Personal Branding for the Modern Entrepreneur

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Personal branding is more than just a head shot. Ask about how our personal branding sessions are tailored to your needs.

As small business owners, we often opt for the fast head shot session with that one photographer that is just starting their own business, in regard to our own branding for the sake of saving the almighty buck. And then, as the evolution of our brand takes hold we often realize, that head shot we had taken two years ago out in a field in the middle of the day…it just isn’t communicating the way we need it too.¬†Often times we didn’t even make it outside (or we did…at noon, on a lunch break) and ended up being photographed while sitting on a wrinkled bed sheet with bad lighting.

So tell me, now that you have your feet under you when you really look at that head shot with the clarity of experience what is that portrait saying about you and your brand?

Is it saying?

  • She is detail oriented?
  • She takes her business seriously?
  • She seems friendly and approachable?
  • She is authentic?
  • She is professional?

Or is it saying:

  • She is operating her business on a wing and a prayer?
  • She is just starting out?
  • She is inexperienced?
  • She is off-putting or worse yet, mean?

What you’re looking for in a photographer is one that will not only photograph you in such a way that you have great lighting or a studio to be photographed in but one that will take the time with you to:

  • tailor your photo shoot to your own branding needs
  • handle your hair and makeup styling with a professional
  • pose you in a myriad of ways that flatters you
  • give you several options in wardrobe so that you’re able to create cohesive branding throughout the year that you can release for different events and marketing opportunities and speaking engagements and not just the “same old head shot”
  • customize a Facebook cover photo to you and your business

If you’re considering “new head shots” I invite you to experience our personal branding sessions at our Asheville photography studio. Ask about how we can tailor your photo shoot to YOUR branding needs. We would love to photograph you.