About the Photographer

portrait photographer - cat ford-coates - beauty and boudoir
Photographer Cat Ford-Coates Image courtesy of Jesseca Bellemare Photography


I am more than just a little lucky…I never expected to be as fortunate as I have been. In fact, being able to wake up every day to do what I do…Oh my goodness. I get to share everyday with my amazing husband and passel of furry animal friends, I couldn’t ask for a better life!

Much of my time is spent working out new ways to reach new women to photograph in Western North Carolina and Southwestern Florida. After launching Studio 828 Photography in 2012 I’ve developed our brand to encompass helping women to look and truly FEEL beautiful; to create their legacies and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a wedding photographer, I learned very early on that outside of the standard family and party shot lists, the “Aha” moments were always with the bride. Not just because she and her groom are the stars of the show, but because a wedding day is the bride’s biggest day of her life. It is the most emotional, the day she feels most beautiful and my imagery with every wedding, reflected just that. Skip forward a ways and after including beauty and boudoir photography in the 828 photographic umbrella, I discovered that it truly is my calling to specialize in this genre. To give every client a few hours away from their everyday lives to not only be pampered but also to look and really feel like a Woman and then we spend the afternoon documenting just that.

One of my greatest rewards is when my clients see themselves directly after hair and makeup. Everyone comes in and gets into the swing of things with our stylists and it never really crosses their minds that this styling truly makes a difference. Then, they stand up and walk over to a mirror and Whammo! While everyone gets a little giddy, (I think we all get so wrapped up in our everyday look that we forget what just a little freshness brings to our face) 9 out of every 10 women gasp. It’s great! Every single time, the artist and I share a quick smile and a wink and then it is off to wardrobe. It always starts the shoot off on the right foot and it shows.

I’m truly grateful for discovering my path as a photographer. To all of my past, present and future clients, I wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you all for helping me to realize my dreams and letting me help you to realize your own light.

I would love to photograph you.



Cat in a Nutshell

  • I honestly was a crazy cat lady once (literally TWENTY) long ago in a galaxy far, far away…I’m better now
  • I prefer flip-flops to shoes but will kill over a great pair of boots
  • I brew sake and live in Beer City USA
  • I have a husband that I adore and couldn’t imagine a happy life without him by my side
  • I. Love. Karaoke.
  • I could eat pizza every, single, day.

Are you interested in a beauty or boudoir photography experience with Studio 828? Reach out for a complimentary consultation today.



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