Headshot Marathon in Asheville

Twice a year we host a day of headshots here in our Asheville studio, a “Headshot Marathon” if you will. This is a fabulous opportunity to update your personal branding for your business, social media and your own advertising. The best part? You receive your portrait choices digitally in web and high printable resolution AND matted and ready for framing.

Do we photograph headshots normally? Absolutely! The nice thing about a marathon setting is that because there are a few appointments available for the day, you are able to enjoy a taste of our services with a bit of a discount. Normally our professional branding sessions are $550 each, include: a preparation consultation, photo shoot at our studio or at your location of choice, professional hair and makeup styling, 2 wardrobe changes a 1 hour photo shoot and an in person reveal and ordering session where you choose your favorite 2 images from your session. Whether you opt for our full service headshot appointment or an appointment at our bi-annual marathon, you can rest assured knowing that we strive for not only great imagery for your needs, but also a fun experience for you with the highest level of service.

When was the last time you had a professional portrait taken for your business and personal branding? According to Salesforce.com:

“Your profile (social media) should be viewed as an online resume and needs to be as professional as possible,” adds McLain, who suggests updating your headshot once a year. “Recruiting in the tech industry, I expect candidates to have a thorough and polished social media presence,” adds Cesarz. “Not having a completed profile is more of a red flag than a profile lacking a picture. A profile with a picture of a landscape or a pet picture is worse than no picture at all and comes off as unprofessional.”

Sara Elisabeth Photography also touches on some key points about headshots and your industry in this LinkedIn article.

“More and more companies are opting to use the same photographer for their entire staff. Companies, large or small should consider hiring a photographer to capture professional branding images of their staff because it demonstrates unity and consistency in a world where the image is more and more important.” – Sara Shirley of Sara Elisabeth Photography


personal branding - professional - headshots - business

Are you rocking a selfie for your personal branding? My husband is an ad designer for a local sales publication and more often than not, comes home in complete disbelief at how many professionals send him quick and dirty headshot “selfies” from the local coffee shop or worse yet, seat-belt strapped in their cars to be included in their magazine. I just shake my head. For those of you that may be guilty of this, (c’mon now, we’ve all done it even if just for a profile pic on Facebook) consider what your potential clients, or worse yet, your past clients are gleaning from this seemingly harmless photo of you. I’ll even use one from my social media as an example (give me SOME credit here, it was a few years ago ;-D)

car selfies - bad branding - unprofessional
Car selfies, what do they really say about you as a person?

On a personal level, I was really excited about my new earrings, those giant feathers of glory right there. Gah! I still love them! I wanted to show them off in between the boutique and my outing for the night. A little personal splurge. Now, on a professional level with that as my social media “branding” what might that image say about me as a professional photographer?

Not so much, right? The image is blurry and over filtered, I’m in a CAR for crying out loud, light is all over the place and there is a funky border? If you were considering me for my portrait services and decided to do a little digging on me on social media before reaching out for your session, would you feel confident about my ability to provide you with a great service? My past clients (I’m friends with many of my past photography clients on Facebook) might see this image and think “Really? Really Cat? You charged me MONEY for your photography service and THIS is what you come up with for your very own profile picture?” Yeah, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth too.

professional - headshot - asheville - branding
How about this one? What does this image say about me as a professional?

What about this one? Is that a bit better? Sure, it’s not fantastic but it is football fields beyond that first image isn’t it? I’m well styled in hair and makeup (Meghan Pulliam btw), you can easily read my facial expression and my pose is simple. The image is clear.

Now, what does this image say about me as a professional?
Now, what does this image say about me as a professional? Image courtesy of Jesseca Bellemare 2014

To be clear, this is not a headshot. However, what do you get from this image? How might it affect your first impression of me? What does it SAY to you? Chic and stylish, polished, maybe that I’m curvy and might connect to some body image issues that a client might have, that I care about my own image enough to shoot with a professional and include styling so that I am putting my best foot forward with something as simple as social media? It’s not so simple is it? That branding is your first interaction you have with any potential client and it needs to convey that you are worth every penny you charge and, that in caring enough about your own public image, you will care tenfold about each and every client experience that comes through your door.

portrait profile pic collageNow, is that to say that I don’t have “other” images as my social media profile? Not at all! There are fun ones, images with my wonderful dogs or with my husband. From these images you might even decide that I’m fun or adventurous, or that I love my family. And those may help your decision about whether or not you choose to hire me for my service. What none of those image says is “I am a professional and I care about you and your experience with my work.” THAT is what your headshot needs to convey.

On the Studio 828 Photography business page, in the past I’ve leaned more towards having a logo as the profile image simply because it creates recognition in my readers’ news feeds when I post. Though, I think that may fall by the wayside. I’m finding that my followers connect more with me as a person AND a business when they see ME. I am my the face of my business. Whether it is when I post behind the scenes imagery or video, the bounce on the engagement is always great. Returning clients and potential clients connect with my business through me. That being said, by Monday August 3rd (see how I’m giving myself a deadline here?), I will have photographed new headshots for my social media presence. It is just as important for me as it is for you. When was the last time you updated your personal branding? Be honest now…was it more than two years ago? Three maybe? Why don’t we go ahead and get you in on August 15th then? There are only a few appointments available for the day so please reach out for your personal consultation today.

Remember, the headshot is the new handshake.


All My Best,


UPDATE: I did it! I found the amazing Lauren Gregory of Lauren Gregory Photography and she was kid enough to handle me, insecurities and all and captured this lovely headshot for me! Yay! I’m updating as we speak!

headshot - photographer - asheville photographer
Image courtesy of Lauren Gregory Photography in Lexington SC

30 Days of a beautiful you {Summer photography contest Asheville}

summer photography contest - asheville - mature woman - photographer - portrait photographer asheville
A Beautiful You. Summer photography contest in Asheville with Studio 828 Photography. You deserve beautiful photos of yourself. Enter today.

As I was going through the 28 days to gorgeous challenge last month, there were lots of little moments for me to see beauty in my own self and my own life and I got to thinking. “Cat, it is your JOB, your amazing purpose to see beauty in everyone and to show them that beauty through your work.” Well, why not expound on that 28 days TO gorgeous journey and take it a step farther? Let’s do 30 days of a beautiful you. From now until June 30 I am accepting nominations from women all over wnc to take part in this event and it is going to be a doozie! I will photograph 30 women from July 10 – August 10 whose stories really resonate with me. I must admit, 30 photo shoots on top of my regular client base in 30 days is going to be a tough nut to crack. That being said, I have to remind myself that it is my purpose to show you the beauty I see in you. That purpose does nothing more than inspire and excite me to no end! Whether you are a 20 something, a mom, a grandmother…I want to photograph you.

How it works:

  • Share your story with me using the contact information below. Tell me Why, Who you are, What you love in life and what you hope to gain from a makeover and photo shoot with us (is it some much-needed pampering? time to focus on just you? have you recently reached an amazing personal goal? you’re ready to really SEE what others see in you already?)
  • I will hand-pick 30 winners based on their stories. Feel free to enter for yourself or nominate a friend! Heck, do BOTH!
  • Winners to receive our full photo shoot experience from personal consultation, professional hair and makeup styling, photo shoot all the way through your in person reveal and ordering session.
  • The chosen winners will receive our makeover and photo session for a $150 retainer that will be applied 100% towards any product purchased at their reveal AND a $150 print credit. That is $300 towards any purchase made from your photo shoot.
    • Retainer is non-refundable
    • Print credit is not redeemable for cash.
    • Cancellations and rescheduling must occur no later than 7 days before your scheduled photo shoot

What we need from you:

  • Signed model release (your images will be shown in social media, print and online)
  • Your ability to be photographed between July 10 and August 10.
  • Your beautiful self, just as you are

What are you waiting for? Enter today.

Glamour Party {Asheville Beauty Photographer}

This past weekend, Studio 828 Photography teamed up with Independent Sales Director Ashley Fender of Mary Kay to host a day of beauty with women here in Asheville. You might remember Ashley from a recent post where this glamour party was announced (if not, you can read about it here). When she and I met earlier last month, and during our photo shoot, we had gotten to talking about how we absolutely LOVE our jobs! Corny, I know but so true. It is our job to see the beauty in every woman we come in contact with and provide her with a service for her to find that in herself. Duh! What an amazing purpose, right?

Well, I can promise you two things:

  1. Each and every woman that came in for her appointment
    1. came in a little unsure but excited
    2. left feeling beautiful
  2. My makeup ran down my face pretty much the entire day (thank you coconut oil)<<<even I have a bad makeup day from time to time. I’m only human ya know 🙂

In all seriousness though, I feel so blessed to have photographed each and every one of you. Thank you for taking just a bit of time out of your holiday weekend to enjoy one another and yourselves.



beauty photography; women; emowerment; mother daughter; best friends; asheville photographer
So much fun photographing these amazing women!

Are you considering a beautiful portrait session to celebrate you? Maybe you would like to come in for a makeover and photo shoot with your best friend, mom or sister? I would love to photograph you. No holiday needed.




Asheville Family Model Call {Family Photographer}

Good Morning Asheville family Moms! Today I am lookin at you! You’re the mothers that somehow find sleep to elude you just a bit, always running errands to drop off the kids, pick up the groceries, run to the mall so your kids will fit into what they’re wearing, pick up the kids, oh yeah and even work somewhere in there too. You used to place yourself at the top of the shopping list and now, well, now things are a little different. Your kids are your world. You haven’t seen the seat of a pedicure chair since before last October and you wouldn’t trade anything for it.

I want to photograph you.

We’ll make a day of it. We’ll treat you to a makeover and photo shoot and then we’ll bring Dad or your partner in with the kids for about a half an hour at the end of your shoot and photograph you all together. Single moms can get in on this, just have G-Ma bring the kids in instead and we can get G-Ma in on the photo shoot too! We’ll be selecting 5 families to receive this complimentary makeover and photo shoot with our studio. We would love it if it were yours!

What we need from you:

  1. Send an email to Cat@Studio-828.com before June 1st with a recent picture(s) and tell me a little bit about who you are and your story (We all have a story, I just want to get to know you, learn about your life).
  2. You must be willing to sign a model’s release
  3. You must be able to shoot before July 21st, 2015
  4. $150 retainer at time of confirmation. Don’t panic, this retainer is 100% applied to the purchase of any product from your session.

What we provide:

  1. Professional hair and makeup for Mom (and daughters can have a little gloss and some curl in their hair too if you’d like make your shoot a Girl’s Day)
  2. Complimentary photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography for mom and the whole family
  3. Matted 8×10 from your session
  4. In person reveal session where we will go through all of your imagery together to choose your favorites.
  5. $250 print credit towards the purchase of any folio collection or package.

I recently polled our followers on Facebook about why families hold off on booking photo shoots and the number one reason was financial. I’m hoping with a little generosity we can turn that around for you. This offer is valued at $500.00. That is how much I believe in our service and our artwork. I’m putting $500 on the table right now for 5 families to create beautiful portraits of Mom and the whole family together. My goal is to take the most beautiful picture you have ever seen of yourself. We’ll take lovely portraits of your children and partner, document this time in your lives. So what do you think Mom? Let us pamper you, provide you with a fun day and beautiful portraits of the most important person in their world. You.

Remember, send a recent snap shot and a little bit about you to Cat@Studio-828.com before June 1st to be considered. Thank you in advance ladies. I look forward to photographing you.



Best. Father’s Day. Gift. Ever. {Asheville Boudoir Photographer}

Saturday June 21st is the day of Dad! The kids can get make him the sweet hand molds and paint him pictures he’ll cherish and you…ladies, take the plunge and skip the tie. A boudoir photography experience here in Asheville with Studio 828 Photography will be THE gift he’ll remember and the experience is the gift for you. Keep in mind, we need to photograph you before June 5th to have your artwork in time for Father’s Day.

photography promotion for boudoir photography in Asheville and western North Carolina with Studio 828 Photography
Best. Father’s Day. Ever.

Are you interested in a boudoir makeover and photo shoot in time for Father’s Day? Get in touch and we’ll schedule your session today.



You’re Invited {Girl’s Day Glamour Party in Asheville}

We have partnered with Mary Kay’s own Ashley Fender to celebrate women, to celebrate you with a Girl’s Day glamour party May 23rd right here in Asheville at Posh Pink Studios on Charlotte Highway.

glamour photographer - asheville - mary kay - beauty portraits - mothers day deal

“What’s the catch?”

Yesterday I photographed Ashley and we were talking about how much we LOVE our jobs. Not only do we get to work in careers we are both passionate about but our jobs actually require that we find the beauty in every woman we meet and, to take it a step further, help them to see that beauty too. How great is THAT? What better way to showcase our services in beauty and empowerment than to offer them up at no cost to introduce ourselves to more of our market here in WNC? The catch is, you simply have to RSVP for your appointment (828-545-2239), come in solo or with your mom/sis/bff/partner (be sure to include them when booking your appointment) for a mini makeover and be photographed by me. Oh darn, right? You’ll even receive a digital 5×7″ portrait from our session at the party. There might be a few other perks in it for you but we’re keeping those as a surprise for now 😉

There are limited appointments for this girl’s day glamour party with Mary Kay and Studio 828 Photography. Call today to confirm your session.

See you soon!


Asheville Photographer has a Studio to call home {Asheville Boudoir Photography Studio}

Good Morning Asheville!!! So, earlier this month, I signed the lease on my new studio space. This Asheville photographer has a studio space to call home. It is right in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District at Phil Mechanic Studios where many artists house their passions. I’m right on the mezzanine level of the building and cannot wait to get in to start shooting!

What does this studio space mean for my business?

  • Scheduling is much easier to coordinate
  • New web presence branding on the Studio 828 Photography website
  • Expectation of privacy is guaranteed
  • The studio is accessible and has PARKING! Woohoo!
  • Last but not least…it means that I can reduce my photography session fee by $70! What?? Oh yes, I am now more accessible to women who would have me shoot for them.

So please, take a look around. View the photography work and information on the 828 website. I would love to shoot for you! You can contact me at 828-275-9932 or Cat@Studio-828.com

asheville beauty and boudoir photography studio
So excited to have joined a wonderful artist community in the heart of Asheville’s River Arts District!




We had our first official shoot to feel out the space this week! I think the space will shoot just fine 🙂 What do you think?

test shoot, new space, photography studio wnc