Before and After Transformation

The before and after transformations are such a hot topic. Many clients choose not to have their “before” image shown, which is fine. However I want to talk about WHY they are so important in my marketing efforts.

The purpose of my photography is not to make you look like a different person. It isn’t to “shop” everything away. The purpose of my photography is to create beautiful imagery of you and showcase you at your absolute best. Plain and simple.

Of course, many photographers say that.

My intention with before and afters is to show you that each of these portraits are of everyday women; just like you, and just like me. In fact, I even WANT you to smile in your before shot. It isn’t to make you look “bad”, your before shot is to simply show your face exactly as it is in all it’s plain glory. That’s mine, below.

before and after - beauty - asheville - photography - portrait
My very own before and after transformation

So, before you “decide” that all the women on my site are models, let me tell you that all but one of them are everyday clients. (The one “model” that is showcased on my site is in my fine art gallery. I am branching into some conceptual photography and thought it best to utilize a professional for that piece.)

Everyone else is a beautiful, captivating, and wonderful woman just like you. She trusted me to create beautiful portraits of her the same way that I hope you will, too.

Are you considering a beautiful portrait session of our very own? I would love to photograph you. Reach out today for your personal consultation to design the photo shoot of your dreams!


Modern Portraits with Christine

Christine, GAH! I have had SUCH a blast with you! Ladies and Gentlemen, this beautiful woman is a dance instructor and a nutritionist and, in her words she “lives holistically with a sense of humor”. Needless to say she is a ball of fun and gorgeous to boot! My makeup artist and I are headed to a show she has coming up at The Orange Peel, too. Seriously, I can’t wait!

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Hair and Makeup: Wendy Ballance, Blush Asheville

contemporary - portraits - modern - beautiful - woman

We were able to give her a fun-filled and relaxing day of pampering and laughter, beautiful portraits for her business and for HER. Sultry, inspired, friendly and authentic.

Thank you so much Christine. I adored photographing you.



Are you considering a portrait session with Studio 828 Photography? Whether it is for a personal branding session for your business, updating your family portraits this Fall or enjoying a day of glamour customized just for you, I would love to photograph you. Reach out for your personal consultation. We’ll chat, answer any questions that you may have and address your vision so that I am able to tailor your portrait session specifically for you and your needs.


Photographing Women and the People they Love {Asheville Family Portraits}

At Studio 828 Photography, we specialize in photographing women and the people they love. We had the pleasure of shooting for Brooke and creating amazing portraits of her and her family! Brooke was a little shy at first but, she trusted the process (her words) and I thought she did a fabulous job (seriously, she is a stunning woman)! And her family, ohmygosh! Too sweet!

Thank you for letting me photograph you all! I had so much fun and hope you LOVE your imagery!

Are you interested in a makeover and photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography? We would love to photograph you and your family.



Boudoir Experience for a Wife, Mother and Artist

Sometimes you have one of those days…after you’ve had several of “those” days, where you sit down and are filled with gratitude because you get to live your dream. After day in and day out of feeling like I was just spinning my wheels and feeling disconnected, I had the pleasure of photographing Sara. We’ve been talking about it for a little over a year now and a couple of months ago she kind of giggled and quietly said, “OK Cat, I’m ready. I want to do it.”

{insert giant grin here}

I’m going to say she knocked it out of the park. Wife, mother, artist…Sara. Beautiful Woman. Feel free to show Sara some love in the comments below. She nailed modeling for her very own boudoir photography photo shoot.

Hair: Sara, Blush Asheville

Makeup: Wendy, Blush Asheville

Photographer: Cat, Studio 828 Photography

asheville boudoir photo shoot - wife - mother - boudoir experience
Showcasing the beautiful Sara from her boudoir photography experience in Asheville with Studio 828 Photography

Interested in your very own makeover and boudoir photo shoot? I would love to photograph you.

Glamour Party {Asheville Beauty Photographer}

This past weekend, Studio 828 Photography teamed up with Independent Sales Director Ashley Fender of Mary Kay to host a day of beauty with women here in Asheville. You might remember Ashley from a recent post where this glamour party was announced (if not, you can read about it here). When she and I met earlier last month, and during our photo shoot, we had gotten to talking about how we absolutely LOVE our jobs! Corny, I know but so true. It is our job to see the beauty in every woman we come in contact with and provide her with a service for her to find that in herself. Duh! What an amazing purpose, right?

Well, I can promise you two things:

  1. Each and every woman that came in for her appointment
    1. came in a little unsure but excited
    2. left feeling beautiful
  2. My makeup ran down my face pretty much the entire day (thank you coconut oil)<<<even I have a bad makeup day from time to time. I’m only human ya know 🙂

In all seriousness though, I feel so blessed to have photographed each and every one of you. Thank you for taking just a bit of time out of your holiday weekend to enjoy one another and yourselves.



beauty photography; women; emowerment; mother daughter; best friends; asheville photographer
So much fun photographing these amazing women!

Are you considering a beautiful portrait session to celebrate you? Maybe you would like to come in for a makeover and photo shoot with your best friend, mom or sister? I would love to photograph you. No holiday needed.




Beautiful Portraits with Wildflower Bridal {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

Wow! Remember my last post where I explained how coming to your photo shoot prepared with outfits that you love is paramount to an amazing photo shoot? It is soooo true. Margaux is such a perfect example of this! Before her shoot, we emailed back and forth about ideas and she even took cell phone snapshots of outfits she had in mind for her photo shoot with Studio 828 Photography. I had a blast shooting for Margaux and her wonderful style beams through in her imagery. Thank you Margaux!!!

Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, Studio 828 Photography

Photographer’s Assistant: Anita Bryant

Hair & Makeup: Daisy Chavers, Love, Daisy

Model: Margaux Shrager, Wildflower Bridal

wedding gown - asheville bridal portrait photographer - heirloom fashion; 70s chic; pay dress up for your photo shoot; studio 828 photography professional portraits; branding; studio 828 photography in asheville fierce; casual headshots; modern beauty photography in asheville wedding dress; unique goens; wildflower bridal; bride; portrait photographer in asheville nc


Are you considering a beautiful portrait session? I would love to shoot for you.




Celebrate your empty nest, celebrate You {Asheville Portrait Photographer}

I was stopped behind a school bus this morning when it dawned on me…how many Asheville Moms are wondering what the HECK to do with their time now that their kids are FINALLY off to college? Oh I know, they’re still going to work but the weekends are a bit quieter and their gasoline tanks are staying fuller for longer, the sound on the television is way lower and there is no one screaming “MOOOOOM” at the top of their lungs sixteen times a day.

pictures of moms - luxury portrait session - celebrate you

I know some of you are reading this with young children on your laps and enjoying every. single. second of it. And, by all means you SHOULD! Every moment in your life with your children is precious. One thing a mother said to me once was; “I love being a Mom. I’ve loved every second of it since they were born. You know what else? This Fall I realized that I love being a mom from 400 miles away too.”

Of course she does! Why wouldn’t she? Well, Moms, I’m here for you. Why don’t you and I get together for a beautiful portrait session to celebrate you getting your children off to college?! It is an ah-mazing accomplishment! A wonderful time in your life! Truly! Let’s celebrate your empty nest. Let’s celebrate You.


casual portraits - valuing yourself


Asheville portrait sessions with Studio 828 Photography are a wonderful experience. We include a private studio setting with professional hair and makeup and a portrait session where you are the star. Do you need help deciding on what to wear? Gather your favorite outfits and bring them with you! I will personally help you choose the best outfits to wear for your photo shoot. You will leave feeling like a million dollars and wha better way to celebrate You?

Get in touch to inquire about your photography session in Asheville today. Call Cat directly at 828-275-9932 or email

pictures of mom - grandmother - exist in pictures for your children

I am a Photographer {Asheville NC}

Why do I love what I do? Why am I enthusiastic? I am a photographer. I primarily shoot beauty and boudoir portraiture for women. I also shoot portraiture for families and contract up to ten weddings per season. I love what I do. I love that I can truly show you over the course of a day exactly how bright your own light can shine. I love that this experience brings joy and self-love to each of my clients. I love that we laugh. I love that I am able to provide this amazing experience for each of you. Giving that gift to you, it brings ME joy. That is why I love what I do. That is why I am happy to get up in the mornings. That is why I love being a photographer here in Asheville. Below are some images from shoots I’ve had over this summer. Each and every one of these women inspire me. They inspire me to be a better person. They inspire me to be a better photographer, to WANT to master more of my craft. I cannot thank you enough.

Mad Love,


glamour - gold dress - sequins - beauty modern - magazine style portrait - sensual - sexy - asheville - beautiful photography laughter - being vulnerable - guitar - boudoir - asheville photographer classic - beautiful portrait - professional pictures in asheville

intimate - beautiful portraits - asheville photography - studio 828 photography asheville boudoir - grooms gift - corset - black and white stunning asheville portraits - boudoir - photography mother daughter - infant - eyes - beautiful smiles - women over 40 - fabulous - taking time for yourself a quiet moment in portraits - quiet - beautiful sisters - beautiful pictures of your family - classic and timeless fierce - curves - timeless - sexy strength womanhood - celebration - taking time for you smiling - beautiful - portraits for mom being vulnerable in pictures - headshots

Girl’s Day Giveaway {Asheville Beauty and Boudoir Photography}

We have a WINNER! Congratulations Heather Meadows! I’ll be seeing you at The Secret Spa with your seven favorite ladies Very Soon!


Good Morning Ladies! I’m writing this as I wait for my flight leaving out of Asheville. I’m heading to the beautiful beaches in Sarasota Florida (happy dance!) but I wanted to touch base quickly to let everyone know about a contest Studio 828 Photography is running in partnership with The Secret Spa here in Asheville. You see, just last week we reached over 1000 likes on our Facebook business page. This of course, for any young business is a huge accomplishment and, my way of saying “thank you ” is to offer up this great contest!

Ever wanted to get your sisters, Mom, cousins, and BFF’s together for a beautiful portrait shoot? A day where you all get together for beautiful makeovers, laughter, your best outfits and photoshoots throughout the day to capture it all? Let’s DO it then!?

Winner to receive:

  • Private Girl’s Day Spa Party
  • You and 7 of your closest girlfriends!
  • Mini Makeover
  • Bubbles (of course, sheesh)
  • Group and Individual Photoshoots All around
  • Matted 5×7″ Print from the day (Additional prints and products available for purchase)
  • $50.00 Credit towards any print package purchase

How to Enter:

Winner to be announced via Facebook on February 7th. Contest ENDS at 12:00AM (that’s midnight) on January 31st, 2014. Ladies, let’s get this party started! Have YOU entered for your chance to win? If so, have you shared the contest with your friends today?



a Rafflecopter giveaway

girl's day giveaway - asheville beauty photographer

*Winners may not use this giveaway in conjunction with any other offers or promotions with Studio 828 Photography