Tracia’s Stunning Beauty Session {Asheville Model Call}

In June I held a model call here in Asheville. For what you might ask? I was considering the promotions we’ve done in the past and decided it was time to go big, or go home as it were. So, for July and August I was offering up to ten free sessions to ten lucky ladies. That’s right, I said free. Tracia was bold enough to apply and I simply couldn’t say no. She was so excited to shoot some magazine styled portraits and have some gorgeous imagery taken. It was time.

She pretty much rocked it. No really, you’ll see…



Photography: Cat Ford-Coates Studio 828 Photography

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Behind the Scenes {Asheville Glamour Photography}

Why hello there! I am having the BEST time editing all of the artwork from the Beauty marathon from last weekend, and I thought it might be a fun blog post for you to see what goes on behind the scenes. So, I brought on my assistant and her focus for the entirety of the two days was to shoot behind the scenes; hair and makeup, me shooting, she took the before shots for each of my clients (wanna see the before and afters? Check out the website, they might just blow you away!)and I simply cannot thank her enough! She was organized, motivated, fun and ON IT! Thank you Jennifer!!!



boudoir photography in asheville, black and white, behind the scenes
Workin that mother daughter session like nobody's business!
Workin that mother daughter session like nobody’s business!
girls day, bachelorette party ideas, beauty photography in asheville
Its a Girl’s Day!
The Secret Spa, makeup artists asheville, behind the scenes
Ashlee with the Secret Spa brings her extensive makeup kit on site with Studio 828
behind the scenes, beauty photography in asheville
Curl Baby, CURL!
avl makeup artist - ashlee knight - the secret spa asheville
Ashelee’s makeup sets the mood!
mens grooming, asheville couples photography
Even the menfolk get groomed!
cat ford-coates, asheville beauty photographer, couples boudoir in asheville
Hard at Work! Gawd! I LOVE my job!

Are you thinking of some legacy portraiture? Thinking you might just shed those last ten pounds? That is crazytalk! You are beautiful! Let’s capture you, as you are, right now.

The Femme Frames Valentine’s Boudoir Event {Sarasota Boudoir Photography}

Hello Sarasota!

Just about 3 weeks until the Femme Frames Boudoir Photography event in the lovely Sarasota Florida! I cannot wait! I have amazing talent lined up in hair and makeup land. One Miss Erika Mudafort from the Salon at St Armands will be taming your locks into nothing short of wonderful!!! Makeup is from none other than one Monique of Makeup by Monique and of course, I will be shooting your session.

For those of you in the Asheville area inquiring about boudoir for Valentine’s Day, the next Asheville Femme Frames boudoir event is February 24th and appointments are filling up quickly. Email to reserve your time or to inquire about details.



sexy architectural boudoir-asheville skyline-boudoir photography in asheville

Ladies, these appointments are very limited as there are only a few spots left. Believe me when I say that you should have a boudoir session at least once in your life. I shoot real women! Women in their twenties, and women in their fifties. Curvy women, thin women, brides, girlfriends, fiances and singles. Is a boudoir or glamour photography session on your bucket list? Are you looking for the Valentine’s gift that will knock his/her socks straight off? Some of the packages even come with custom designed albums. They’re designed by me and printed professionally and they are the perfect size to showcase your best images AND be kept discreetly. Prints are also a fantastic way to present your images to your favorite person…we can even go with luxury gallery wrapped canvases so that you have true art to hang in your home for years to come. The options are endless! Ladies, we are three weeks away from this terrific event. Don’t let it pass you by. Also, I am offering a few incentives as well:

  1. If you book by December 31, 2012 – $50.00 off ANY package option, that’s right, any of them!
  2. When you refer a friend to also book an appointment at the event, you are upgraded to a folio box of matted 5×7″ archival art prints, no matter which package you choose!

Do I have your attention now? I thought so too. Go ahead, send an email to An inquiry costs nothing. If you are worried about payment, your session only requires a $300 non refundable deposit with the balance due 7 days before the event (January 13). That gives you the option to confirm your appointment and be thinking about which package option is best for you. You have a couple of weeks to decide, and hey! Make it a Girls’ Day with your bestie! Then you can both go out after your session, looking AMAZING and have a great night out too!


“So Cat, what are the details? How much is this gonna cost me?” I can see your thoughts running a mile a minute.

  • “Is this really for me?”
  • “How expensive is it?”
  • “What would I wear?”
  • “Maybe if I lost just another 10 pounds…”

Like I said, every woman should treat herself to this experience at least once. I cannot tell you how many women come in to booking their session a little timid and unsure and at the end of their session (before they have even seen even one image) are walking taller (literally) with a spring in their step and thanking me for helping them to feel so great about themselves. Then, after they SEE THEIR pictures…Oh my goodness. Not only have these women had an afternoon being pampered and having a true supermodel experience where they have their hair and makeup done by true professionals, they are wearing their clothes that make them feel spectacular and sexy, and being posed so that they look their absolute best…then they have something to show for it! Images that are theirs forever!

  • Is a boudoir photography session really for me? It is for every woman. At any adult age. At any stage in her life. Is there really anything wrong with igniting your self confidence? No. Is there anything wrong with being made to look like your absolute best self and sharing that gift with the person you are closest with? No.
  • How expensive is a boudoir photography session in Sarasota? Take a click on over to the Studio 828 Photography website’s boudoir page. There you will find all of the details about the event; how much it costs, what to expect, and frequently asked questions from previous clients.
  • What would I wear? ANYthing you feel lovely in. Whether it is a corset and some fishnets, a teddy, an amazing dress you simply have not had a chance to wear yet, a white button down, even a pair of jean shorts…Ladies what makes you feel sexy? That really is ALL that matters.
  • Maybe if I lost another 10 pounds…MMmmm hmmm…I have heard this a million times.  Heck! I’ve said it! I have honestly had two clients that have booked their appointments and stuck to a strict diet and exercise regimen.  Don’t get me wrong here, they pulled it off like nobody’s business! And my other clients? they come in feeling a little self-conscious, granted…we ALL are self-conscious and at the end of the day, those images are cherished by them. 10 pounds or no 10 pounds, each and every one of them look Stunning!

Go ahead, mull it over. “Pro and Con it if you will” Read up on the 828 Guestbook. There you will find testimonials from REAL clients about their experience with Studio 828. Feel free to ask questions, email Show your friends the images, the posts, the Studio 828 website. Get comfortable. I’ll be here when you’re ready.



The Femme Frames {Asheville Boudoir Photography}

Another fantastic weekend of boudoir and glamour photography here in Asheville. Oh my goodness! For this session I invited Destonie from Lola Salon again and Wendy from Blush by Wendy Ballance! Wow! These ladies worked seamlessly and transformed each of my clients so quickly and so beautifully right before my eyes. I was so excited to shoot these ladies…What a fun day!

Feel free to get in touch ( as the next luxury boudoir event is in Sarasota, Florida just in time for Valentine’s Day! January 20th, 2013 and the next Asheville event is February 24th, 2013!

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The Femme Frames Holiday Boudoir Event THIS Sunday

Only a few days away and my team and I are getting all of our ducks in a row for some serious beauty on Sunday! Why? Because it is crunch time ladies ! It is my job to ensure your experience goes well beyond “Hi, I’m Cat. Pose like this.”…WELL beyond. Yes, of course each of my clients is a bit nervous I am sure, but those nerves pass quickly enough. They are stepping in front of my lens to do something extraordinary not only for their special someone, man or woman but for themselves! Sure, I am there to capture the moments of incredible greatness that each of you brings to the table but also to bring a sense of empowerment, a sense of luxury and to bring out your inner movie star.

For this event, my team consists of Destonie Shelton of Lola Salon  here in downtown Asheville to bring out the Hair Stylings of greatness, and none other than Makeup Artist Wendy Balance of Blush by Wendy Balance to accentuate the drama in your wonderful faces. What am I up to? Well, I am making sure there are more than enough mimosa’s for you, building relationships with our venue (Hotel Indigo of Asheville) to ensure that every possible need may be anticipated before your arrival, checking and double checking my gear, charging batteries, clearing memory cards and gathering a few extra little somethings to ensure your shoot is dramatic in vision, and seamless in execution.

Also, I decided that since the holidays are upon us, I will offer the last two appointments at a discount.  It is kind of my way of saying “Thank You” to you for believing not only in me, but in yourself. It takes some courage to put yourselves out there for a boudoir or glamour photography session with any photography company. I’m thankful for your trust and belief in my abilities to ensure you the best holiday gift ever…Yourself!

Gold or Black Label Boudoir Packages at 25% OFF (that is a savings of over $100.00 and more!) Head over to the Boudoir details page and email me ASAP. These appointments are available at 11:00am and 12:00pm THIS coming Sunday December 9th!

Mad Love,



Cat Ford-Coates, is available for weddings portraits and boudoir primarily in Asheville but also in Hendersonville, Tryon, Brevard, Leicester, Woodfin, Weaverville, Skyland, Fletcher, Saluda as well as in Savannah Georgia and Southwestern Florida in Sarasota, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Naples and Fort Myers. You can contact Cat for all North Carolina weddings, Asheville wedding photography, or any worldwide destination wedding by emailing Please look around to see why brides planning North Carolina weddings choose Studio 828 Photography as their destination wedding photography company. Cat is the destination wedding photographer you take home to Mom.

“The Femme Frames” Boudoir Experience a HUGE Success in Asheville!

I cannot even begin to write this post without GUSHING!

Everything ran smoothly with my team of professionals, all of my clients were an absolute DREAM to work with and it was an AMAZING Day! Here are a few images from the boudoir event (I can’t show them all…some of them are holiday gifts! We can’t go and spoil the surprise now can we?)

One of my clients enjoyed her images and the boudoir experience SO much, she has created an incredible buzz at her workplace which in turn has my inbox overflowing with inquiries for the next Asheville event. That being said, we are scheduling another event for Sunday December 9th.

Get in touch quickly as I don’t expect these limited boudoir and glamour appointments to last for very long!

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Boudoir isn’t Scary, It’s Empowering, Beautiful and Amazing

Boudoir Definition: (boo-dwär) A woman’s bedroom or private room

So many women believe that a boudoir photography session instantly means they need to rush out and buy the absolute sexiest lingerie right off the rack! Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve booked your session and feel compelled and comfortable to do that, by all means, we will have a fantastic time! However, there is also a large market of women, in many age groups that immediately feel like they shouldn’t book a session because they are NOT so comfortable with that particular idea.

Let me just say, that with the definition of boudoir, it is simply a private photography session. An intimate session. You are letting a photographer through the doors of the most private and personal area available to you. What might you do in that area? Dress for your special someone (of course), relax, dress for an event close to your own heart…and the list goes on.

My point is that your own boudoir isn’t JUST about getting into your skivvies and having your picture made. It is about revelling in this very moment in time, looking and feeling your absolute best! Whether in a bra and panty set, a corset, a tutu, your most amazing dress you haven’t been able to wear out somewhere yet, or jeans and a white button down, it all comes down to you feeling amazing and documenting that connection you have with YOURSELF. There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman, period. You decide what you wear. Don’t worry, I’ll be there for you. We’ll take some wonderful images. You can keep them for yourself or gift them to your special someone. It is about time you did something just for you isn’t it?

Asheville Boudoir Promotion from Studio 828 Photography

Appointments still available for the Boudoir Photography Experience in Asheville November 11. Get in touch today.

What kinds of Women DO Boudoir Photography? {Asheville NC}

What kind of a woman DOES a boudoir photography session?

I always find it a bit like a secret education when a client asks me that question. The answer is simpler than you think it is. The answer is, “Women”. Now before you get upset at such a broad response let’s take a look at the types of women that book their boudoir session with me:

  • Young Professionals: Young women in their late 20’s and early 30’s with a career path that want to get their extra sexy sultry selves in pictures while they are in their prime.
  • Brides: Usually as their private bridal gift to their husband-to-be (Always well received)
  • Mothers: At any age, mothers can always, I repeat ALWAYS use an afternoon where they are taking care of themselves instead of anyone else. Being a mother is certainly a rewarding experience however, find me one that doesn’t spend the majority of her waking time taking care of everyone but herself. Go ahead, I’ll wait here while you flip through your mental rolodex. Maybe your friend was always the super hot, always put together, never-a-hair-out-of-place kind of gal. Then she got married, had a child (or two) and now when you see her you can’t quite put your finger on it but something is different. Oh yeah, she has gotten less than 5 hours of sleep every night over the last year, shes in her tracksuit and has a backpack for a purse. These women shine the absolute brightest and all it takes is a few hours, pampering by professionals and maybe a glass of wine. 🙂
  • Any woman in need of a confidence booster. Any. Whether you are 25 or 55, curvy or thin, sometimes ladies, sometimes we just a need a little attention and some solid proof that we are vibrant and alive.

Ladies, glamour is glamour is glamour is glamour. The boudoir experience IS the means to the end result. I must admit, I have never, NEVER had an unsatisfied boudoir client. Almost every woman comes in, a little nervous and unsure of herself and we get her into hair and makeup and she relaxes a little but is still a little unsure of what to expect. Once we are in to her second outfit for the shoot she is feelin’ great! Once we are finished with the session, she’s getting back into her regular wardrobe and standing taller and her smile beams! Most women email a time or two throughout the week while I’m editing film just to check in on their photography. They’re already so nervous and excited waiting for their boudoir photography package seems like a million years! So ladies, I ask you what woman does NOT want to feel like a supermodel? Aren’t you worth a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to feel like a million bucks?

Holiday Boudoir Photography {Marathon, Asheville NC}

What woman doesn’t want to feel like a supermodel?

Well now is your chance! On Sunday November 11th, 2012, I will be hosting a day of boudoir photography sessions. Surprise that special someone in your life (holiday gift perhaps?) with an album that is meant for their eyes only. I guarantee they will love it and will consider it the best present ever!

Follow my Pinterest to see what kind of boudoir inspires my boudoir photography

Your boudoir photography session will begin with the complete pampering session of professional makeup application and hair styling. You’ll probably want to make plans to go out that night because you will look absolutely gorgeous after these designers work their magic!

Your boudoir photography session will take place at a posh Asheville hotel suite (details to come upon reservation) and includes up to 3 outfit changes. Bring 3 of your favorite sexy outfits, lots of accessories including high heels and jewelry. You can get as creative as you want and bring props such as a guitar, cowgirls boots and cowgirl hat, masks, etc. Whatever you would like!

There are 3 packages available for your session:

Package I: $325.00 – 1.5hour session, Pro Hair & MUA (Makeup Artist), 1-8×10″ print, 10 professionally edited digital images at web resolution and a password protected online gallery (for ease of sharing with friends and family, should you so desire)

Package II: $400.00 – 1.5hour session, Pro hair & mua, 1-11×14″ print, 1 mini album, 15 images at web resolution and a password protected online gallery (for ease of sharing)

Package III: $525.00 – 1.5hour session, pro hair & mua, 1-11×14″ print, 1-mini album, 20 edited images at web resolution AND the same images also included at high resolution with a personal printing license to reproduce these images up to 5×7″

The investment is payable via paypal to

To book your session, email me at or book online from my website. I look forward to hearing from you!

Boudoir FAQ

1. Do you retouch/airbrush the photos?
Yes. Every single photo that you order or that is in your product (album, prints, etc) will be retouched and edited. None of us are perfect, and we could all use a little help! The faces that appear on the cover of magazines all have retouching. Believe me, now that I know how to use Photoshop, I don’t look at magazines the same anymore. In real life those women look just like us, blemishes and all!

2. All of the women I see in boudoir photos look so perfect and skinny. I am not skinny or perfect in any way and I’m worried my pictures won’t look that great.
Just as I said above, no woman is perfect outside of the Photoshop world. I shoot women of ALL shapes, ALL sizes and ALL ages. Boudoir is truly for everyone. Every woman’s body is unique and beautiful in it’s own way and when you walk into your boudoir session, you’ll begin to feel like the supermodel you truly are. So whether you are young and in the best shape of your life, have had a baby and have stretch marks, or are seeing places starting to sag, a boudoir session is for you. You will feel amazing afterwards!

3. I’m so nervous and have no idea how to pose for these types of photos! Help! 
I will guide you every step of the way. I don’t expect you to know how to pose and how to position yourself. I will tell you exactly what to do, where to look, where to place your body and what expression to give me. You will not ever be left hanging and I promise you will have SO MUCH FUN. Every woman walks in nervous and walks out feeling confident and beautiful! The most common line I hear is “That wasn’t so bad! I actually had a blast!”

4. Do you have any tips/advice on on what lingerie I should bring?
There are so many styles of lingerie out there. Depending on your style and taste, the sky is truly the limit on what you decide to wear for your boudoir session. If I had to recommend one thing that flatters all body types it would be corsets. And always wear heels! Overall I just recommend bringing the type of lingerie that your man will like the most.

5. Do I really need to get my hair and makeup done?
Yes, absolutely! It looks stunning in the photos and it will help you feel your best – which will result in better photos.Part of your investment includes having these professional hair and makeup artists on site and if I were you I would plan on going out afterwards because you will look and feel amazing!

6. How many photos will I receive?

That depends on the package you choose. Your photos will be posted in a password protected online gallery. You will then choose your complimentary 8×10 print of your favorite shot. These images can be turned into additional prints, a custom designed album or you can purchase the ability to download all of the photos from your gallery.

7. How long will it be before I get to see the gallery?

Editing images from these marathons can be somewhat daunting however you can expect to receive the link to your gallery within 7-10 days of the shoot and an prints you order within 14 days of the order. I am offering a 10% discount on print credits for any prints or merchandise ordered within 48 hours of your initial gallery invitation.

8. Will you be posting my almost naked self up on your website or blog? Don’t know if I am comfortable with that…

You do not have to worry one little bit. I respect each and every one of my clients and would not dream of posting their boudoir images without a model’s release.

Thank you so much for checking out the Boudoir page here on the blog! I’m really excited about November and I cannot imagine a better gift for your special someone!!!

Much Love & Lingerie,

xoxo ~ Cat