Holiday Portrait Special

Attention Beautiful LADIES (& by that, I mean ALL of you!) It is officially time for you to realize just how beautiful you are.

We’ve got a PORTRAIT SPECIAL for you! For just $99, you’ll get a 3 hour portrait shoot at Studio 828 Photography (with up to 5 different outfits), wardrobe and preparatory consultation, and makeup artistry for your very own beauty photo shoot.

With your portrait order you’ll also receive one of our most popular products, the 8×10 metal desk portrait (a $275 value).

Call today to book! 828-275-9932
***We are offering UNLIMITED sessions at this $99 value from now through December 23rd (spouses, are you listening?) for 2016 sessions. 

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  1. Are images included in the $99 promotional pricing?
    1. No, images and artwork are priced separately. Give us a ring! We can chat about what you have in mind for your beauty photo shoot and pricing in detail.
  2. I’d love to gift several of these sessions to my friends and family. Is there a limit to the number of sessions I can purchase at this $99 price?
    1. Nope. When I say UNLIMITED, I mean it!
  3. Can I add additional monies to the session so that whomever I gift the session(s) to, can buy artwork?
    1. You betcha
  4. Is there an expiration on the sessions?
    1. Yes. All $99 promotional photo shoots must be completed between January 1April 1, 2016
  5. Can I include my sisters/best friends to my session?
    1. Best friends/Sisters/Daughters – Each additional person will need to book in at this pricing and we will schedule you all together.
  6. Can I bring in my boyfriend/spouse?
    1. Absolutely! We’ll bring him in for the last 30 minutes of the photo shoot and include him for no extra charge.
  7. What if I just want the digital files from our session?
    1. Digital files are provided for each image purchased
  8. What is a Gift with Purchase?
    1. With your portrait order we are gifting you with one of our most popular menu items, an 8×10 Metal Desk Print (a $275 Value). They are stunning!


Home for the Holidays in Asheville

Happy Holidays my wonderful WNC beauties!

So, let me ask you a question: How many of you have family coming into town for the holidays this year? Parents, sisters and brothers that perhaps you haven’t been in the same room with for 2 years, 5 years, maybe more?

For the first time ever, we are opening up on-location or in-studio family portrait sessions here in Asheville and the surrounding communities the week after Christmas.

We are opening 5 appointments between December 26th and December 30th, with special package pricing to create memories with your family.

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OK Cat, how does this work? I know my Mom would LOVE a family portrait of all of us together. How do we make this happen?

Simple! Pick up the phone and give me a call. 828-275-9932 and we will book in your consultation. This can be in our studio in the River Arts district or via Skype. We will discuss your family, what you have in mind, location options, what to wear, when we can schedule your photo shoot, and artwork and package options to suit your family’s needs. We’ll get your appointment confirmed with our calendar and voila! Best. Present. Ever!

Please do get in touch ASAP as I don’t expect these appointments will last for very long.


Asheville Holiday Photography Special

Happy Holidays and Ho, Ho, Hooooooo! I love bringing cheer and goodwill and this year have we got a doozie for you!

black friday - portraits - asheville - photographer special
Have you been considering a portrait session? A photo shoot by yourself for work, to celebrate a milestone in your life, to celebrate you, to create part of your legacy for your kids and grandkids, but something is always stopping you? Maybe you’ve been putting it off for one of the reasons here: I need to lose weight, I’m not pretty enough, I only need pictures of my kids, It’s too expensive, and the list goes on.

When you purchase a portrait session with Studio 828 Photography before 5:00pm on December 1st, we are going to gift you a second complimentary portrait session for you. BOGO Baby!

Look, we all know that Mom and Grandma have been begging you for a portrait session (C’mon, I know it, you know it, let’s be real here) where the three of you come in together and create beautiful memories. Well, let’s do that for them and Dad’s, are you listening in on this conversation? You can win some serious points this holiday season, too. Have you thought about gifting a session to your wife AND one to your Mom, too? You might even win Dad of the year for that one!

holiday portrait special

WEB RES-STUDIO 828 PHOTOGRAPHY - SANDRA GRACE-0557 mom and dad - couple - smiles - in love - park setting

3 generations - mothers - daughters - grandmothers

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The best part is, when you confirm your portrait session with us before December 1st, we will send you a beautiful gift voucher for you to use anytime during 2016 however you would like. Maybe you would love a beautiful portrait session designed just for you. Maybe you have a friend or sister that you would love to gift the session too.Whatever you choose is fine with us. We’re happy that you’re entrusting the creation of this artwork, these memories, these heirlooms with US.

Get in quickly. Our cutoff is 5:00pm EST on December 1st so reach out here, email us, or call 828-275-9932 to take advantage of this offer before it is gone.

What does this offer include?

  • Personal consultation – One for each photo shoot. We tailor each of our photo sessions to our clients, their needs and desires for their artwork.
  • Professional hair and makeup styling at your photo shoot – for both photo shoots
  • TWO Photo Shoots at Studio 828 Photography
    • 4 wardrobe changes for a total of 5 outfits – per photo shoot
  • In person premier reveal session to choose your favorites from your session one week following each photo shoot here in Asheville
  • $300 credit towards the purchase of artwork from each of your sessions with us 
    • Complimentary session and/or print credit not redeemable for cash or transferable

Holiday Portrait Sessions

Oh the holidays!

Ladies, let me be clear. I’ve gotta put this out to you because every year I get dozens of calls in November from wonderful women that want to book their photography session to have in hand by the holidays (and I always feel like a jerk when I don’t have availability) Our cutoff for photo shoots to have your artwork in hand by the holidays is December 5th. We are booking November and December dates now.

Don’t be sad, reach out as soon as possible to secure your date.

  • Boudoir
  • Glamour
  • Portrait
  • Branding
  • Family
  • Generations
  • Sisters
  • Best Friends
  • 50 and Fabulous


  • Personal consultation to discuss our service and process and how you envision being photographed
  • Professional hair and makeup styling
  • Photo Shoot
  • Premier in-person reveal and ordering session to review 25 fully edited images from your session
  • Hugs

I would love to photograph you.

Holiday Gift Planning

It is that time of year again! Are you starting your holiday gift list? I started mine this morning…(sigh)…You see, I am one of those gifters that really likes to get gifts for people that are actually FOR the individual. Something I think they’ll not only like, but USE. I list out different things to narrow down my criteria. For example

Cat's husbandWe’ll use my husband as an example

  • Introvert/Extrovert (definitely extrovert)
  • Interests: horror movies, driving (too quickly on the reg), playing poker, cleaning and maintaining his vehicle, playing golf, playing music, reading/writing, hats (one for every occasion and sometimes 2 or 3), cooking, preparing for winter/apocalypse & enjoying cheap beer
  • Needs: jeans, socks, printer paper, a fun event (preferably with his wife – ME – but it isn’t mandatory. All he does is work and play poker once a week…we need to get that man out n about!), car stuff (ask him. I start tuning him out when he starts talking needs for his “Lu”), flooring, ladder, new bass and guitar strings
  • Things I want FOR him: clothing that isn’t falling apart (he NEVER shops), time, a vacation, something that HE might find sentimental (Only the Lord knows), a gift that makes his smile run ear to ear for days on end after he opens it, a tailored suit, a reason to wear a tailored suit

Ok, so there we have a little insight into Jake, what he likes, things he needs, so on and so forth. Looking at the list nothing really jumps out as a perfect gift idea. So, how do we expand those points into suitable gifts? Well, we start with his holiday stocking. I’ll probably fill it with things like coffee, driving or golf gloves, a gift certificate to Bruisin Ales (he can like PBR all day long however, we live in Beer City USA and the man should enjoy a craft brew from time to time).

For gifts, really real gifts will be some new jeans and the obligatory package of socks, an outfit or two depending on the deals I’ll come across at TJ’s and the like but what can I get the man to really make him happy on Christmas morning? Our budget is just that, a budget so I need to stretch that dollar!

Maybe a racecar driving “experience”? a mini trip to Hot Springs? a new computer (we are in dinosaur land as he gets all my technology hand me downs)? and maybe even a mini album of his wife looking amazing (while I still got it goin on dontcha know – and yes, I’ll post some of those as I finish the post work). I’d love to hand him a card with a brochure for a cruise or a fabulous vacation but I don’t think that is in the cards for this season…maybe for our anniversary in March 🙂

What are your thoughts? Do you have any insight from knowing him or from this criteria that I haven’t thought of? I’d love to read about it in the comments section! And for those of you looking for that perfect gift, Studio 828 has gift certificates available. Perhaps you know someone in need of engagement photos or senior portraits? Denominations are available in as little as $30.00. Who will you play Santa for this year?

Gift certificate with Studio 828 Photography