Teresa’s Sarasota Boudoir Photo Shoot {Boudoir Photographer}

Teresa is SUCH an amazing client! I cannot even tell you how grateful I am to have been able to shoot for her. She’s funny, sweet and SO friendly! We had a ball! Truly, she was a joy to work with for the Sarasota boudoir photography event.

Thank you Teresa! You are stunning and I cannot thank you enough.




Photography: Cat Ford-Coates, www.Studio-828.com

Hair and Makeup: Tiara from Prestige Artists

boudoir photography session in sarasota - srq - boudoir - gloves - lying down poses

before and after - photography transformation - headshot
Teresa’s Before and After Transformation

Want to see MORE from Teresa’s Sarasota boudoir makeover and photo shoot? Check out our behind the scenes video right here!


So, I’m IN a Wedding {Wedding Photographer is a Bridesmaid}

So, I’m IN a wedding next Spring. To be honest, I’ve never been IN a wedding before. I’ve shot about a million but IN one? Nope. Well, being in my line of business and in a fairly close relationship with the bride-to-be, she confides in me about her planning process pretty regularly. In that confidence, there are also questions. These questions, of course got me to thinking…”Are these regular questions?” or in some cases “Are these real assumptions?” Some of them even stop me in my tracks. That being said I thought I might blog about it here to help any of you that may be planning your upcoming nuptials with the hopes that I may be able to save you some headache.

  1. Hiring a friend will save us some cash
    1. Not always. Sorry to burst your bubble but, your wedding vendors are responsible for executing the biggest day of your adult life. You are joining two families to one and claiming your undying love and faithfulness to one person and maybe, just maybe some of those duties should be left ONLY to professionals and not a buddy from high school because it’ll save you $300
    2. Try to think about it this way: Say you hire your friend Joe. Joe was on your high school football team, you guys get along famously  and you are so glad you ran into him. He’s a “professional” wedding DJ now AND he’s cutting you a super great deal! Score! He doesn’t require a contract, never offers to help plan your timeline, give advice about songs to be played or not to be played, what may or may not be appropriate for cocktail hour verses late night but hey, you were buddies and he’s letting you pay the day of the wedding. Yup, until he shows up a half an hour late (You’re friends, maybe he had car trouble it’s cool). Then, maybe he drinks a little too much during your reception and next thing you know he just hit on your mother in law. What?! Here’s the thing about hiring friends: A lot is taken for granted when you mix business with friendship. That isn’t to say it will always happen but it can. It is up to you to decide which wedding vendors you can trust to your pals, if any. Another thing to consider is that say there is a completely innocent mistake made by your buddy. What happens then? Is the buddy your caterer? The DJ? God forbid, the photographer? What happens to your friendship then? Innocent mistake or not, if the mistake is big enough to put a serious dent in your day, how do you handle your friendship after the fact?
  2. Is the wedding photographer requiring a retainer and a contract normal?
    1. Yes. In fact, every single one of your vendors should require a contract. I don’t care if you’ve met, get along great and could never imagine anything going awry. Guess what, it will. A contract is there to protect both parties and that includes YOU. Whether or not they require a retainer is completely up to them but I would be wary of anyone that did not and here is why:
      1. a retainer is a monetary investment from the client to the vendor to reserve time on that vendor’s calendar. You want the vendor to be invested in your big day right? You want them to reserve that time FOR you. Well, believe it or not weddings are a business and while, there might be a million vendors that specialize in weddings those that are worth their weight are sought after by brides and grooms all throughout wedding season. That retainer paid for by you, and that contract signed by you, are how YOU know that vendor is going to show up for you and not the other six brides that called them about the very same date after you signed your contract.
  3. My wedding venue is asking for insurance from my vendor(s). Do I pay for that?
    1. Don’t panic. Your vendors carry insurance. Call them and they should be more than happy to provide that proof of insurance to the venue directly.
  4. Cat, we’re fighting over the photographer. HELP!
    1. Thumbs Up: Photographer A requires a retainer and a contract, has been published and/or won awards by his or her peers, specializes in weddings, has shot both as a second shooter and main photographer on weddings for at least two seasons, has backup equipment, is insured and responds to your inquiries within 24 hours.
    2. Thumbs down: does not specialize in weddings (I’m serious folks, how are you going to feel when you’re in your 70’s, looking back through your wedding album and your photographs are all half-caught moments, or worse, MISSED all together?), not insured, is a “Shoot and burner” (shoots your wedding and hands over a disc of unedited raw files), has no backup equipment (God forbid their camera body malfunction during the ceremony. Where is that first kiss then?), has no contract, calls you back a week after you left them a message about needing proof of insurance for your venue to tell you they don’t have it. Poof! There goes your venue)
  5. This Wedding Photographer’s Recommendation: Both the bride AND the groom need to prepare their expected budget for the wedding and the priority in which they hold for each aspect and vendor. For instance, my budget is $10,000 and I (obviously) highly regard wedding photography so I expect that we will spend upwards of 35% of our budget on wedding photography. Guess what, maybe my husband places a higher priority on the DJ and has placed wedding photography around 15% of our budget. Well, guess what…now we need to have a conversation before we start signing contracts don’t we? You can imagine how crazy the planning process will get if we have each of our vendors placed at a different priority level. Oh, and by the way, this is also your first marriage prep counseling session. It’s called, learning how to compromise as a couple. 🙂 You’re welcome.

Are these some questions you are coming across planning for your big day? If you’re interested in a no obligation consultation to help plan and photograph your big day, I would love to help. Feel free to get in touch with me and we’ll set up a time to meet. We’ll have some coffee and talk about what you’re planning for your wedding day and how Studio 828 Photography can help. 828.275.9932 Cat@Studio-828.com

2014, New Adventures, New Goals, New Inspiration {Asheville Photographer}

I always love January. When I depended solely on bartending to maintain my income, not so much. In the restaurant business in WNC January signifies the beginning of the end. Cold, slow winters where you simply hoped you would see more than 5 covers a night. That has all changed now. Of course, I also have a restaurant here in Asheville so we are making the necessary adjustments to our marketing and attack plans for shifts but in my photography business, well that is another story.

January brings new hope, new inspiration (often from unexpected resources), it also brings time where I can reflect on the previous year and devise new plans to create opportunity for the coming year. For me, it is important to continue to grow not only as an artist, but also as an entrepreneur. While a few days ago, I spent almost ten hours reading the manual for my new Canon and test shooting (my poor dogs, they just don’t understand why this clickity black box attached to my face keeps talking to them) all the while realizing that the entire exercise was merely to brush up on my own technical chops and get to know my new camera. (by the way, I still haven’t decided on a name for her yet, but if you have suggestions I’m all ears. Right now it is between Esmerelda, June, Edith…well those are my top three anyway).

The new year also forces me to return to my December list of “What worked? What didn’t?”. My marketing plans each year is chock full of new tactics to reach new clients; wedding, beauty and family clients. While, a lot of that work is via referral from previous clients (for the record, thank you! I wouldn’t be IN business without your referrals and it is because of this I have implemented a referral program I am sure you will love!) there is also quite a bit of legwork involved in reaching and attracting new clientele. In December, I sit down and review those different programs to determine whether or not those programs were logistically appropriate. Did they attract an ideal client? Not so ideal? Howso? What was my ROI? Heck, what was the investment? Time? Money? Both? And the list goes on. What can I do in the current year to maximize on those ideas? What new concepts should I implement into the programs that worked to freshen them up for 2014? Can any of the “not-so-great-but-not-so-bad” ideas be adjusted to be more appropriate? What are my personal goals for the new year? To make money? Sure. Is that the main goal? Nah. The main focus of my professional goals are to not simply “Do what I love and make money” but to do this to allow me time to reach dreams in my personal life. 1. Be a successful and profitable business 2. Have time to travel and visit with family and friends 3. Take a real vacation with only my husband (Our 5 year anniversary is in March so, a honeymoon would be nice LOL)  4. Shoot more personal projects (I like to call it creative breathing) 5. Develop a savings account and reach a true savings goal 6. Not work a hundred hours a week (between two businesses) and still have those businesses thrive and the list goes on. How can 828 allow me to reach those goals? By allowing me the opportunity to develop not only as a professional but also as a human. Being overworked is never good for your business or creative self. In fact, it is stifling. That is where those creative projects come to life. New ideas to keep me inspired in the coming year. I love it. I breathe it. I can’t wait. Let’s start today.

Happy New Year Interwebs! I know, the 12th of January is a little late to the party but I’ve got all kinds of new funness in store. First up, Valentine’s. Head over to the 828 facebook page to grab up an offer for $150 off any Beauty portrait package for 2014 when your session is on the books before Feb. 14, 2014. That’s right. Chocolates got nothin on a beauty/boudoir shoot! Promise!

By the way, did you notice Studio 828 Photography has a whole new look? We launched the new website on Jan 2 and it is like a breath of fresh air! Check it out. It won’t bite. The before and after transformations are by far and away the most popular page but hey, if you want to see more of something or in case I’ve forgotten to include something, feel free to shoot me a line. I’m quite open to feedback. In fact, I welcome it!

828 Goals for the new year:

  • Move into and open a full fledged studio space by October – we’re bringing on another photographer into the Studio 828 family and moving forward to have a singular space not only to shoot for you, but meet with you as well. If you’re a photographer and would like to be considered for the partnership, please do get in touch. Cat@Studio-828.com
    • As it stands now, 828 rents a studio space by appointment only and then hosts viewings at our office location in downtown Asheville. New goal, have those places be one in the same
  • While the business plan for 828 is a living breathing document, I would like for it to stay in the forefront of my mind throughout the year. Last year’s business plan 🙂 “may” have fallen by the wayside in October…I’d like to keep her nurtured and loved throughout the course of 2014
  • Weddings – Only agree to shoot ten weddings, no more. “Why?” you ask. Well, while I love, love, love shooting weddings there is quite a bit that goes in to them. Between my two businesses I’ve found that shooting more than ten weddings tends to stretch my ability to reach the level of service Studio 828 provides. The LAST thing I want to do is fall short for my client family. I won’t have it.
    • That being said, this could change with the new added photography partnership, the photographer that joins the 828 family very well could be a stellar wedding photog who wants nothing more than to book 30 weddings a year, in which case we’d make an amazing team!

Welcome 2014!  Let’s DO this! Keep your eyes peeled for new promotions in the coming months! I would love to shoot for you!



PS – I will have a few shoots available in Sarasota Jan 28-30. If you’ve been considering a session with 828 on my next visit, now is the time to get in touch and get those appointments on the books! Beauty or boudoir photography, a family portrait session, email Cat@Studio-828.com today.


Rising Models in Asheville and Florida {Sarasota and Asheville Fashion Photography}

When Malana first called on me to shoot for her modeling portfolio, we had discussed what shows she as participated in and which photographers she has shot with here in Asheville. As she has just graduated from high school, she has hit the ground running! The Class of 2013 doesn’t mess around! We have put together her modeling portfolio and enrolled in school in Fort Myers at the Paul Mitchell Academy to earn her esthetician’s license. Why Fort Myers? This location includes classes not only with the hands on training in skin care but also for the business aspects. An entrepreneur after my own heart! Go get em Malana!!!



PS – On a side note, when we met to shoot Malana was very quiet and shy. I must admit, I was a little nervous that it would take some coaxing to achieve our goals for her shoot. While it took a few minutes for her to warm up, when she did…Oh my Goodness! This transformation always takes me aback! It reminds me why I shoot for people, women especially. The empowerment a shoot brings for a woman at any age is almost magical. To catch that moment when she goes from shaky hands and blank face, to remembering that she IS beautiful and this time with me is an opportunity to showcase herself, her brand, her BEAUTY…I couldn’t ask for a better job. That moment when she realizes she will now have these images forever…it makes my heart smile.

Each of these images has a bit of advice on why we chose the shot and things to think about when building your modeling portfolio. Are you in Asheville & interested in building or expanding on your work? Email Cat@Studio-828.com. We’ll chat about your vision. Sounds like fun to me!

Think of ways you can bring a little glam to an otherwise boring scene. A construction site and a broken window...make it gorgeous! Think Vogue!!
Think of ways you can bring a little glam to an otherwise boring scene. A construction site and a broken window…make it gorgeous! Think Vogue!!
Your smile not only showcases how you light up when you're happy, but also that your teeth are in good health and can sell that Cover Girl look!
Your smile not only showcases how you light up when you’re happy, but also that your teeth are in good health and can sell that Cover Girl look!
Smiling in a "not so pretty" location brings the focus even moreso to the model. Work that juxtaposition!
Smiling in a “not so pretty” location brings the focus even moreso to the model. Work that juxtaposition!
Interact, even if only with yourself. This pose is timeless.
Interact, even if only with yourself. This pose is timeless.
Fierce, strong poses in a portfolio showcase your versatility and grace and your age range, from teen to  20 something!
Fierce, strong poses in a portfolio showcase your versatility and grace and your age range, from teen to 20 something!
When you bring your A-game with your personality & understanding your angles, you're on the right track. Practice in the mirror!
When you bring your A-game with your personality & understanding your angles, you’re on the right track. Practice in the mirror!
smiling model in asheville
Bringing personality on set is paramount to a successful photo shoot!
casual full body portrait for modeling portfolio
Modeling agencies want to see the following with your portfolio: closeups, full & 3/4 shots as well as variety in your outfits…What can YOU sell?
professional modeling headshot
A modeling portfolio should always include at least TWO headshots. One smiling & one not and BOTH images should have connection with the camera
beofre and after of a young model in asheville
Always ask for a Before & After transformation

Emerson’s FIRST Birthday {Asheville Family Photographer}

Can I just take a moment to mention how it just makes my heart smile when I see that people actually VALUE photography? I don’t say that to raise anyone’s ire, or even toot my own horn, but to point out how in most cases photography is considered a luxury. This thought process stems from the thought that there will always be more time, shoot on another day, etc. What I love about these particular clients is that they LOVE capturing these precious moments with their (very soon-to-be) one year old son. They get so excited about upcoming shoots and bringing plenty to work with in props and his wardrobe.  They do this because this time IS very dear TO them. They know that if they don’t document it now, there won’t BE a later. Can you tell me the last time  you looked at YOUR son or daughter and thought to yourself  “Wow! They grow SOOOO fast!” They sure do…

So, without further adieu, Mr. Emerson (& Mom and Dad too)

unca botanical gardens - toddler photo sweet family photography in wnc - balloons - toddler asheville - boy in tree - im a big boy family photography in asheville with studio 828 photography timeless father and son imagery - asheville photography first birthday - portraits in asheville mother and son - kisses - family photography first birthday portrait - asheville photography family portrait in asheville - avl - unca botanical gardens bridge



An image from our first photo shoot in 2012 when Emerson was ittle-bittle!
An image from our first photo shoot in 2012 when Emerson was ittle-bittle!


Studio 828 Photography, Asheville Wedding Photographer

Enjoying the Ringling Grounds {Sarasota Teen Photography}

As I was recently in Sarasota, one of the shoots I am soooo grateful for is this Saturday afternoon I spent with Madeline. Sure, we’re related (can you tell? haha!), but this shoot also meant Mads and I could spend some time together catching up about her life, her first year as a high school student at Riverview High School, the Kiltie band, boys, family aaaaand we got to have some creative “Madeline is a model because gosh darnit she’s pretty” photo shoot time to boot!

Thanks for coming out to play Mads! Hope you enjoy the images!!!

sarasota teen-black and white-sculpture beauty-portrait-teen young woman-ringling ca d'zan-teen-sarasota sarasota senior photography-new college upscale portrait-sarasota teen-new college student-riverview high school-new college sarasota runway-teen-ringling senior photography-ringling-banyan trees-outdoor artful portrait-ringling-sarasota senior alice in wonderland-ingling grounds-sarasota teen sarasota youth-teen portrait-having fun ringling grounds-ca d'zan-sarasota teen sarasota teen-headshot sarasota teen headshot-beauty sarasota senior-ringling grounds-teen young woman-window-gazing-sarasota senior

  • Cat Ford-Coates is not your average senior photographer. She is creative, focused and treats each client with the utmost care and attention not found with other Asheville photographers.
  • Creative, heartfelt and sincere. These are words often used to describe Studio 828 Photography in Asheville, North Carolina, New York and Sarasota, Florida. We are available to photograph your wedding anywhere in the world.
  • Our clients are looking for heirlooms, for artwork verses snapshots burned onto a cd. This is of course what draws them to Studio 828 Photography as their wedding photography company.
  • Studio 828 Photography provides wedding coverage primarily in Asheville, NC but also in the surrounding areas of Hendersonville, Brevard and Charlotte. In addition, we are available for weddings in Sarasota Florida, new York City and beyond.
  • Not looking for a wedding photographer? We are also available for senior and boudoir photography. Email for your appointment today.

My Favorite Images from 2012

So, 2012 is coming to a close. Having just opened Studio 828 Photography in March of this year I feel more than blessed for having this business unfold and flourish so quickly. Below, you will find my favorite images from this year.

I have made some wonderful connections and been party to amazing support from friends and Asheville overall! These last 9 months have been eye opening, inspiring and my heart is full of love and gratitude! I am concentrating on expanding my own photographic skillset to provide even better images for my clients at every opportunity. Thank you all for your continued support and I hope your new year is full of life and love!!!

Happy New Year,


beer city-asheville-mitch fortuneAsheville Senior PortraitYoung woman portrait full lengthtwo women modeling intergalactic hobo designsBlack and white boudoir in ashevilleYoung bride for ice creamfriends laughing at partyyoung toddler portrait-black and whitelittle boy first birthdaytwo boys over cakepierce edens performing in ashevilleShop view of Makeup at the grove arcadeFunny man as superheroZombie crossing road by young unsuspecting womanYoung woman in splitPerforming on lyra for asheville aerialistsBride and groombeauty portrait for professional in ashevillebritney baldwin-asheville skyline-glamour-dramalittle girl-red hood-holidaysLittle boy examining feet at christmasCouple at weddingBride and Groom wedding kissNEW MOM - ASHEVILLE-PORTRAITasheville-wordslam 2012-event-dakota-performance-beatnicasheville-nightlife-athena's-downtownfishnet-boudoir in asheville-modernlgbt couple-asheville-nc mountain state fair

How I set Studio 828 Photography apart from other Wedding Photographers

“What sets Studio 828 Photography apart from other wedding photography companies?”

Well, I have been developing Studio 828 Photography after opening in March of 2012. One of my main objectives in developing my business model is how I might set my business ahead of the proverbial curve. What is it that makes my photography service in weddings, portraits and boudoir events different than other companies here in the area?

~Mission Statement~
Creating artwork and lasting memories for our clients and creating value IN that art through an experience driven business model.

~Vision Statement~
Partners: Aligning Studio 828 Photography through training and developing relationships with worldwide industry leaders as well as locally owned businesses both in Asheville and Sarasota to bring goodwill to our own communities as well as having a worldwide reach with those leading business relationships

Productivity: In being highly effecting, efficient and a fast moving organization 828 positions itself to being ready and able to adapt to a quickly changing marketplace

People: Nurture a network of client relationships and local partnerships to provide a great place to work wherein the entire staff is inspired to reach their own best potential and evolve regularly

Client Service

My clients are my lifeblood. Every interaction I have with a current or potential client is paramount in defining they perception and experience with my company. My goal is to ensure that the following criteria are met:

Creating an Unforgettable Experience (from first contact)

  • What is “first contact”? Some might say that first contact is my reply to your first phone call or email. No. Your very first interaction with Studio 828 Photography is when you visit my website (or maybe here on the blog).  It is my job to not only provide you with a gallery of images to showcase my work, but provide you with information, to educate you on the process of having me photograph your wedding and in this case give you a glimpse into my philosophy and business practice.  It might seem like a lot to take in initially, but the better understanding you have right out of the gate, the better and more effectively we can work together to get the most from your wedding photography.
  • Communication: I make myself available to my clients through several avenues. I provide you with my personal cell phone number (not just an office line to leave a message with a stranger). I am also available via email at Cat@Studio-828.com, and Skype as well as via social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.). As previously mentioned all return communicae is to be made within a 12 hour window
  • Face – to – Face: When planning your wedding day, I prefer to meet with my clients personally. This meeting allows is to get to know one another. It allows me to personally and effectively work with you to develop your wedding day timeline to capture the most beautiful imagery possible. I understand that if your wedding is a destination, that a face to face meeting is not always available however, when this is the case I employ Skype to meet with you. There is nothing better than putting a face to a name and as your wedding photographer, you will spend more time with me than anyone else on your special day.
  • Heartfelt Imagery: One of the things I pride myself on in my photography is not simply documenting your day, but capturing those intimate moments. Each photographer’s “Eye” is different and one of my intuitive skills is catching those little moments. I design the wedding day timeline to include those larger than life images as well as those tiny moments captured between two people.

Bride and Groom Just Married

  • Creating Artwork for You: One of my main objectives as your wedding photographer is to not only shoot your wedding day, but also to be the first photographer you think of for your children’s portraits, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and the list goes on. How do I do that? I do that by providing you with imagery you want IN your home, as artwork. Anyone can show up, shoot for a few hours and then burn those images onto a disc for you. I am not here for that. You won’t even remember that photographer’s name in two months.  I am here to provide you with amazing imagery that we then in turn create terrific artwork for your home…with YOU as the star!
  • Photography Packages: Each photography package is designed to offer each type of client with quality artwork and service. Each of my couples are different in their own styles and needs. Some may only need a few hours of coverage and a simple wedding album and others are looking for all day coverage with large art for their homes alongside luxury wedding album. I have packages available that meet needs for each of my clients.
  • Printing Services: All of my imagery is available for printing from professional printers. Occasionally there are couples that would prefer to simply take their images to a local pharmacy to offset the cost of professional printing however, Studio 828 Photography employs professional printing services from reputable companies that handle every aspect of printing from color correction to additional editing techniques to bring out only the best option for every image taken via Studio 828. Also, wedding photography print services all are delivered to me personally so that I may ensure only the best quality, with my own eyes before it is delivered to your door.  Nothing is ever “drop shipped”
  • Incentives & Perks: As a “Thank You” to each of my wedding clients, I offer a few little personal extras to reinforce my clients with the love I feel when they entrust their wedding day to me.  A relaxing spa adventure from a local spa for the bride, a gift certificate for two on a Brews Cruise here in Asheville for the groom!

As I mentioned, my clients are my lifeblood! I cherish each and every one of my clients and will do my absolute best to ensure nothing is left to want for your special day. If you are getting married in 2013, get in touch. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Cat Ford-Coates, is available for weddings primarily in Asheville but also in Hendersonville, Tryon, Brevard, Leicester, Woodfin, Weaverville, Skyland, Fletcher, Saluda as well as in Savannah Georgia and Southwestern Florida in Sarasota, Bradenton, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Tampa, Naples and Fort Myers. You can contact Cat for all North Carolina weddings, Asheville wedding photography, or any worldwide destination wedding by emailing cat@studio-828.com. Please look around to see why brides planning North Carolina weddings choose Studio 828 Photography as their destination wedding photography company. Cat is the destination wedding photographer you take home to Mom.

“The Femme Frames” Boudoir Experience a HUGE Success in Asheville!

I cannot even begin to write this post without GUSHING!

Everything ran smoothly with my team of professionals, all of my clients were an absolute DREAM to work with and it was an AMAZING Day! Here are a few images from the boudoir event (I can’t show them all…some of them are holiday gifts! We can’t go and spoil the surprise now can we?)

One of my clients enjoyed her images and the boudoir experience SO much, she has created an incredible buzz at her workplace which in turn has my inbox overflowing with inquiries for the next Asheville event. That being said, we are scheduling another event for Sunday December 9th.

Get in touch quickly as I don’t expect these limited boudoir and glamour appointments to last for very long!

Woman in sitting roomWoman on bedWoman at penthouse windowWoman on bed in black and white

Professional Beauty Portraits in Asheville

Sometimes, just sometimes everything in life happens at once. Our struggles and victories all seem to converge on us at the same time reminding us that life IS in the little things. That our home-life, our work and our play all get jumbled around in our little bubbles of existence…thus bringing us to a moment where we might just need a little reminder of how beautiful we are, how amazing and how maybe we should just document that time in our lives.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tiziana. Some of you may know her as she is a well known stylist about town here in Asheville. She is also a graphic novel author and singer. As of November 1st, you can find her at Aubergine Salon in downtown Asheville.

Also, I am offering $50 off for the first five clients to book during November 1-7th. Do you need new portraits? Cat@Studio-828.com

young woman headshotYoung woman-headshot-black and whiteyoung woman-headshot-smilingyoung woman-headshot-beautyoutdoor-beauty-portraitwoman-beauty-portrait-black and whiteyoung woman-breezy-portraitfemale model portfolio headshotCovergirl style headshot