You are worth it and so is your daughter. SHOW HER.

Mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers.

Those roles are each, quite distinct and very, very important in their own way. My birthday gift to myself is to take action in honoring my role as a woman. My role as a woman who empowers other women. My role as a woman who sees the absolute beauty in every other feminine power that she meets, and mirrors it back to them. My role in honoring that in a new way is to create a book that tells the stories of mothers and daughters, and their connection. What those mothers want their daughters to know, the women those young girls are growing into being; their loves, dreams, and desires in life.

We will be inviting 20 women and their daughters the opportunity to a portrait session in our studio in April and May of this year and I would love for you and your daughters to be involved with us in this publication. We will be photographing our subjects in April and May and publishing a book with the imagery and stories of each of these women and their daughters this summer.

Would you and your mother or daughter be interested in a portrait shoot with us? Would you want to be part of an artistic endeavor and a book publication? Are you open to sharing your story and philosophy on womanhood, motherhood, and everything as a feminine being? Please submit your story to us below. How would this benefit you? How might this benefit your daughter(s)? How will sharing your story be empowering for you and for others?

Don’t be shy. We would love to photograph you.

daughter - legacy - portrait - heirloom
What kind of legacy will you leave for your daughters?

daughter - heirloom - youth
They will never be this young again.


  1. What are you publishing?
    1. A coffee table book honoring women (through portraiture and their own words) in their many roles in life as; daughters, mothers, sisters, grandmothers and the philosophies they want to share with their own daughters.
  2. How do I participate?
    1. First, submit your story and how being a part of this project will benefit you and others and we’ll go from there 🙂
  3. Is there a cost?
    1. Yes. There is a non-refundable $350 fee to participate.
  4. What is your cancellation policy?
    1. Rescheduling for this project will not be permitted. Should you be unable to attend your confirmed photo shoot appointment (or arrive 30 minutes after your scheduled time), your appointment will be forfeited and your confirmation fee can be applied to a full session with our studio only.
  5. What is included?
    1. Pre-Shoot consultation: discuss your family, how this might be beneficial for you, what you want your daughter to know, and general information to plan for your session.
      1. Skype or Facetime
    2. Professional photo shoot in our Asheville photo studio
    3. Hair and Makeup styling for up to two people
    4. One signed copy of the completed coffee table book per photo shoot
      1. Additional unsigned copies available for purchase at $49
      2. Primary contact will be notified upon publishing and an appointment will be arranged for pickup
        1. Shipping additional
    5. In person reveal session
      1. We will review all of the edited imagery from your photo shoot
      2. Prints and packages available for purchase
    6. When will you be shooting these sessions?
      1. There are 20 sessions available. Appointments will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.
      2. April: Sunday 24, Friday 29, Saturday 30
      3. May: Friday 6, Saturday 7, Monday 9, Sat 14, Fri 20, Fri 27, Sat 28
    7. Are there any age restrictions?
      1. Please keep applications for children above the age of 7
  6. Look in the mirror. Take a Deep Breath. You ARE worth it and so is your daughter. SHOW HER.



28 Days with Sue Bryce {Personal Journey}

If you have been following me or Studio 828 Photography, you know that I’ve been 110% immersed in a continuing education program called, 28 Days with Sue Bryce. For other photographers out there that are considering a contemporary portrait specialty in their studio, I cannot recommend this enough. To all of the models that I have worked with over the past 29 weeks, I am incredibly humbled by each of you. I am so thankful to have been able to give you imagery that you love and that you were there for me to help me come closer to mastering my craft. And Sue, you have given so much to the photographic community and to me personally within this virtual mentor-ship through the Facebook groups and via CreativeLive…I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Is it a cakewalk? Not even a little bit. Is 28 Days expensive? Only if you don’t do the work. Can I just subscribe to her site instead? Sure you can but it won’t be the same. The beauty of the subscription service on Sue’s site is that when paired with 28 Days, you simply get THAT much better both as an artist and in business. is the protein shake, 28 Days is the workout.

There are a few courses to finish that cover logistics and philosophy (the shooting is complete) but, I couldn’t help to share some of the beautiful imagery I’ve been able to create this year because of 28 Days with Sue Bryce on CreativeLive. I’ve met some amazing people and pushed my own boundaries to really make the best of my skills and talent to provide a better service and quality in product. I’m looking forward to creating the business of my dreams and the ball is already rolling.

One of the amazingly great side effects of working through this program is creating bonds “on the inside” from others doing the work, the same as you. I’ve connected with several wonderful and talented women (and a handful of men) on this journey and yesterday had the opportunity to go to Columbia to meet another student face to face, have a delicious lunch (because, duh!) and trade mini shoots in her natural light studio in Lexington SC. It was so great to connect outside of the interwebs, truly. She and her husband are a fantastic team and they work out of their home (I might be a little jealous there haha) to create some beautiful work for their clients. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Lauren Gregory of Lauren Gregory Photography.

beauty photography - modern glamour glamour photography ashevile nc



28 days ith sue bryce - do the work - master my craft - creativelive
My personal journey in completing 28 days with Sue Bryce on Creative Live.

2016 Asheville Seniors {Model Call}

asheville senior ambassador program - high school seniors - senior photography

Finals are almost over. You’re so close you can taste it. Floating up the French Broad River with friends, sleeping in on a Tuesday, visiting colleges over the summer because next year…next year you’re in the final stretch. You’ll be a senior. You’ll be graduating from an Asheville area high school in 2016.

This summer, Studio 828 Photography is launching our senior ambassadors program. W-T-Heck is an ambassador’s program? It’s simple.

What we need from you:

  • Your smiling self
  • Signing of a Model’s release with parental consent
  • confirming your makeover and photo shoot before June 5, 2015 (A parent/guardian must remain on set for your photo shoot if under 18 years of age)
  • shooting in May/June/July of this year
  • up to 5 outfits ranging from casual to prom
  • your excitement and willingness to share your photos with your friends and on social media
  • a 500 word essay about You. Why should we choose you?
    • Do you have a strong social network?
    • You want to save Mom and Dad some cash?
    • You’re uber-involved in extra-curriculars?
    • You tell US!

What we will provide:

  • Complimentary photo shoot
  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • $300 print credit towards any product purchase
  • 100 senior rep cards OF you
  • $50 in cold hard cash when any one of your friends books a paid senior photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography in Asheville

To qualify, email your essay with a recent snap shot/selfie to before May 22nd, 2015 for consideration. We’ll be accepting 3 students from each of Asheville’s high schools listed below. Tell us why you’re awesome and why you would be the perfect fit!

Asheville area high schools:

  • AC Reynolds
  • Asheville High
  • Enka High
  • Erwin Clyde
  • The New Classical Academy
  • Francine Delany New School

Super Duper Asheville Model Call {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

A brand new year calls for brand new photography challenges. Challenges I welcome with open arms and am so excited for, it is going to be ah-mazing! I have enrolled in some continuing ed for Studio 828 and will need your help! Listed below are needs I have for models in the coming months for assignments for the class. I’ve already started on some of them, which you will be seeing very soon. In the meantime however, please see below for upcoming needs. If you’re interested in modeling for us, please send a recent snapshot (cell phone pics and selfies are totally okay!) with your contact information: email, phone, etc. to

Also, please forward this link to your family and friends and anyone you know that may be interested,

What is provided for a model call:

  • Professional photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography in studio in Asheville’s R.A.D.
  • Gallery viewing of all of your edited imagery
  • One matted 8×10 fine art print of your choice from your session
    • Additional artwork may be purchased from your session at a 10% discount from our regular rates within 7 days ofyour in person viewing
      • Detailed pricing menu available upon request
    • Purchase is in no way required

Requirements of Models:

  • Signature for a model’s release for promotion by Studio 828 Photography
  • Arrive with hair and makeup for your session (Professional styling can be added for $150)
  • Wardrobe for your shoot* (We have a few odds and ends in the studio but we ask that all models bring a selection of outfits. We can always narrow down after you’ve arrived.
  • A fun and happy attitude


Models Needed: *Please note that the dates listed are relative. If we can schedule your shoot within 10 days of the date listed, that is fine.

Please note that the highlighted sessions are still in need of models. Please get in touch today if you’re interested in shooting with us.

  1. Feb 2:
    1. Two women:
      1. BOOKED one any race, age 30-55, up to 5 outfits ranging from casual to black tie
      2. one dark-skinned African-American woman, age 25-40, up to 5 outfits, preferably dresses and gowns or monochromatic outfits
  2. Feb 9: BOOKED One woman, any age/race, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  3. Feb 16: BOOKED One woman, age 15-25, any race, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  4. Feb 23: Three couples: male and female as well as same-sex couples welcome
    1. age ranges 25-30BOOKED/30-40BOOKED/40+, 2 outfits; one casual and 1 dressy with a suit jacket if male
  5. Mar 2: BOOKED One woman, age 35-45, 2 outfits; one casual (t-shirt and jeans) and one of your choice
  6. Mar 9: One woman, age 50+, 2 outfits; one casual, one black tie
  7. Mar 16: Three women (2 shoots):
    1. BOOKED One woman, age 30-40, 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy
    2. BOOKED Mother-Daughter team:
      1. Daughter age 16-25
      2. Mother age 35+
      3. Wardrobe: 3 outfits ranging from casual to dressy. Consider complimentary color palettes when planning your session.
  8. Mar 23: BOOKED Two Women (2 shoots): ages 30-40 and 50+, wardrobe range from casual to black tie
  9. Mar 30: 2/3 BOOKED Three Women (3 shoots): The Curvy Gals! I don’t care if you’re kinda curvy, really curvy…the whole point is to shoot them curves girl! Let’s do it! age 25-65, 3 outfits from casual to dressy
  10. Apr 6: BOOKED 4 models, one shoot ages 35-50. casual and monochromatic/dressy. We’ll be shooting 2’s, 3’s and 4’s
  11. Apr 13: BOOKED two families, two shoots, any age group welcome, complimentary color palettes, indoor*
  12. Apr 20: three models, three shoots, any age group/race welcome, casual to dressy.
    1. Must arrive clean face and hair and do makeup (or have styled) in studio.
  13. May 4: BOOKED three models (3 shoots), ages 14-19, wardrobe casual to dressy
  14. May 18: three models (3 shoots), age 35+, wardrobe casual to dressy – 1 Shoot still available
  15. May 25: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), any age, corporate wardrobe. We’ll be focusing on the corporate headshot only.
  16. Jun 1: BOOKED one model, age 30-40, casual wardrobe for an outdoors shoot
  17. Jun 22: three models (3 shoots); age 50+, wardrobe upscale casual to dressy
  18. Jun 29: BOOKED two models (2 shoots); age 30+, light colored/ethereal wardrobe
  19. Jul 6: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), age 18-35, three outfits ranging from casual to dressy
  20. Jul 13: BOOKED two models (2 shoots), age 25-40, wardrobe for beauty shot only (so comfortable pants and a few different necklines/textures)
  21. Jul 20: BOOKED four models (1 shoot), ages 30+, wardrobe upscale casual to professional
  22. Aug 3: three models (3 shoots), male, ages 25+, professional casual – 1 Shoot still available

Model Call Asheville {Asheville Beauty Photographer}

I’m doing something a liiiiiittle bit different this summer. I am opening up Studio 828 Photography for a total of ten portrait sessions, for ten lucky winners between July and August.

I know, I know…what’s the catch? A pre-shoot consultation, free photoshoot with 4-5 outfits of your choosing, an in-person viewing of all of your edited imagery and a fully edited 8×10 from your shoot. All for no charge. I’ll even throw in a gift voucher for $100 towards a folio collection just in case you’re interested in more than one image. That is a $280 value. For ten people.

How do you throw your name into the ring? You’ll email me ( or using the form below) BEFORE 12:00 noon July 4th, 2014 with a picture (or link to your personal social media page*) and your personal story. How would a session benefit You? Prefer to nominate a friend? Awesome! Be sure to tell me WHY and send along their contact information. I may even consider a BFF’s shoot as a winner! Go ahead, give yourSelf permission to embrace your own beauty.


Thank you so much for your interest in Studio 828 Photography! I can’t wait to shoot for you!



*Your personal information will be kept confidential. Never will we give away or sell your personal information to anyone for any reason

photography for everyday women - asheville photography - beauty photography studio
Photography for women from all walks of life.