Thank you for Loving your photographs {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

Thank you for loving your photographs, truly. It is quite apparent to me that you love your photographs because you are referring me to your friends and sharing my work on your social media. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. To take it a step further, please tell those people who you are sharing those portraits with, to tell me that YOU sent them to me. I would love to send you a gift.

Much Love,


thank you

Are you interested in a beautiful photo shoot to celebrate you? I would love to photograph you.


Teresa’s Sarasota Boudoir Photo Shoot {Boudoir Photographer}

Teresa is SUCH an amazing client! I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to have been able to shoot for her. She’s funny, sweet and SO friendly! We had a ball! Truly, she was a joy to work with for the Sarasota boudoir photography event.

Thank you Teresa! You are stunning and I cannot thank you enough.




Photography: Cat Ford-Coates,

Hair and Makeup: Tiara from Prestige Artists

boudoir photography session in sarasota - srq - boudoir - gloves - lying down poses

before and after - photography transformation - headshot
Teresa’s Before and After Transformation

Want to see MORE from Teresa’s Sarasota boudoir makeover and photo shoot? Check out our behind the scenes video right here!

I am a Photographer {Asheville NC}

Why do I love what I do? Why am I enthusiastic? I am a photographer. I primarily shoot beauty and boudoir portraiture for women. I also shoot portraiture for families and contract up to ten weddings per season. I love what I do. I love that I can truly show you over the course of a day exactly how bright your own light can shine. I love that this experience brings joy and self-love to each of my clients. I love that we laugh. I love that I am able to provide this amazing experience for each of you. Giving that gift to you, it brings ME joy. That is why I love what I do. That is why I am happy to get up in the mornings. That is why I love being a photographer here in Asheville. Below are some images from shoots I’ve had over this summer. Each and every one of these women inspire me. They inspire me to be a better person. They inspire me to be a better photographer, to WANT to master more of my craft. I cannot thank you enough.

Mad Love,


glamour - gold dress - sequins - beauty modern - magazine style portrait - sensual - sexy - asheville - beautiful photography laughter - being vulnerable - guitar - boudoir - asheville photographer classic - beautiful portrait - professional pictures in asheville

intimate - beautiful portraits - asheville photography - studio 828 photography asheville boudoir - grooms gift - corset - black and white stunning asheville portraits - boudoir - photography mother daughter - infant - eyes - beautiful smiles - women over 40 - fabulous - taking time for yourself a quiet moment in portraits - quiet - beautiful sisters - beautiful pictures of your family - classic and timeless fierce - curves - timeless - sexy strength womanhood - celebration - taking time for you smiling - beautiful - portraits for mom being vulnerable in pictures - headshots

The versatility in shooting for everyday women in Asheville {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

As a photographer who shoots primarily for women, I occasionally have a client that is so incredibly versatile that it blows me away. Destonie is one of those clients. She photographs as though she should have been 25 years old in the mid 70’s, her wardrobe is filled with beautiful pieces from different eras and seemingly all over the world and she is, well just gorgeous. Take a look for yourself below. She is one of those photography clients here in Asheville that gives a photographer a liiiittle bit more room for artistic expression. Thank you Destonie. Glad we could finally get together (we’ve been planning this shoot for almost a year)! Hope you love them!

Are you considering a photography session here in Asheville? I’d love to shoot for you. We’ll work together to plan the perfect shoot for our vision. We are accepting new clients for September and October of this year. Call Cat today. 828-275-9932 View more of our portfolio at the Studio 828 Photography website

timeless - sultry - boudoir - portraits in asheville vogue - 1974 - photographer having alittle fun modern - beauty portraiture - asheville photographer magazine style photography - not your average photographer in asheville boudoir - asheville - modern and timeless

Beauty and Boudoir Photography Girl’s Day {Asheville Boudoir Photographer}

On a chilly afternoon I received a call about doing a boudoir session for two best friends, Staci and Brittney on a fun trip they had planned here in Asheville. Let me just say, I LOVE shooting girl’s days. It is always super fun and I’m tasked with capturing great portraits of not only their relationship but also of each of them individually. The transformations are usually full of laughter and OMG moments as well as gratitude. I’m given an opportunity to learn about women I otherwise would never have had a chance to meet otherwise. We’re women. We can talk about just about anything, and we usually do. Thank you Staci and Brittney, I had a fabulous day getting to know you both and I’m so glad you love your imagery as much as I do!

Thinking of a Siren Boudoir photography session in Asheville? Email or call 828-275-9932 to book your Girl’s Day!

beautiful portraits - asheville girls day avl portrait photography before and after - boudoir transformation sensual - fan - boudoir glamorous - boudoir photography in asheville cherries - lingerie - thigh highs - stockings - leopard print sensual boudoir - tasteful - classy boudoir pictures in asheville avl boudoir - potrait - asheville boudoir photography asheville girls day - boudoir photography IMG_0826 transformation - before and after mother of three boudoir boudoir photography in asheville



Girl’s Day Giveaway {Asheville Beauty and Boudoir Photography}

We have a WINNER! Congratulations Heather Meadows! I’ll be seeing you at The Secret Spa with your seven favorite ladies Very Soon!


Good Morning Ladies! I’m writing this as I wait for my flight leaving out of Asheville. I’m heading to the beautiful beaches in Sarasota Florida (happy dance!) but I wanted to touch base quickly to let everyone know about a contest Studio 828 Photography is running in partnership with The Secret Spa here in Asheville. You see, just last week we reached over 1000 likes on our Facebook business page. This of course, for any young business is a huge accomplishment and, my way of saying “thank you ” is to offer up this great contest!

Ever wanted to get your sisters, Mom, cousins, and BFF’s together for a beautiful portrait shoot? A day where you all get together for beautiful makeovers, laughter, your best outfits and photoshoots throughout the day to capture it all? Let’s DO it then!?

Winner to receive:

  • Private Girl’s Day Spa Party
  • You and 7 of your closest girlfriends!
  • Mini Makeover
  • Bubbles (of course, sheesh)
  • Group and Individual Photoshoots All around
  • Matted 5×7″ Print from the day (Additional prints and products available for purchase)
  • $50.00 Credit towards any print package purchase

How to Enter:

Winner to be announced via Facebook on February 7th. Contest ENDS at 12:00AM (that’s midnight) on January 31st, 2014. Ladies, let’s get this party started! Have YOU entered for your chance to win? If so, have you shared the contest with your friends today?



a Rafflecopter giveaway

girl's day giveaway - asheville beauty photographer

*Winners may not use this giveaway in conjunction with any other offers or promotions with Studio 828 Photography

So Much to be Thankful For in 2013 {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

I have been trying to write this post for about two weeks now. My head swirls with all of the topics I wanted to touch on before the end of the year; new photography promotions, being thankful, my favorite images from this year and the list goes on. The main point for this posting however is merely to express how grateful I am for this past year, how thankful I am for the opportunity to grow here in Asheville both as an entrepreneur and an artist. For those of you that have worked with Studio 828 Photography, THANK YOU! I would not be on this path without you and I cherish each of you, as clients and as friends. I have some really fun, divalicious new promotions coming for 2014 and I cannot wait to share them with you!

I am thankful, humbly and graciously. I have had wonderful adventures this year! Opportunities to travel up and down the eastern seaboard from Florida to Manhattan (I am a “half back” after-all).  I have been lucky enough to shoot for some of my favorite people and reconnect with friends I haven’t seen for a decade! To celebrate wonderful new chapters in their lives and to help some come out of their shells and remember that they too are wonderful, beautiful souls that deserve the light and care that these photography sessions bring to you and in turn developed wonderful friendships along the way.

Thank you Asheville. YOU truly have blessed me.



Some of my Favorite Images from 2013

asheville beauty photographer - cat ford-coates, behind the scenes at a photoshoot
Thank you Jennifer Burrell for capturing this moment!
Probably my favorite image of New York. Thank you iPhone!
Probably my favorite image of New York. Thank you iPhone!

modern glamour photography in asheville asheville engagement photography

beofre and after of a young model in asheville
Always ask for a Before & After transformation

sisterly love - wedding photography in wnc fun wedding party photography in asheville asheville event photography

bride and groom - asheville wedding photo booth
Amelia & Warren taking a moment for some laughs

mother daughter portraits - asheville - creative - timeless

intimate engagement photography
Their laughter is contagious!!

brides in asheville, farm wedding sabrina sprinkle - asheville beauty photography - moody black and whites groomsmen - asheville wedding at claxton farm professional portraits - portraits for professionals in asheville banyan trees - fun high school portraits - sarasota teen portrait photography

savannah minister richard nelson - isle of hope - portraits for professionals in savannah
No really, he’s GOT this!

portraits for professionals in savannah pierce edens - pedw - portraits for musicians in asheville

dog portraits - asheville - love my dog!
She’s got my heart!
frannys farm - leicester nc - wedding and event venue in asheville
You always have a good time at frannys farm!

intimate boudoir portraits in asheville - beauty photography asheville and wnc senior photography in asheville - catching a moment boudoir photography asheville beauty poortraits - asheville portrait photographer intimate beauty portraits - beautiful photogrpahy in asheville asheville family photographer

Adding a little love for my beauty clients {Asheville Beauty Photographer}

This past week has been pretty inspirational for me. The fall always brings it on, I think that is why it is my favorite season. Personally, with the Zu, it has kept me wrapped up for most of the Summer which, I cannot be more thankful for! It is almost surreal however, having been in a constant state of GO GO GO! I was finding less and less time to enjoy and pursue my joy, my photography. So, when I started amping up and planning for the Femme Frames event in November I was swimming in this sea of questioning about “What can I bring to the table beyond my photography skills and art?” That may sound silly, “Isn’t that WHY people pay you Cat? For just that?” That’s it though, it IS ‘Just that’!” How can I show my clients that their own light is special? That they aren’t just a number in my cash flow projections?

There is an international photographer that teaches pretty regularly on creativeLive, Sue Bryce. I’ve been following and taking her courses for some time now. A bit of a virtual mentor if you will. Her photography is beautiful and the way she shares is incredibly honest and transparent and inspirational…

At any rate, I was day dreaming about shooting women in these amazing dresses and gowns and…even from thrift stores were waaaay outside of my price range. I wanted my clients to feel like Hollywood. To feel like they could be on the cover of magazines…but I couldn’t quite put it together. I haven’t filled all of my appointments for this event so, my budget for provisionals FOR my sets and clients is less than I was hoping for, to really bring something great to the proverbial table, to go above and beyond. How can I accomplish this? How can I do what I do, to help you feel safe and vulnerable at the same time, to give you beautiful imagery in showing you your very own beauty? How can I do this any better than another photographer might?

Then I happened upon Sue’s blog post about her session dresses, and how she cannot afford to shoot her girls in the dresses that she wants too, so she makes her own. BLAMO! Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, because I sew like a 2nd grader might attempt drawing architecture…but, I have a sewing machine and Sue delivered a seemingly simple tutorial on how to make her dresses so, I’m giving it a shot!

I think I’m on the right path. As I walked in to Joann Fabrics on Monday I had a simple budget for one dress’s worth of material…Thank you bank holiday! Everything was 50% off! So, I started perusing the tulle section scavenging through available colors with enough material (20 yards btw) and came to the decision that if I was going to go for it, I mean really GO FOR IT! I would make two dresses. Go big or go home ya know? Then, my crafty girl side started looking at flowers for hair pieces, patterns to make the dresses adjustable in size (6-10 and 10-14), hot glue, ribbon…and I still walked out of that fabric store with material for both dresses, a little bling and supplies to make hair pieces for less than I was planning to make one simple dress. I was pretty proud of myself, I must say. Then I got to thinking, was that the Universe letting me know something?

I’ve been using all of my free time this week hand sewing these dresses. “But Cat, you have a sewing machine. Why are you hand sewing?” Well, I’ll probably use the sewing machine for the finishing touches but, as I was totally engulfed in 50 yards of tulle I realized that if these dresses are going to be these special gifts FOR my client’s sessions, then I really need to put raw energy and love into them. I needed to use my hands to sew them. I know, it is silly and inefficient at best and maybe I’m just being hopeful, but it is more than just having a rack of beautiful finds for my clients to wear at their session (though, I’m building that rack too), it is having something with my own energy and passion that is not something they’d find in any store, it was made just FOR them. Is that silly? Maybe…but it is honest, it is true and I hope that it inspires at least one of my clients to be Cinderella, even if only for 20 minutes.

Are you considering a Femme Frames session? Appointments are available November 9 & 10. A little bubbly, professional hair and makeup and some Cinderelly go a long way. Contact or call 828-275-9932 with inquiries, I’d love to shoot for you!

handmade - going the extra mile
One of the skirts for my handmade dresses

hand crafted - photo prop - asheville photographer handmade hair pieces - asheville photographer - beauty photography

boudoir - glamour - beauty photography asheville
Booking ::


Franny’s Farm Fest THIS Saturday {Asheville Portrait and Event Photographer}

Remember a couple of weeks ago I had issued a blog post about Franny’s Farm? Let me just tell you, right now, Franny is by far and away one inspirational woman! Not only was she a speaker at the March Against Monsanto rally last weekend, she, her husband Jeff and her son Zack have worked so hard and so diligently getting Franny’s Farm off the ground it is absolutely awe inspiring to see not only how far they’ve come but the plans they have in place for the future.

I was lucky enough to help her document some really fun and great moments out on the farm in Leicester and this coming Saturday she is hosting a benefit for Asheville High School’s 4H program. They’re showing an independent film about AHS’s band trip to Washington DC for the Presidential inauguration, have musical entertainment lined up all day long from: Little Creek, Outside Suburbia, Sherry Lynn and her Bluegrass Band, The River Rats and Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work. There will also be food from Farm 2 Fender Food Trucks and craft sales from local artisans not to mention farm animals too!

This event really is going to be a blast and for a great cause!! Tickets are $5 (Pre-schoolers are free) and proceeds are going to establish Future Farmers of America at Asheville High School!!!

In the meantime, here are some more fun images from Franny’s Farm. And, if you come out on Saturday, I may even take pictures of YOU!

See you there!


funny bridesmaid at frannys farm in leicester nc frances tacy having fun with local jewelry designer sabrina sprinkle at frannys farm cowgirls - asheville farm fun - family friendly wedding venue in asheville merchandise for franny's farm in leicester nc candid portrait moments - frannys farm fun candid catalog image for local vendor frannys farm asheville family portraits at frannys farm in leicester nc farm owner - large rooster - the godfather - frannys farm farm owner with her bees in the sunlight - relaxed portrait frances and her son from frannys farm with baby turkeys on the farm

My Favorite Images from 2012

So, 2012 is coming to a close. Having just opened Studio 828 Photography in March of this year I feel more than blessed for having this business unfold and flourish so quickly. Below, you will find my favorite images from this year.

I have made some wonderful connections and been party to amazing support from friends and Asheville overall! These last 9 months have been eye opening, inspiring and my heart is full of love and gratitude! I am concentrating on expanding my own photographic skillset to provide even better images for my clients at every opportunity. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope your new year is full of life and love!!!

Happy New Year,


beer city-asheville-mitch fortuneAsheville Senior PortraitYoung woman portrait full lengthtwo women modeling intergalactic hobo designsBlack and white boudoir in ashevilleYoung bride for ice creamfriends laughing at partyyoung toddler portrait-black and whitelittle boy first birthdaytwo boys over cakepierce edens performing in ashevilleShop view of Makeup at the grove arcadeFunny man as superheroZombie crossing road by young unsuspecting womanYoung woman in splitPerforming on lyra for asheville aerialistsBride and groombeauty portrait for professional in ashevillebritney baldwin-asheville skyline-glamour-dramalittle girl-red hood-holidaysLittle boy examining feet at christmasCouple at weddingBride and Groom wedding kissNEW MOM - ASHEVILLE-PORTRAITasheville-wordslam 2012-event-dakota-performance-beatnicasheville-nightlife-athena's-downtownfishnet-boudoir in asheville-modernlgbt couple-asheville-nc mountain state fair