or “The camera hates me” or “I’m so awkward in front of the lens” You know what? That’s completely okay. I specialize in posing and direction so your connection and body language speak only your brand of beautiful. Whether you’re in need of beautiful portraits, boudoir photography or even professional head shots here in Asheville I will ensure that we minimize what you don’t like so much about yourself and maximize your radiant self. We will create beautiful portraits for you.

before and after - real women - photographer in asheville - portrait
Before and After of a beautiful woman in western North Carolina. Elegant Portraits with Studio 828 Photography.



And then I hear “Oh, they’re just models. I could never look like that.” WRONG. Each of my clients are REAL people. Not that models aren’t real people but, my specialty is in photographing women. I photograph teachers, CEO’s, women who have retired, mothers, grandmothers, nurses, artists, students, daughters, sisters, entrepreneurs, writers, dancers, bartenders and that is just my May and June calendar. Have you seen theĀ before and after gallery on our website? These are all women, just like you who have somehow connected with my story and what I do, and the service I give each of my clients and called on me for a photo shoot.

Please call on me for your complimentary consultation. We’ll discuss what you have in mind for your session, where we’ll shoot, what to wear as well as our pricing, products and service to you. When was the last time you had a professional portrait taken? I would love to photograph you.







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