Celebrating 40 and Fabulous {Beauty Photographer}

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Hair and Makeup: Daisy Chavers, Love, Daisy Salon

Celebrating 40 with everything you are! Nicole came to Studio 828 Photography with her daughter for a portrait session. Instead of shirking away from her birthday, she is embracing it in all it’s glory and creating a beautiful memory with her daughter.

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I always love it when moms bring in their daughters for their session. We play dress up and have fun in the studio but, little do the daughters know that in the game of “girl’s day” we are actually teaching them the value of SELF. She and her mother now, will have beautiful portraits for a lifetime. Portraits of the day. Portraits of their love for one another. Portraits they can both, always look back on to find the spark in their eyes.

When I delivered Nicole’s folio, she was going through the images and there is an image of her daughter she simply adores and she looks up and says to me “Now, I’ll always be able to remember her just like that…” It is so true. Have you ever had a memory, you thought for sure would be bright and bold in your thoughts forever? And then, little by little, that memory fades? It gets filed back in your subconscious behind all of the new bright and bold memories you make as time moves on.

Don’t wait. Celebrate everything you are, right now. Exist in photos for and with the people you love.

portrait - daughter - beauty
Beautiful portraits of a daughter

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Family Portrait Experience Like No Other


beautiful - photography-portraits-asheville
Beautiful portraits of a wife and mother with Studio 828 Photography

School is in, summer is dwindling and the days seem a little less harsh than only a few weeks ago. Fall is right around the corner and the leaves will change before you can even say “homecoming queen”. I got to thinking, how can I set Studio 828 Photography apart in this season? Here in western North Carolina, these upcoming months are a stunning time here in the mountains. The natural backdrop and landscape are…majestic. What better time of year to have your family portraits?

Now, there are a million ways to go about having your family portraits taken. What I can say is that I will not offer a turn and burn service to get you in and get you out and only be hopeful that I’ll catch a couple pretty moments before the next family comes along in 20 minutes.

Personally, I think your portraits are more than that. You’ll have this beautiful artwork for more than a lifetime. Each piece will be passed along from generation to generation and frankly that deserves a bit of planning, a little glam and your family, front and center.

Introducing the Asheville family portrait experience like no other…designed around YOU. 

  • We’ll bring Mom (& daughters) into the studio for professional hair and makeup styling and a photo shoot with 4 wardrobe changes
  • We will then meet the spouse & other family members out, in a park or urban setting and photograph a session with everyone.
  • It’s the best of both worlds; beautiful studio imagery and some amazing beauty images of Mom and the girls (or solo for some definitely needed pamper time) and then some beautiful portraits with everyone outdoors in a beautiful setting.

Sound like a plan? Get in touch today for your personal consultation about your Asheville family portrait session. If, after your consultation you decide this styled session isn’t for you, that’s okay. I’m glad we had an opportunity to speak a little and maybe you’ll change your mind down the road, or refer a friend that might enjoy this experience. However if you DO decide that this is for you, I promise we’ll have a fantastic experience together and with a little coaching and guidance in how to prepare, what to wear and in posing you will all look like a million dollars and be able to look at these portraits for years to come and think about what a magical time it truly was.

I got the news on Saturday evening {A personal post}

I got the news on Saturday evening. Andy was a childhood friend with my friend, Mary. He came to Asheville to connect with her on his cross-country journey. What a light this man had! Wow…I met him in our restaurant on a karaoke Sunday. He was lively and shooting stills and video of the day. What a great day it was, too. He then stayed on for a few months. He, of course spoke about his “Embrace Your Awesome” and videoed us brewing sake and danced and played. We were following our passion and it thrilled him. Around Andy, you always felt as though he had a magic that was out of reach for so many of us. What I’ve learned since then though, is that you attract what you are. What you see in people is simply a reflection of yourself.

I was never close with Andy but, somehow his passing has had a major impact. When I heard about his passing on Saturday, complete and utter shock. I can’t stop crying. Is that crazy? When I open my facebook, my newsfeed is riddled with so much love for this man and it begins again, the tears come. On his personal page, you could scroll for days with all of the images and stories he created with people. There have been groups created in memorial and for sharing and celebrating his life in grief. Even a worldwide dance party was shared last night in his honor.

He really, really would have loved that.

One of the things I loved most, was that he loved to document, everything. EVERYTHING. As a photographer and videographer he understood completely how impactful imagery is. When someone is gone, you pour through photos to remember that moment with clarity and depth…and love. This was the image that he stated “If ever were there a picture to memorialize me, I want it to be this one.”

andy devlin - embrace your awesome
Photo courtesy of John Shim. John, thank you for capturing such a perfect moment.

Andy, dear sir, I don’t know that you ever truly knew what kind of legacy you have created through this terrific web of people you have connected. It is astounding to me the outpouring of love so many are sharing. You never did get to compile and share all of your imagery and cinematography as you’d planned. I can only imagine how fantastic a story it truly would have been upon completion. In fact, if anyone in his family is interested in putting this documentary together, I am more than happy to help in any way. Please, feel free to reach out to me directly (Cat@Studio-828.com) to discuss the details. That legacy, his dream deserves to be shared.

I know that I am sharing this on my professional blog. Perhaps I should create a personal, I don’t know. I needed to write. To get this out of my system and into the ether, as it were. I can only imagine how those closest to him are feeling. I knew him only a few short months and I am heartbroken for his passing.

My hope is that everything he brought to every. single. person Andy ever met was that, that love that he spread like wildfire illuminates the sky. Every day he made the world a better place and we are all richer people for having known him. Burn bright my friend.

“There are no happy endings because nothing ever ends.” – Peter S Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Now, I have to go and put together my “Notes to Self”. You probably should, too.

Portraits of Sisters

sisters - love -smiling - family - photography - asheville
Cherish these moments

Sisters. I have always loved the connection between sisters. How their personalities ebb and flow when they are together. It is this beautiful melody. Their mother came to me for a beautiful session that we kept, just for her. And then we had a portrait session with her family and her daughters simply, beamed. I couldn’t NOT share them with you, they are lovely, wonderful girls.

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Hair and Makeup: Wendy Ballance, Blush Asheville


teens - beautiful - hand on heart
That moment, when all their wildest dreams are at their fingertips
tween -portrait - family photography
To see the future, the woman she will become


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