What I love about my work as a portrait artist

I had an epiphany this morning and boy was it a doozie. For reference, I had a client once that insisted we jam through her photo shoot. She was a doctor and had a very busy schedule. Everything had to be movin, groovin, and out the door.

Looking back on it, from that point forward I began to assume that no one really wanted to be there. They wanted their portrait session with us to be over as quickly as possible. So I began to hustle, overlook important details and settings, hurrying through one of the most important aspects of my work…the transformation.

When it hit me this morning, it was like a truck. Crash! Bang! Boom! I immediately sat down to reflect on what it is that I do as a portrait artist and why I love my work. You see, it’s important to me that I love what I do and while my business is separate from me, I am part of my business so if there is a piston misfiring in the engine of Cat, the engine for the portrait business goes haywire! It was time to really appreciate my work and everything that goes into it and I thought I would share some of that with you today.

  • I love getting excited with the client prior to their portrait session
  • I love helping to educate the client during our consultation on our process, how to prepare, what to wear, etc.
  • I love sketching out the posing maps for each client session. It helps me to solidify where we will go during the session, what we are trying to capture and convey, and keeps me on task when I get excited during the shoot and forget things 😉
  • I love shooting on my hand-painted backdrops. I paint them myself, did you know that? I do have an Oliphant on my vision board but in the meantime, I have enough of an eye with a brush to create that lovely background you will see yourself on in our portraiture.
  • I love watching my clients enter our hair and makeup room. It is like a Hollywood moment here in our Asheville studio!
  • I love seeing my client’s transformation in hair and makeup and then seeing their faces experience it! What woman doesn’t want to feel like her most beautiful self?!
  • I love seeing the wardrobe selections that my clients bring for the sessions. Some really EPIC choices and style! I love it! (Gives me shopping ideas too)
  • I love shooting. I love creating. I love being excited about getting THE shot! I love laughing during our session together.
  • I love giving direction throughout the shoot. Most clients hate being in front of the camera because they don’t feel as they know how to pose, they feel awkward. I love fine tuning each of our movements so that each client looks their absolute best and it gives them reassurance of exactly that! Confidence comes in pretty quickly when you know your photographer is a master poser.
  • I love downloading everything into Lightroom for the first time. It’s like Christmas. Seeing it on the back of the camera is only the beginning and doesn’t even begin to do it justice.
  • I love retouching the imagery. Another transformation in and of itself and women from all walks of life are my models. It is so gratifying!
  • I love printing the images from our photo session together. There is nothing more lovely in my world that having physical prints of my artwork in my hands. There is nothing like it.
  • I love matting the portraits too. It is a zen process for me to put the finishing touches on your portraiture.
  • I love watching the client walk into the gallery and stand in awe at seeing themselves at their best.
  • I love watching them carefully analyze each and every one.
  • I love watching them trying to decide on which images they want to take home (it is a tough process, lemme tell ya!)
  • I love it when they cry or get excited, because they are so moved at seeing themselves because it means that I DID see them, that I reflected back to them the woman they only hope someone sees, someday. Many times, it is for the first time.
  • I love that I am a portrait artist.

For those of you looking for more than a turn and burn snap service, I am your photographer. I am here to give you the experience of your own, most beautiful self and reflect her back to you in portraiture you will cherish.


Sue Bryce Education in Paris

Honey, I’m Hooooome! Wow! WHAT. A. Trip. Somebody pinch me! In case I hadn’t told you (oh who am I kidding? Of course I told you), I’ve spent the last two weeks abroad in Paris, France. You read that correctly, Paris! Gah! ANNNND! It was for a workshop with the leading photographer of women in. the. world!!!! Sue Bryce.

You might remember that I studied under Sue in one of her courses for the better part of 2015. That in and of itself allowed me to grow my own skill set to better my shooting and my business practices. In short, it changed my business. In October of last year, I traveled to New York to a photography trade-show (Photo Plus Expo) to meet her. Well, I took other classes also but, meeting Sue was at the top of my list.

Then, she announced her workshop in Paris. It was this incredible, dream-worthy, and completely unattainable goal. I literally had NO IDEA how I would afford it but, I was going. No ifs, ands, or buts. It seemed impossible. And then it wasn’t. I jumped in feet first. I was going to Paris to study under Sue Bryce. There was no question. “Impossible IS I’m Possible” right?

world reknown photographer sue bryce
Coffee, sequins, and glamour

Sue brought her team of mentors to teach an intense two days of shooting, business, and if you follow Sue at all you know she will also present you with the opportunity to face you own deamons, too.

The workshop was held in a Chateau in St Germaine en Laye…where Amadeus Mozart stayed on THREE different occasions, and even wrote about the home himself. It is one thing to see this place in photographs and completely another to walk through the doors.

greetings - paris - sue bryce
Being greeted by Sue. Image courtesy Katinka Tromp

Day One:

I was greeted by the mentors, Sue, and Cookie. Sue’s adorably famous star Pug. She immediately ran right up my leg, gave me a kiss and ran away again.

sue bryce's dog cookie in paris
Cookie Bryce

I must admit, I was way off my game for most of the first day. Well more nervous than I had expected to be not to mention, my camera was malfunctioning somehow (being rectified, no worries), and I felt like, like…I felt like it was my first day on a new job. New people, new expectations, I didn’t know what those expectations were, new workflow, and everyone was nice, and patient, and wonderful and I’m over here in the corner all “hey, look at my thumbs!”.

About half way through the day I found my stride. My camera would fire when I told it to, I was more comfortable with the setting and holy wow did I shoot some beautiful portraits! Even during one of the scenarios did I receive personal, one-on-one mentoring with Sue.

one on one - mentoring - sue bryce - education
Sue, Lauren, and Esti

One of the things that I loved most about the workshop is that attendance was so limited so that Sue was able TO give individual attention outside of the classroom setting. I can honestly say that my shooting, even if I gleaned nothing else from this course (which is NOT the case), the quality of my shooting has grown by leaps and bounds. Their (Sue and Emily London Miller‘s) guidance literally, changed my life.

behind the scenes of a photo shoot with sue bryce
Emily, Caitlin, and Sue
assisting sue bryce
Caitlin, Sue, and Rodney
hair styling photo shoot sue bryce
The szhuszh! Sue and Caitlin

And that was just day one.

lunch break
The ceiling was incredible, truly. Imae courtesy Katinka Tromp Photoraphy

Day Two was all about the biz! The pricing, the marketing and networking, and the part where you are faced with your own YOU. AKA, do or die, baby! Needless to say, there were a lot of tears that second day, even by me. (I’m not really a public crier normally but on day two…holy cow! Waterworks over here!)

workshop - paris- in class - posing
Sue, Shauna, and Rebecca posing 2’s

And then there was dancing. Yes, dancing. We had scrapped an idea to flashmob Sue at lunch that day (being grown, professional adults) and then a little birdie told Sue what we had been planning. Yyyyyeah, so we were called out and you’d better believe that about 8 or 10 of us got up there and did a choreographed dance to “Fireball” by Pitbull. Choreographed by one Rodney Pedroza. I also discovered something else…I probably shouldn’t spin in public without a dancing partner. 😛

sue bvryce workshop - dancing
Dancing for Sue, Image courtesy Olga Zametra

This trip abroad was a lot of things: I made connections with amazing photographers from the US, the UAE, and Europe, for the first time in my life I facilitated something wonderful in my life, on my own that had nothing to do with anyone or anything other than my own desires both personally and professionally, I studied under the number one photographer of women in the world, THE WORLD, and I am facing some pretty incredible aspects of myself that I both am and am not prepared to face, and I welcome it.

I know! All this from one workshop huh?

Thank you, Sue. Again and again, your influence has changed my life, Thank you.

paris - chateau - mozart
Lauren directing Katie

For anyone considering whether or not a workshop given by a leader in your field is worth the time or the expense, look a little closer. I hear, so often that “Oh, it was at a workshop, that’s WHY it’s good.” which I think is a cop-out. In attending education, given by those at the top of their field, YOUR field you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow. You are investing in yourSELF and you WILL grow from it. I highly recommend it.






PS – don’t be surprised if I purchase all the crown molding from my local supply store (ALL of it) and paint it gold. PS: If I go missing, it’s because my husband came home and discovered that I DIY’ed our brick ranch into a French chateau. Those walls though, GAH!


sue bryce - inspired - education - workshop
These images were created at Sue Bryce’s 1st Paris workshop 2016 by Cat Ford-Coates



DIY Flower Crown & My First Periscope!

DIY flower crown, baby!!!

I did my first Periscope last night and…helloooo, SO. FUN. You can follow me at @catfordcoates I’ve been making a list about different topics to scope on and its lookin like I’ll be using it’s fabulousness pretty regularly. Oh! AND! I got my first troller on the scope last night too! While, I need to remember not to curse AT people ON Periscope, it felt pretty cool. Haha! You know you’ve “made it” when…

At any rate, I am a sucker for a DIY project! Now, that isn’t to say that I am particularly GOOD at DIY. I love to paint, and sew, and do all the crafty things but I am far and away from being good at any of them. What’s the rule? It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to get done. Story of my life right there!

assistant - flower crown - diy
My lovely assistant

Don’t get me wrong. I am very detail oriented, but in very specific tasks. Things like client work, SEO for my website, spelling (haha), but when it comes to building props or creating dress options for my studio…Girl, none of that needs to be perfection. I’m not selling it on a runway. They are tools to set my photography apart and help my clients to feel special and beautiful. <<<That right there is my number one priority. Period.

That being said, I have a photo shoot coming up next weekend. This shoot is serving two purposes:

  1. It is part of my “stay inspired” series where I shoot concepts just for me, and to build my portfolio in new directions. The theme? “Marie Antoinette”
  2. Shooting editorial portraits for a lingerie designer that we are hoping to feature in a magazine (I’ll keep you posted)

What I love about the two looks is that it’s allowing me to stretch my legs in designing a themed photo shoot, giving us two completely different options for Marie Antoinette, one of which will be directed more towards portraiture and the other towards boudoir. It’ll be fab!

So, in creating a prop for one of the looks I decided that:

  1. I needed to build a flower crown.
    1. I needed to periscope it to show:
      1. how frickin easy it is
      2. have a double-purposed video (one on Periscope and one I could use here on my blog)

…and then I went down the rabbit hole and made two, had my super squishy assistant Matilda wearing one (she’s a golden/aussie and the best assistant ever!), and made a giant mess of my dining room. The latter is nothing all that new. I build most of the crafty hacks for my portrait studio here at home.

Here is the periscope video in case you missed it! Be sure to download the app so you can follow me live! Also, my Instagram has all of my funness as well: behind the scenes, Matilda (because, duh!), client favorites, and the list goes on. Both handles are:


See you on the other side!

flower crown - diy - photographer
I am the lady liberty of flower crowns



Now, the steps to making a flower crown. The recipe if you will.


  1. Floral Wire
  2. Floral tape
  3. stemmed fake flowers
  4. wire cutters or pliers will work too

**Note, I spent $23 on 1-2-3 (already had pliers) and had enough material for two adult crowns and I still have two rolls of floral tape and about a million feet of floral wire, as well as enough “flowers” left to get through a crown for a young girl.

  1. Measure wire around your head three times
  2. Cover length of wire by winding floral tape around the wire (this will take a while)
  3. loosely twist the wire around itself (3 times) – this makes the base sturdy enough to hold your flowers and stems
  4. Flowers:
    1. trim your flowers to where you have about 2″ of stem (give or take)
    2. thread stems through wire braiding
    3. wrap threaded stems with floral tape
    4. repeat a million times

This Photographer’s Steps of Service {Asheville Photographer}

Preparing for a photo shoot as a photographer. So, what does that mean? What are this photographer’s steps of service? Don’t I just show up and shoot and send you home? Nah, it wouldn’t be nearly the experience for either of us if that were all there was to it. What is my process? Well, there are a few steps.

First and foremost: I have you in to our photo studio here in Asheville for a consultation (or via Skype if you aren’t local – @CatFC828) and we get to know one another a bit. Really, its a conversation more than anything. I ask you questions about what you’re hoping to get out of a photo shoot experience with us. Is it to celebrate a recent victory? A holiday or anniversary gift for a loved one? Investing in your own self care? Maybe you haven’t had a professional portrait taken in a while…or ever? You ask me questions, whatever is coming up for you: What do I wear? How much should I bring? Should I do my hair? What kind of shoes should I bring? What kind of artwork do you offer? How much is it? Can I bring a friend/daughter/sister/mom/partner? We’ll address all of these things, and more. These consultations typically take 30-45 minutes and are no obligation. If after we meet you decide that maybe I’m not the right photographer for you, that’s okay too.

What do YOU get from this consultation?

From this consultation I am able to really get a sense of you, your personality, your likes and dislikes and I use this information to tailor your photo shoot TO you.

  • Design a posing map based on your wardrobe, body type and personality
  • Learn about things you might not be so comfortable with about yourself and be sure to pose you in a way that is flattering for all of your best features
  • Understand the types of artwork you are interested in to help me shoot with that artwork in mind.
posing map - sisters - mothers and daughters - photo shoot
My not-so-Picasso sketch

So, we’ve had our consultation, now what? Well, if you choose to move forward with your makeover and photo shoot with us we will:

  • confirm your date with our calendar. That requires a non-refundable retainer paid either at your consultation or a date determined by our conversation at your consultation.
  • send you our PDF about the details on how to prepare; everything we discuss at your consultation and more in detail.
  • communicate either by email or phone about additional questions that you have before the shoot. For example, you might be out shopping and trying to decide between a few outfits. Text them to me and I’ll give you my recommendations and why. Send me your pinterest boards, tell me what imagery on my website that you love and are drawn to and why and feel free to pin those images as well. You can add comments to everything that you pin so I can know right away when I connect with your board.
  • follow up with you to remind you about your session the day before your shoot and then we’ll meet at the studio for your appointment.

During this time, I also take a few hours to sketch out my ideas for your session based on everything we discussed at your consultation, communication before your shoot and any inspiration you’ve provided. I’m no Picasso with a pencil however (see above image), these sketches allow me to solidify a posing map specifically designed for you. I’ll then use this map when you arrive in the studio to plan out your poses once I have your wardrobe in house while you’re in hair and makeup with our stylist.

before and after - transformation - pohtographer - asheville

When you arrive at our studio,we’ll take your before photo and you will go directly in to hair and makeup. Our stylist will discuss with you personally how you’re envisioning your hair style and your makeup for your session as well as anyone else receiving this service in your party. I will be finalizing our posing map based on your wardrobe selection, shooting some behind the scenes stills and video and arranging our first set.

Once we’re into the shoot, I’ll be coaching and directing you through the entire process based on that posing map. I’ll also be sure to capture candid in between poses as well. How you carry yourself naturally is beautiful and while I want to have the foundation of the map, your natural beauty will shine on it’s own as you become more comfortable and I want to capture that, above all else. 🙂

Following your photo shoot, we will schedule your in person reveal and ordering session. It is typically within a week of your photo shoot. At this reveal session we will go through all of your edited imagery together and you will choose your favorites for your artwork and place your order. Whether you love one image or twenty-five images, what you purchase is completely up to you. It is my job to create beautiful portraits of you that you will love. It is your job to choose your favorites and try not to want everything that we’ve created together. 😉 Once your order is placed we will schedule your product delivery. This is usually 3-4 weeks following your ordering appointment and dependent upon the artwork you have purchased (folio collection, wall art, etc.).  I will personally deliver your order to you at the time we choose at your reveal session. I drop ship nothing, ever. All of your artwork is delivered to me first, so that I am able to ensure the utmost of quality from my suppliers before it reaches your hands.

For the record, I am a hugger. I am connected to each and every one of my clients and I cherish you all. Each of us has a story and I am so grateful to be able to learn about you and provide this service for you. That being said, more than likely, you’ll get a hug. 😀

So, there you have it. Are you interested in a makeover and photo shoot with us at Studio 828 Photography? I would love to photograph you.



Teresa’s Sarasota Boudoir Photo Shoot {Boudoir Photographer}

Teresa is SUCH an amazing client! I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to have been able to shoot for her. She’s funny, sweet and SO friendly! We had a ball! Truly, she was a joy to work with for the Sarasota boudoir photography event.

Thank you Teresa! You are stunning and I cannot thank you enough.




Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, www.Studio-828.com

Hair and Makeup: Tiara from Prestige Artists

boudoir photography session in sarasota - srq - boudoir - gloves - lying down poses

before and after - photography transformation - headshot
Teresa’s Before and After Transformation

Want to see MORE from Teresa’s Sarasota boudoir makeover and photo shoot? Check out our behind the scenes video right here!

From “Make Do Suzie” to learning more in 3 days than I have in 6 months {Asheville Photographer’s Assistant}

Make Do Suzie: A “make do Susie” is one that always makes do with whatever is easiest (and sometimes most affordable out of necessity or laziness). GUILTY as charged. The 3 days I worked as a photographer’s assistant on a commercial shoot, taught me more than I’ve learned in 6 months!

I am, by far and away incredibly guilty of being a “make do Susie”. What is that exactly? Well, outside of my photography classes in my first round of a collegiate education ( we won’t talk about WHEN that was. We’ll just say it was a while back :-D) I am self-taught. I have always had a camera in hand. And by always I truly mean always, and forever, as long as I can remember. My lighting arsenal includes the sun, a white 42″ reflector, a 580ex speedlight and insulation boards wrapped in aluminum foil. Since I only just picked up molding light beyond my speedlight and the sun as of 2 months ago, you can imagine my elation to be asked to assist Montana Pritchard, a photographer from West Palm Beach here in Asheville on a commercial shoot for the new Asheville Outlets (formerly Biltmore Square Mall) opening in 2015.

I have never really been involved in much commercial work as a photographer. I modeled some in the 90’s for a few recognizable companies and worked as an actor in films, but never anything on the tech side of things. WOW!

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love LOVE my work. Beauty and portrait work is my heart. Being exposed to what I do from an aspect of the commercial world…there are almost no words. I realized that my “make do suzieness” (mds) was out of control. I’ve never seen, let alone used most of the equipment we were working with and after 3 days with Montana and the crew, I was able to comprehend HOW to take my own work to another level, items to plan for purchase to build my business (instead of buying what I think I might, maybe need) and how to work with and learn from others to make their job(s) more streamlined and efficient and use that experience to my own betterment as well.

So Cat, what did you actually DO for 3 days?

  • I pushed 300+ pounds of gear up a steep 20′ hill with the grip
  • lugged 70 pound pelican cases up and down flights of stairs and through parks
  • put my foot in my mouth
  • set up and broke down sets
  • shot behind the scenes with my iPhone (yup. my iPhone)
  • got lost at the Grove Park Inn
  • listened…closely
  • grabbed coffee refill(s)
  • carried a myriad of crazy gear and reflectors and lights and stands and power boxes and lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!
  • sweated like a banshee
  • learned
  • Loved. Every. Second. of. It.

Being a photographer’s assistant is not for the faint of heart. Figuratively and literally. It can be hard work. For someone in my position, it was an opportunity of a lifetime. I know, it sounds sappy, but it is so true. With a lack in a formal photography education, I’ve made do and built my own gear and needs and have never been exposed to the type of gear (& the knowledge to utilize that gear) that would allow me to dream big for my shoots. It isn’t rocket science, I know but it certainly was inspirational and an eye opener. Frankly, it was just the kick in the you-know-where that I needed to revisit my business plan to adjust my own plans and forecast for 828 for the next 18 months.

*Sidenote, for those of you not treating your business plan as a living document, get it together! Do it! Come back to it, and regularly. It will change your life! But, that’s for another post all together, anyhoo*

One of the things that was discovered along the way was that Asheville doesn’t seem to have a central web presence with contact information on crew here in the area. Crew, studios, anything. So, that is on the way. Once it is built and live, I’ll be sure to link out so that photographers can actually source people here in WNC for their commercial projects and work.

In the meantime, below are some fun pictures from our commercial photography shoot this week for New England Development handling the campaign for the upcoming Asheville Outlets. (*Are you excited? I AM!). Try not to hate too hard on the snapshots. Not only were they from my iPhone but on a set, you’ve gotta move FAST!

To everyone involved and especially Montana and his studio manager Kat, THANK YOU. It was an incredible experience for me and I hope to find myself working with you again.



PS – Did I mention Montana was shooting with a Hasselblad? Just being in the vicinity of one was worth the job…one day (sigh)


Asheville Outlets Commercial Photography Campaign: New England Development

Photographer: Montana Pritchard Photography, West Palm Beach FL

Stylist: Lydia Santangelo, Boston MA



Photography production crew:

  • Production Manager – Miles Rice
  • Digital Assistant – Matt Sellers
  • 1st Photographer’s Assistant – Paul Lewis Anderson
  • 2nd Photographer’s Assistant – Cat Ford-Coates (yours truly)
  • 3rd Photographer’s Assistant – Morgan Ford
  • Grip, Smokey Mountain Grip & Lighting – Mark Lewis
asheville arboretum - commercial photoshoot permit
Beautiful location at the Arboretum
staging a dining shot - montana pritchard photography - rad - lift studios
Staging a dining shot at the Lift Studios in Asheville’s River Arts District
grove park inn - amazing view - asheville outlets fashion campaign
BTS at Grove Park Inn, What a VIEW!
behind the scenes - asheville arboretum - commercial photography production crew
More behind the scenes at the Arboretum
Depot Street - commercial shoot - RAD - Avl
Shooting on Depot Street in RAD
photographer's first assistant - 1st assistant - paul lewis anderson - hasselblad camera - on set - junction
The first assistant (Paul Anderson) setting up the Hasselblad on set in front of thee Junction in RAD
photo shoot production crew - grove park inn - asheville outlets photo shoot - fashion in avl
Working as a team!
hair and makeup - behind the scenes - BTS
Professional hair and makeup is ESSENTIAL!
pro HMUA - asheville makeup artists
The hair and makeup team did an Ah-Mazing job with the models!
touchup - makeup - on set - commercial shoot
Touchup on set!
montana pritchard photography - asheville - fashion campaign - asheville outlets
Montana working the team!
montana pritchard - grove park inn - commercial fashion photo shoot - commercial
Setting up the best shot at the Grove Park Inn!
grove park inn - outdoor fashion shoot
Outdoor shoot at the Grove Park Inn
morgan ford - assisting montana pritchard photography - asheville rad
Morgan Ford assisting here in Asheville’s RAD for Montana Pritchard Photography
photo assisting - asheville photo production crew
What’s my light at?
asheville trolley tours - grove park inn - fashion campaign in asheville
The Asheville Trolley Tours even made an appearance!



Girl’s Day Giveaway Winners {Asheville Beauty and Boudoir Photography}

In January of this year Studio 828 Photography ran a Facebook contest for one lucky winner and 7 of her closest friends to win makeovers and mini photo sessions for one afternoon. Well, at the end of March we had the pleasure of hosting that great experience with The Secret Spa here in Asheville and I could not be happier with the results! Not only did I get to meet inspiring women, but I got to photograph them as well and now that I have had a chance to share their imagery with each of them individually I can now share it with you here on the blog.

From my personal perspective, it is sometimes funny to me how meeting with my clients for their photoshoots affects me personally. I come in prepared and expecting to have fun, sure! Who wouldn’t? But I am sometimes taken aback at how my clients are as people, as women. These 8 women were no exception. Each of them inspires me in some way, to make better choices in my own life and to appreciate more of what life has to offer. Thanks for the reminder ladies! Thank you for the inspiration. Wishing you all the best!

Thinking of booking a beauty or boudoir photography session here in Asheville? Email Cat@Studio-828.com or call 828-275-9932 today.


beauty portrait - gazing - blue eyes sisters - beautiful portraits for mothers day 40 and fabulous - mother of 2 - boudoir in asheville eyelashes - just a sheet - boudoir frannys farm - girls day giveaway in asheville cat ford-coates - asheville boudoir photographer behind the scenes of an asheville portrait shoot bubbles - photoshoot accessories the secret spa - asheville hair and makeup girls day - getting ready mother daughter session - getting ready pro hair and makeup - avl photoshoot - behind the scenes boudoir makeup - behind the scenes - asheville photoshoot sensual boudoir - beautiful portrait - avl asheville - boudoir photography - striking pose serious portrait - headshot - beautiful hair beautiful portraits - mothers day asheville - avl boudoir and beauty sexy boudoir in asheville - studio 828 boudoir photo assistant katie richard makeup artist in asheville - the secret spa and salon the secret spa - he will book your appointment now beautiful portraits of mom gazing - natural light photography - portraits of a mother curvy girl - photography with real women portraits for mothers day - girls day - asheville portraits headshot - photography for real women in asheville smile - a different perspective - photographing women mother daughter session - asheville photographer - asheville - mothers day 50+ boudoir photography - asheville boudoir photographer ready for my closeup - waiting - sneak beauty and boudoir photography for women over 50 - black and white - classy



The Value of a Fabulous Makeup Artist {Asheville Beauty and Boudoir Photographer}

How do you determine the value of a makeup artist for a photo shoot? Many of my clients and other photographers often ask who I work with, how often, if it is the same company or artist regularly, how I found them and of course…how much they cost. I cannot stress enough how important a great makeup artist is for a shoot (or a wedding for that matter). It is absolutely paramount that, for you to look your absolute BEST in your imagery, that you start as flawless as possible.

Many artists, directly out of school while having incredible potential are still stuck in fleshing out all of the techniques they have learned. Personally, our policy is that recent graduates are welcome to join us on set with guidance from an experienced artist. No one will ever get better without proper guidance and communication not only from their mentor, but also from the photographer and most importantly, the client. The point of your makeup artist is not to make you look like a different person. The main goals of your makeup artist (at least on my set) is to:

  1. help you to look like the best version of yourself
  2. feel as though you are appreciated by everyone in the room (common goal)
  3. feel carefree and excited about your shoot

So, how do you go about finding a makeup artist? And not just any makeup artist, but a Great makeup artist! When I first started 828 beauty and boudoir photography sessions, I reached out to artists via Google and to others that other photographer friends have employed in the past. Some of them were incredibly skilled but a little too diva, others were incredibly gracious but their skill-set wasn’t quite up to par. All the while, I was able to give my clients beautiful imagery, I have been able to narrow down my favorite artists here in Asheville and thought I would share them with you today.

I hope you’re all having an amazing week! Ready for your beauty or boudoir photography session? Feel free to reach out, I would love to shoot for you! Go ahead, give yourself permission to embrace and celebrate your own beauty.



Cat@Studio-828.com 828.275.9932 http://www.Studio-828.com

Wedding & Beauty Hair & Makeup with Wendy at Blush by Wendy Ballance

asheville beauty and glamour photography

professional makeup artist in asheville

Asheville Hair & Makeup with Dollbox Productions

asheville boudoir photography

avl makeup - hair and makeup artists - boudoir photography
Amanda and Heather from Doll Box Productions

Hair & Makeup Artistry with The Secret Spa in Asheville

ashlee knight, makeup artist, photographers asheville

Yes girls, bubbles included

before and after - asheville bouudoir


Behind the Scenes {Asheville Glamour Photography}

Why hello there! I am having the BEST time editing all of the artwork from the Beauty marathon from last weekend, and I thought it might be a fun blog post for you to see what goes on behind the scenes. So, I brought on my assistant and her focus for the entirety of the two days was to shoot behind the scenes; hair and makeup, me shooting, she took the before shots for each of my clients (wanna see the before and afters? Check out the website, they might just blow you away!)and I simply cannot thank her enough! She was organized, motivated, fun and ON IT! Thank you Jennifer!!!



boudoir photography in asheville, black and white, behind the scenes
Workin that mother daughter session like nobody's business!
Workin that mother daughter session like nobody’s business!
girls day, bachelorette party ideas, beauty photography in asheville
Its a Girl’s Day!
The Secret Spa, makeup artists asheville, behind the scenes
Ashlee with the Secret Spa brings her extensive makeup kit on site with Studio 828
behind the scenes, beauty photography in asheville
Curl Baby, CURL!
avl makeup artist - ashlee knight - the secret spa asheville
Ashelee’s makeup sets the mood!
mens grooming, asheville couples photography
Even the menfolk get groomed!
cat ford-coates, asheville beauty photographer, couples boudoir in asheville
Hard at Work! Gawd! I LOVE my job!

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