FashMob IV

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Ladies of VaVaVooom boutique in downtown Asheville

Fashmob IV. What. A. Fun. Event. Hands down. Getting outside of my own business for half a second and stretch my creative legs was EXACTLY what I needed. Whew! Who knew?

So, WTHeck is a “Fashmob”? Photographers, models, stylists and designers of all levels in the fashion community to come together to create art, flashmob style. Which is exactly what we did. I think I lost count after about 45 photographers and dozens of models all wearing designs from some of my favorite Asheville clothing designers. Oh, you mean I show up, meet with 80+ people all in it for the love and art of it, work with them in groups and individually to create art we love and are proud of? Duh. I’d LOVE too! Meet new people, laugh and connect? You BET! Put faces to names I see almost daily on social media? All over it! Share the love? Yes.

Thank you Duncan Chaboudy for putting this together. I absolutely see it as part of my “must participate in” events list. Thank you Asheville, for coming together to create art, collaborate and make our days just a little bit brighter. Read more about Fashmob IV on Ashevegas!